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  1. The naughty word filter seems to be set rather aggresively.
  2. Something like pressing the INFO button, go on to the screen/display settings that come up in that menu and there should be a setting there to stop the map screen coming on automatically, going from a hazy memory.
  3. Probably just my eyes or the angle, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of travel on that. I no longer have my Avensis so I can't easily check what the movement range should be. The rate of movement seems to be comparable to what I remember on mine. I would be checking air and vacuum lines for leaks, just as a matter of course, though.
  4. A quick check on the working of the turbo actuator that sets the angle of the variable vanes would be advisable. With the engine running and probably the cover off, pull the rubber vacuum hose from the actuator and reconnect it a few times watching the linkage on the bottom of the actuator to the turbocharger. It needs to lower and raise promptly and smoothly, in around a second or less from pulling or connecting the vacuum hose.
  5. Sorry but I just sold the Avensis, but there are some guides and posts with pictures of the SCV. I used kettle hot water at probably around eighty Celsius, but if your hot tap will give you a jugful at around sixty degrees, I would imagine that would be fine and you would be less likely to burn sheets of skin from your body if you have an accident. Take it from me that squirting liquids at high temperatures on yourself really hurts, and for quite some time.
  6. There is a trick of pouring some hot water over the suction control valve on the high pressure fuel pump and seeing if it starts better. Could be the SCV is tired.
  7. The cheaper Seafoam is usually the fuel additive injector cleaner/oil flush type, not the cylinder cleaning type. You need to check and be sure.
  8. Is it a degrees, minutes and seconds notation? Then the coordinates would be with the first number from 0 to 360 degrees, the second from 0 to 59 minutes and the third from 0 to 59 seconds, probably with a decimal fraction. Not really sure if 60 would be a valid input on the minutes and seconds.
  9. paul9

    T27 Weird Thump

    I would have been suspecting the coil springs. Sometimes they fracture in places where it is hard to tell that they are cracked. Also worth checking your engine mounts.
  10. Air leaks in the intake path can make the ECU believe that the sensors are faulty, as they will change the amount of air the ECU thinks the engine is using. The ECU will measure out fuel based on the amount of air it thinks the engine is receiving, which will be the wrong amount. Then the engine burns rich or lean, and the ECU gets confused when it can't properly adjust the fuel trims. A dirty or faulty MAF sensor could cause similar problems. Just a couple of things to check on.
  11. paul9

    1mzfe swap?

    Not really the same, but I saw Mighty Car Mods on YouTube and they recently put a Corolla engine into a Yaris. They had issues with an engine mount and the ECU, I believe they had the original and and aftermarket one fitted. Maybe have a look at those videos to see the sort of issues you may have.
  12. Drain or change your fuel filter, if that is the water in the fuel filter warning light. The one about centre of the picture, underneath the oil light. That would be a good starting point.
  13. You could try a battery saver. You can get them pretty cheap on EBay for the type you use with another car battery, or a bit more expensive for the mains powered type.
  14. Quick tip, remove it while it is warm, if possible. The colder it is, the more likely plastic is to snap or crack.
  15. It should look similar to this photo, where you can see the high mark near the top of the bottle. The low mark was hidden behind the suspension turret.