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  1. paul9

    Brake Pads

    After a ten or twenty minute drive, carefully feel all of the wheels, or check them and the calipers with a non contact infrared thermometer. Be very careful if checking by hand. A sticking pad or caliper will generate a lot of heat and will easily burn you. If any of the wheels or calipers are significantly hotter than the rest, you have found a problem caliper. I would also expect a poor fuel consumption figure if the brakes are sticking on.
  2. Try a retune, if you haven't done one lately. There's a small chance it can help. My aftermarket DAB on my 2007 goes barmy if I have the dashcam plugged in near it or if I use the "wrong" power adapter. You could have it worse, lol.
  3. Check for the obvious first, such as courtesy lights switched on including in the boot space, aftermarket radio, dashcam or satnav etc on a permanent live instead of a switched live and not turning off. Get a code reader and see if the stored codes are possibly related, but don't necessarily clear the codes yet. Any garage or other person you may get to help diagnose would likely want to see them.
  4. If it's causing smoke, then you waited too long and it's probably already caused some amount of damage or extra problems, such as oil in the intercooler to be cleaned out would be the way I look at it. Are you sure it's not severe bearing wear and that the turbo isn't attempting to tear itself apart and dump debris throughout the intake, cylinders and exhaust system? On mine, at the very least, I can easily take the inlet pipe off from the turbo to see if the sound goes away and try to rule out the intercooler and rest of the intake side as the cause. After the miles you have done like this, maybe an inspection mirror or camera would show a sooty mark or two indicating a gasket leak or a hole on the hot side of the turbo?
  5. You can do worse than try cleaning and lubricating the locking actuators and linkages, in that case. Light machine oil, silicone oil or graphite oil would be my choices. Particularly silicone on plastic and rubber parts.
  6. Is the locking working, or is that bad like the unlocking? Do the indicators flash when the failures happen or do you hear the locks try to cycle or is there totally no response from the car?
  7. It might be worth getting some sort of a cheap battery/alternator tester, just to see if you are getting a charging voltage out of your electrical system. Although, I would suspect that the regulator may be bad on your alternator, causing battery damage. You can't rule out getting two bad batteries from the same source, even though it would be a very unlikely and unlucky thing to happen.
  8. Power steering and air-conditioning can drive up your idle speed, but this one may be a problem with your auto transmission or more likely just that the system is out of calibration due to something like a bad temperature sensor or the throttle body/idle air control.
  9. Yeah, it's not likely to be the bulb itself, but a problem in the wiring, connectors, switches or the controller circuit. Most likely the wiring, though.
  10. Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Make sure you don't leave your keys inside, and you have any radio lock codes.
  11. Pull the interior light bulbs, see if it still happens. If it does, or after a week or so of no results, pull out the radio and disconnect the wires from the back. Try it for about a week or so, too. If the fuse still blows with either of those disconnected, you have narrowed down your search to the central locking or whatever else runs on that fuse. Use the proper fuse rating, going too much higher could cause problems.
  12. The satnav in my Citroen only allowed partial postcodes. Apparently, it is cheaper than buying the full postcode database. I never had my satnav work in the Toyota, so I can't compare mine for you.
  13. If you believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, go ahead. I probably would, if I had the cash to spare.
  14. It is likely to be a different transponder chip version.
  15. Mis-posted. Mods, please remove this post.