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  1. A new engine type would probably need some of the ECU's, sensors and wiring harnesses to be changed. Possibly even to the immobiliser and ignition key transponder chip. Not as straightforward as engine swaps used to be in the days of carburetors and points ignition.
  2. I would suspect that the oil pressure sender may be intermittently faulty.
  3. I think they are accessible but awkward without stripping too many other parts. Helpful if you can use the lifts at work.
  4. All petrol and diesel cars since a certain year have a catalytic converter fitted. That includes your car.
  5. paul9

    DTC chart

    Try shutting off the driver side system and vents and hijack the passenger side system to point across to you as a possible workaround until you get to the cause of the problem, if the passenger side still blows hot.
  6. paul9

    DTC chart

    If the heat still works on the passenger side, that would usually be a blend door problem. If both sides stay cold, then check the engine coolant levels. You may have a leak or a blockage which needs to be fixed. There were some AC diagnostic codes on the forum, but I couldn't point you to the post or guide they were in.
  7. Maybe the pipework from the air filter or to the intercooler and back is split or has come loose at one of the joints? Give an extra thorough inspection.
  8. Time to hacksaw off the end of your exhaust, I'm afraid.🤣 Maybe some stick on foam weather stripping, but it would soon look untidy, itself.
  9. It's normal for what you described. I believe that there is a secondary heating period at a lower voltage and that is common in glow plugs in modern diesels. The secondary heating doesn't register on the dash lights. I am not 100% certain on this, but it is what I have picked up from other people's comments since I have had my Toyota. Also, is your blue smoke happening for a significant time after the engine finishes cranking and catches to run? Does it take a long cranking time before it catches, especially in the cold?
  10. Have Toyota changed the bulb types in newer models? My T25 takes H7 dipped bulbs, not sure on the high beams, though. I got a couple of LED H7s to try from a friend, but got annoyed and frustrated trying to fit them, so I still haven't tried again.😬😤
  11. Use the aircon on recirculate, it helps dry the air in the car. Doesn't have to be set cold, you can use it warm, too. Give the back window a good clean. If all this doesn't help enough, remember that there is nothing wrong with giving the glass a quick wipe with a chamois sponge or a microfibre cloth or similar before you drive off.
  12. Did you get anywhere with this? I was just reminded of this post when I saw this: Maybe it will work for you.
  13. Look at this post and the second post after it:
  14. To be honest, you should have tested the glow plugs, not just arbitrarily changed them. It is still a good idea to test the replacement plugs, and the power supply rail to them before you start digging into the relays and fuses. Not sure on where those are located but there is a box between the air filter and bulkhead, and another one behind the glovebox on my right hand drive 2007 and I think there are some fuses and relays by the OBD2 port which is pretty much behind the bonnet release. The glovebox fusebox has a fuse listing, the other ones should have, too.
  15. paul9

    Avensis t27 mpg

    Currently running down to 42.6 over the last couple of hundred miles in a T25 hatch, but that is going towards a lot of town milage. Usually high 30's to low 40's for that and high 40's to low 50's for motorway heavy milage. That's all from the car's computer, never got around to working things out manually.