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  1. The problem there was possibly with the used transponder chip. Some security ECUs will only allow programming of a new, unused transponder.
  2. Try pressing and releasing the clutch pedal both when stationary in neutral, and rolling in gear to see if the noise could be related to the thrust bearing.
  3. Has the emergency fuel cutoff been triggered? Does it need reset? It's a small cutoff valve in the engine compartment of most cars to stop fuel leaks from causing fires due to crash damage in the fuel line.
  4. Generally get more choices and parts from Autodoc than ECP, though. I haven't had a problem with them yet. Just had to get brake backing plates from them for the Merc, as ECP didn't even list those. Now it seems to make more sense as to why they are offering a 200 day return window instead of 15 for extra money.
  5. Have a quick look on Autodoc, they may have a kit or some reasonably priced hoses.
  6. Late to the party, but I just thought I'd mention Timpson's in the UK. https://www.timpson.co.uk/services/car-keys
  7. I've started using a pump (£10 - £14 from Lidl) and it seems to be doing a good job, and pretty cleanly. I am pulling the sump plug at the end, but finding no residual oil coming out. So, at the moment, it hasn't totally removed the need for getting under the car. With the Merc, I can change the filter from the top, not quite as easy with the Yaris as the filter that came with the car was tight. I snapped a strap wrench then crushed the filter, taking it off. I'd recommend trying it, if you find one of those oil pumps at a decent price.
  8. I really like the Bosch Aerotwins, but they can sometimes leave a streak in the centre, where the arm clamps down. I think it is more on the longer blades. Not just the Bosch doing this, but other brands of the flat beam wipers seem more prone to this.
  9. Have a look on www.toyota-tech.eu for wiring diagrams for your car. It's chargeable by time, but you can download the documents you are interested in and keep them offline. Unfortunately, it may not have US specific wiring diagrams, but it's worth looking to find out. It isn't just wiring diagrams, by the way, it should also have diagnostic steps and other workshop information.
  10. You can get blanking plates with a hole drilled in them, to pass a smaller amount of exhaust gas, they are sold as EGR restrictor plates. Or drill and deburr about a 6mm hole into a plate by yourself. To be honest, you probably have a different problem that this won't really help. Looking into the P0400 code, the system isn't sensing the amount of gas flow it wants to see. The valve could be sticking. If it is vacuum controlled, then the vacuum line may be leaking. Some are monitored by a temperature sensor, which could be clogged or faulty. The list goes on.
  11. It could be as simple as needing new spark plugs, or it could be a bit more involved. https://www.troublecodes.net/p1codes/p1305/
  12. I thought it was usually the catalytic converters that disappeared all of their own accord?
  13. For vacuum leaks, you can sometimes find them by squirting brake cleaner around the vacuum hoses and joints, listening for the engine to change speed. My ear is not usually sensitive enough to hear the speed change, personally. Flash, are you thinking a blocked PCV valve could be the cause?
  14. My next suspect would be a small vacuum leak somewhere. Is there a throttle body reset/relearn procedure for this engine? If other Aygos have this behaviour, then maybe it is prgrammed into the ECU to prevent stalls upon dropping the revs?
  15. Maybe the throttle body needs a clean, if it has one? It could be the throttle plate hanging up on the ring of dirt that tends to build up in them as it closes. As flash22 has mentioned, three cylinder engines are not the smoothest, but that behaviour seems a little strange.
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