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  1. Garage? Where's the fun in that?😁 I did find a good PDF on the fuel pump piping, I'll try to remember to send it to you. Can't remember the link to post it to your other thread, though.
  2. Have a spare gasket handy, and some old carpet tiles can help prevent oily drips from messing your driveway or garage floor. Nothing practical about the Avensis sump in particular, though.
  3. I think the optimum is around 50-55 but that would seriously tick off other drivers, especially HGVs. 60 is a decent compromise, anything faster and rapidly increasing air resistance starts to really sap your mileage.
  4. The locking control button inside the car should be using the same actuators. If that button show the same problems, that would indicate the fobs are not your problem. If the internal button always works fine, with two fobs showing the same problems, I would suspect whichever ECU it is that receives and decodes the keyfob signals. Disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes to reset the ECUs could possibly help, in that case. This may mean you need to resynch the fobs with the car, I'm not sure how Toyotas handle that. My older non keyless system has never needed a resynch, but other car makes often have.
  5. I just remembered Toyota do something even better.
  6. I don't know if the kit would have much effect on the exhaust side of the turbo, as most of the cleaning liquid would likely burn up as extra fuel in the cylinders. That said, anything breaking loose from the hot side should go out through the exhaust system as soot and ash. Hopefully it won't clog or destroy your catalytic convertor. If you at capable and keen, it would be better to remove and manually clean the turbo. Look at a few YouTube videos on the subject before you decide to pick up your tools, though. It looks like a bit of a pain to remove and refit, but not too terrible.
  7. I just sanded mine still attached to the knob, masked it up and sprayed it. Turned out okay, but next time I would give the paint the recommended drying time, lol.
  8. Halords wanted around £80 for a regas a few weeks ago. My aircon is still warm. 😉 I need to try Kwikfit or an independent. Mine is giving code 23, too.
  9. Mine has pretty much given up reading the satnav DVDs, but the music is fine when I press the Audio button. 😞 It came with a copy disc when I bought it, so I got one which appears to be genuine on EBay. Unfortunately that rarely ever reads. Both are bad in my PC but fine in the laptop. Maybe a problem with the DVD drive in the satnav and a cleaner didn't sort it. I'm thinking about an Android unit to replace it. Silly prices for secondhand units.
  10. Try disconnecting the battery for ten minutes before popping in the satnav DVD disc. Otherwise known as: "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" 😉 If it hasn't been off since the jumpstart, then it could just be a little bit scrambled in which case a good power down can usually put it to rights. Don't start the engine until the satnav has updated, just turn the key on. No guarantees, but it often helps.
  11. When I booked in, they told me that it was a passenger airbag actuator problem.
  12. You are greatly underestimating my level of laziness, lol.😴😅 I need to take a picture of the one in the windscreen area, I just keep forgetting.
  13. Unfortunately every time I have tried that Toyota site with my reg number, it can't find my car. I'd try with the VIN if only the DVLA would send me a logbook.😂 Maybe it is more airbag issues. I'll be going to visit the local Toyota dealership after work in the morning. The DVLA gives me this: Outstanding recall found There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall on TOYOTA AVENSIS (reg number). The vehicle has been recalled since at least 25 April 2019. Contact a TOYOTA dealership to arrange for repairs. If you've had the recalled component repaired recently, it can take up to three weeks for the manufacturer to update their records.
  14. Just noticed that Toyota have a new safety recall on my 2007 D4D 2.0 litre. I don't know what it is for yet, as I only saw it on the DVLA website whilst checking the MOT. It was dated from 25th of April. Other Avensis owners may want to check.