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  1. Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Make sure you don't leave your keys inside, and you have any radio lock codes.
  2. Pull the interior light bulbs, see if it still happens. If it does, or after a week or so of no results, pull out the radio and disconnect the wires from the back. Try it for about a week or so, too. If the fuse still blows with either of those disconnected, you have narrowed down your search to the central locking or whatever else runs on that fuse. Use the proper fuse rating, going too much higher could cause problems.
  3. The satnav in my Citroen only allowed partial postcodes. Apparently, it is cheaper than buying the full postcode database. I never had my satnav work in the Toyota, so I can't compare mine for you.
  4. If you believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, go ahead. I probably would, if I had the cash to spare.
  5. It is likely to be a different transponder chip version.
  6. Mis-posted. Mods, please remove this post.
  7. @Exvec, just to be clear, CP4L is owned by the same company which owns Eurocarparts, and pretty much is just a budget internet outlet of ECP. Same parts, usually slightly cheaper.
  8. Yes, but to be fair, the squealing went away for a while when I lubricated the sliders and the ears of the pads. Next time, I will need to properly clean out the gunk from the channels the sliders run in, too. Although the squealing came back through my own laziness, it is much less than before and at a higher pitch. First time I have had more than a minor and temporary squeal from any brand of pad, really. I usually always use either Eicher or Pagid, being that those are what Eurocarparts tend to supply.
  9. My initial thoughts would be to check or replace the fuel filter, check the high pressure fuel pump and suction control valve on it, then try to see if the exhaust system including the turbo is partially restricted.
  10. Maybe have a look at some of Techmoan's dashcam reviews?
  11. Try on
  12. You should have a pre-cat and a post-cat sensor, one measures the gas going in, and the post sensor measures what comes out. This lets the ECU adjust the air/fuel mixture and the timing to help the cat work efficiently, and let's the ECU know if there is a problem with the cat. As far as I remember, the pre-cat sensor reading should switch high to low readings fairly rapidly, maybe every second or less, and the post-cat sensor should stay at a fairly steady reading. This is assuming that the car is running properly.
  13. Usually, smoking so badly would indicate incomplete combustion, so possibly a timing or mixture problem?
  14. The first two codes suggest a fuelling problem. Check your fuel cap is tightened properly, and do you know if the fuel filter has been recently changed, or is it possibly clogged? The EGR should have a large possible degree of travel, but your ECU may only be calling for a small amount of recirculation, so it would not fully open. When the valve was cleaned, did he check the ports where it attaches to the manifold? They can clog up really badly, not just the valve body itself.
  15. I moved seats from one Citroen Picasso to another of slightly different ages and the airbag connectors were different. Not greatly so, but enough to need slight modifications.
  16. A hyperlink is a link you can click on to take you to another document, picture, webpage or similar. Such as The forum editor is basically the text box you type your forum post into, but it has some advanced editing features, such as to change your text style, post pictures, etc.
  17. There's a setting you can use on YouTube to stop embedded links (where the video shows up on the forum page) but you can choose to post the video as a normal clickable hypertext link. The forum post editor lets you choose which to use.
  18. I just wondered if you couldn't have looked under the bonnet for an easily accessible automatic transmission fluid dipstick to give you a clue. I quite liked my Astra semi-auto, but was always worried that the clutch would go and it would be an expensive hassle to replace. It never became an issue, though. I can't remember if they called that one Tiptronic or not, but it runs a bell.
  19. Well, that is a load of bull, if they really told you that. Except for the expensive part of it. I can well believe that they would overcharge and make it expensive. And a new manifold as a spare part would likely be quite spendy compared to a second hand one. It is quite unlikely that you would need a new one. They do crack at times, so not impossible, but they absolutely can be cleaned as they are basically just lumps of heavy gauge metal pipework.
  20. Been meaning to do this for a while, so here is a terrible video ( I forgot the action cam and the phone I used cost forty quid new, lol) of the fill and drain bolts. The oil change changed the feel of all the gears, first and second are now easy to select. The higher gears used to seem smoother to select, but are now a more positive change. That is, there is now a little bit of a click or snap as the gear selects. Before, it would slip in feeling smoother, but no positive indication that the gear had selected. I just used Triple QX 75W GL4 from Eurocarparts. Product code was 522776272. I'd probably try the posh stuff mentioned earlier in the thread if I was to change it again, just to see if there was any noticeable difference.
  21. Just dispose of the supplied CD with drivers and Techstream. When my cable arrived, the CD was cracked. Seemed to be postal damage. I had to download from a link they supplied. That said, I can't seem to initiate the pilot quantity learning function with my cable. My general diagnostic cable and program (Delphi clone) won't do it, either. Not sure if it is the car, the cables or the programs causing that, although my mini VCI is still pretty decent for pulling codes above and beyond what a generic Bluetooth OBD II unit can do. Always good to be able to access ABS, SRS and other data the generic units usually won't touch.
  22. I believe it is the little round lump slightly left of centre here on my 2007 T25.
  23. Is it LED (small red, green, yellow, blue etc lights), or LCD (typically letters, numbers, words and pictures on a glass screen), as only LCD will have contrast adjustment. LED displays would probably mean having to change parts on the circuit board.
  24. I hadn't noticed until after I posted that you had mentioned specifically the parking sensor display. I don't have that system in my car, but I thought it was worth a try, so I left the post as is. If it is the contrast of the LCD elements on the display that are too dim, then there might be a trim pot to adjust the contrast on the inside of the display module. Unfortunately, this is by no means a certainty, and involves pulling the dashboard display apart. Other cars I have had did have a software controlled contrast, but I don't know of one on the Avensis.
  25. My Avensis had a passenger airbag recall service early this month. They had it at Hodgson Toyota from 1130 until a little before 1300. Friendly and professional service.