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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded to this. We have some participants organised now so I'm turning the survey off. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Hi Mick! Thank you for offering to participate, I've just emailed you to confirm your slot. Many thanks, Karim
  3. Good evening everyone, Following on from our survey (thank you to everyone who participated), we would love to invite Toyota customers over to our Toyota Connected EU, Kings Cross Office for a 90 minute research session. Sessions will be a mix of questions about your Toyota experience and getting your feedback on a new product prototype. Participants will be provided with a £100 Amazon voucher as a thank you for their participation. If you are interested in taking part or want more details please check out the form here: Mod edit: research sessions filled - survey ended. Many thanks, Karim (Toyota Connected EU)
  4. Good morning everyone, Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey so far - there's been over 50 responses which has been fantastic - great to see such an active community. I've been pulling together some design concepts and prototypes and taking onboard some of the feedback I've read here e.g. MPG vs m/kwh. I'm on annual leave this week and will be posting links to a prototype and opportunity to feedback on my return! Thanks again! 🙌 Karim
  5. Hi @Ancient Nerd Please could you let me know what kind of information would you like to see from your plug-in and why it would be useful for you? It would be great to hear more about this. Karim
  6. Thanks a lot @Anthony Poli! This will be used to help inform a new feature whose current aim is to help Toyota customers get more efficiency from their vehicle. I can post a link to the prototype here which will be the next stage and everyone is welcome to take a look.
  7. Hi @APS, Sorry that was a typo, it should have been '7 - Extremely satisfied' 😄 I've updated that now. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far. Karim (Lead Product Designer, Toyota Connected Europe)
  8. Good afternoon everyone, This is my first post! I currently work on a Product & Design team at Toyota and we're currently working on some new products and features. It would be really great to have actual customer input into these features and so we have a survey here which should only take about 2 minutes of your time: Toyota fuel consumption survey Many thanks in advance! Karim
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