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  1. Modern tech, small engine = give it more revs when pulling off from stand still
  2. They are a completely different engine, the 2sz has slightly more hp but you won't notice
  3. From my experience not an issue I've swapped them before
  4. Yes, all T-Sports are built in Japan.
  5. They should last the cars life, they can go bad so do the tensioners but if they do you will notice by either hearing it or by error code coming up.
  6. Yes Hyper-sport UK sells them. I have used a Ralco RZ off Ebay in the past.
  7. Aw11 non supercharger fits
  8. Just check for rust and if the chain is noisy, in the united states there are examples with close to a million km's
  9. 1zz/2zz, 4age, 3S-GTE all been done. A guy in Canada is currently doing a Honda K series.
  10. Easier to tap the reversebulb wire from the taillight
  11. I'm aware of of the easy UK rules but it's still not exempt, the 25y rule is there for a reason. It doesn't have the exemption and it isn't on the EPA list Loads of people have tried it's simply not going to happen
  12. That's germany, in the Netherlands the tax is even higher and it costs even more.
  13. But that still requires it to go through crash testing to be road registered.
  14. You can't as it isn't 25 years old and doesn't comply to US standards.
  15. I bet most GRMN owners will be crying now the new GR came out
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