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  1. Osram nighbreaker lasers or Philips White vision
  2. It won't physically fit to begin with.
  3. They are individual LED's easy to replace if you can solder.
  4. Just walk into any Toyota dealer and they will order the part for you.
  5. You should've bought a 1.3 or 1.5 theres next to non aftermarket for these engines.
  6. Rostra offers very good aftermarket cruise control units, which work perfect.
  7. There are 2 versions of manifolds for the T-Sport/ 1nz engine. The pre-facelift models don't have a o2 sensor The facelift model like yours does have a o2 sensor, the flange is also slightly different. Quite a few people have welded o2 bungs onto them and adapt the flange which would be the cheapest route. To answer your question yes the Scion XB/ XA mani's fit but keep the above in mind. Another option would be to get a Yaris mani from the states as these already have the o2 bung 🙂
  8. Taillight seals, very common issue with these as they get older. Toyota sells re visioned thicker seals from rubber instead of foam. But a good clean and bead of silicone does the job.
  9. Also check the coolant and brakefluid while the car is jacked up replace the droplinks as they wear out very quickly, the 2005 models have electric power steering so no need to worry about that.
  10. European yaris is built locally, most models have different wiring/electronics. Try toyota-tech
  11. Only compressors that are TUv certified are TTE compressors which are even rarer than Blitz ones. Because Blitz is Japanese they won't have any certifications.
  12. lani100

    1.0 yaris

    All good cars although the second gen are a bit underpowered for being a 1.0 due to the extra weight. Cheap as chips to run.
  13. Yes soldering would be ideal but wiretaps or quick joiners would work.
  14. Yes but the wiring is very straight forward
  15. Goes into the car right behind the bumper, best thing is to take the bulbs out of the rear lights and tap into those wires and connect them to plug that goes to the bumper loom.