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  1. Get a Haynes manual or get a subscription for like a day on
  2. Get a proper jack, those small ones will destroy the sills / jacking points if you jack it up from the side.
  3. They are 100% the same
  4. They are the same as a T-Sport from that year, you can still get them new through Toyota dealer. Usually a couple breakers on eBay too.
  5. lani100


    No, you can get various models off eBay and Aliexpress.
  6. Just buy a T-Sport they are so cheap in the UK these days. You need more than just the engine
  7. Doubt anyone has tried that yet
  8. lani100


    Running bc racing coilovers with near Identical specs no issues.
  9. lani100

    Timing chain

    No just keep driving
  10. Yes you can heat them up and split the glass so you can re-seal. Keep in mind on the 2003-2005 models you need to remove the bumper and remove the lower section in order to remove the light.
  11. I have these exact ones as pictured genuine Fabulous brows from Japan £80 + postage Would require painting as they are now blue
  12. Plenty on aliexpress, a mk2 style spoiler can also be made to fit.