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  1. Clogged scuttle panel or dirt build up behind the fender liner.
  2. The clips are very easy to make yourself, they are a simple Z shape The side with the hole mounts to the spoiler. And then use either automotive 3M tape or quality sealant in combination with the brackets
  3. TTE has long been shut down, also the Yaris TS turbo doesn't have anything to do with TTE. The partnumber for the turbo is 17201-YW602 they can be rebuilt IHI VF18/19 from Subaru can be used for rebuild.
  4. Go for the Teins, they make the car sit nice and level. Teins have been proven many years ago no too stiff and excellent build quality
  5. Assuming you are from the US? go for a 2zr 1.8 it's a very well documented swap if you google around. In europe we got a Yaris model with this engine so you know it fits 🙂
  6. If bluetooth is all you need a decent single din headunit will do the job. Then all you need is a Toyota Yaris to ISO adapter and you can fit the unit where currently the storage cubby sits, or spend a bit more and get a nicer looking facia frame. Does your model have steeringwheel radio control buttons? if so you will need a special adapter to make that work.
  7. The one linked is wrong pins don't line up to their corresponding functions. I have the correct diagrams here but can't upload them.
  8. Let them soak in a hot bucket with laundry softener works brilliant and will last years!
  9. Best to get a double din for the lower section Double din frame can be bought through Toyota dealer with the exact same, texture, colour and fitment etc. I can find the partnumber if you need it. If you fit a aftermarket system you will lose the existing features of the top screen, temperature, time, mpg etc.
  10. Reliable and cheap to maintain, not much that goes wrong with them. Just check for rust etc. Aux input is possible but you need a module for that or a FM transmitter but even better would be a cheap aftermarket headunit with Bluetooth.
  11. Stock T-sport wheels are 5,5j wide, 195/55 or 195/50 are a common upgrade but 205 are too wide for such a narrow alloy.
  12. Could look into T-Sport bumpers, there are some bumpers out there but most are old school tuning fiberglass crap
  13. Get a proper backbox designed for the car or get something professionally made
  14. Behind the main display is a big plug that branches off to a 3 pin plug. You need to chop that connector off, then do the same to the left over connector on the connects2 module and join the wires as follow. In some cases the colours are different eg. blue, black and pink on the Connects2 harness and black, red and green on the car side. I connected black to black, blue to red and pink to green.
  15. Yes you could but my only question would be why? Why not upgrade to something modern
  16. Take the button for the adjustment out, can't fail what isn't there
  17. You have water in the actual lights themselves ? or in the car?
  18. Modern tech, small engine = give it more revs when pulling off from stand still
  19. They are a completely different engine, the 2sz has slightly more hp but you won't notice
  20. From my experience not an issue I've swapped them before
  21. They should last the cars life, they can go bad so do the tensioners but if they do you will notice by either hearing it or by error code coming up.
  22. Yes Hyper-sport UK sells them. I have used a Ralco RZ off Ebay in the past.
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