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  1. I already use AutoAid for breakdown - cheaper than AA/RAC and it covers family members rather than specific vehicles, which suits us better. So the breakdown cover doesn't really appeal to us. The warranty also excludes normal wear & tear items so something big would need to keel over.
  2. Ah OK their scribbled paperwork makes more sense in the context of the comments above - thanks! It looks like they are offering a service plan (for service #6 and service #7 and what appears to include 2 free MOTs) for £400, but it's not clear if VAT is included, and a separate extended warranty for £495 inc VAT. So the extended warranty doesn't seem like a great idea, but the service plan could be worthwhile if that price includes VAT.
  3. Thanks for that. Do you know if the policy includes the full cost of 2 services, or just a discount off the service costs?
  4. We had our 5-year-old Auris Hybrid serviced & MOT'd yesterday. They are trying to sell us extended warranty on the basis of 2 years for the price of one, but their explanation of the benefits on the phone wasn't very clear, and when we asked them to confirm it in an email they just sent some hand-scribbled notes on a Service Plan template which didn't make it much clearer. The impression given is that for £495 (inc VAT) we get 2 years of servicing, MOT and AA cover. The phone call suggested that we would only get a "discount" on servicing, however (i.e. the whole cost would not be co
  5. The last work at the dealer was about 6 months ago. It was a recall, but I don't remember exactly what the issue was. My recollection was that it was something which may have caused the high voltage battery to overheat. My wife however thinks it may have been airbag related. I can't seem to locate the paperwork.
  6. It's just that we've owned the car for 2 years and it's only just started doing it!
  7. This red LED is flashing on the left of our central console even after the power has been turned off and the car locked. Any idea why this might happen? It's a 2016 Auris Hybrid
  8. I was just talking to a local garage who said that they custom fit cat guards using bolts of varying sizes to make the job of removal more time-consuming. Does anyone know whether the Toyota-fitted catlocs are done the same way, or is it just another set of standard bolts to remove to access the cat?
  9. Our first thought was to go through the insurance company (and we've got the ball rolling on a claim), but having read their policy details it's not certain that our comprehensive policy actually covers this - there's a line in the "Not covered" section which says: "Loss of or damage to accessories and spare parts by theft if your car is not stolen at the same time". If we do have cover, the other concern is the risk that the insurer will refuse to renew our insurance next time, given the prevalence of this issue and the fact that we would have already claimed. That would put us in a pret
  10. Just came across this supplier: https://www.cats2u.co.uk/1236-auris#/type-catalytic_converter/year-2016 Has anyone used them?
  11. Many thanks for all the feedback. Basically there's a minimum 4 week wait for a Toyota unit at my local service centre, so I need to seriously consider any alternative that is available, provided it doesn't create more problems than it resolves. I just spoke to a local mechanic who said that the original Toyota units in the hybrids have a built-in cooler (possibly to assist with hybrid performance?). I don't know if the aftermarket units would have the same thing. Does anyone here know?
  12. An original cat on a 2016 Auris would last about 6 weeks round here at the moment. If you're lucky. And you'd be hard pushed to get your car insurance renewed after the 2nd one goes walkies.
  13. So if cost (and probably availability) are the only upsides, what are the downsides?
  14. That's what some people have told me - i.e. they know what they're looking for.
  15. We've just joined the long list of people who have had the catalytic converter stolen from an Auris Hybrid (2016). A few people have recommended getting an aftermarket unit fitted, as they are not only cheaper but also not a target for thieves as they have less valuable metal components. Other than probably forfeiting the remaining 9 months of our Toyota warranty, what would be the other downsides to an aftermarket replacement?
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