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  1. Yes agree, I'm educated to it now. Used to buying generic oil for generic cars at half that price so thought it was expensive, but having had a quote for £80 or more, £23 is a bargain.
  2. Yes, that's exactly the one I bought in October but off eBay
  3. I've never been able to see it cheap. Where do you get you 50% discount?
  4. Yes I thought I did have one of these. Hmmm perhaps I only installed the top harness. Will check
  5. Just realise re-reading that old thread @cragglethat you did buy an extra adapter. Do you have a link? Sorry I missed that. Has been some time since I actually read your excellent thread
  6. Thanks for the response Craig. No I didn't, did you? I followed your advice from the original thread and got something similar. Of course the original dash display is now empty but my wife prefers it as she now thinks that small area of display left of the speedo is much more readable and less cluttered with information. Thanks again for sharing in the first place and showing people what was possible PS - My next projects are (1) to add a usb port into the central fascia or micro usb port for a 5V line. The idea is that smartphones for satnav can be charged directly or via an induction charger cradle (yet to choose which option), and (2) add button in lower column for air purifier integrated into the plastic near original cigar lighter. So holding off from any final paintwork and ding filling
  7. Yes, that's what I've been doing. But topping up is a nightmare, it's like guesswork. Probably drain and top up every year as a precaution instead. Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Isn't just me going mad then 🙂
  8. Yes I would like a Haynes manual or equivalent. Does anyone have any ideas what's the best to get?
  9. Thanks to inspiration from Craig here, this is my version for my wife who hated the limitation of the stock basic cd player and radio and wanted more features including DAB radio. I decided to go the 3d-printed route rather than use too much filler, so after cutting out an aperture, I designed a suitable cradle to receive a stock DIN radio but with a flange on the right side to accommodate usb lead that fitted into the rear of the Pioneer radio I got cheap from Halfords. My wife's fascia is metallic, glittery black and I managed to find a can of spray paint from Halfords that was pretty close, but as you can see I'll need to sand back and respray the entire fascia the same colour at some stage. I will take more photos of exactly what I did from the rear when I do that, but in the meantime I have attached my 3D-print design and the (almost) final result, which has worked well for three months so far. Note - I printed from PETG plastic as PLA would melt in summer
  10. Hi, Long time lurker, thanks for having me. Servicing my wife's 1.0L automatic, I found the dipstick one of the most difficult to read. Always seems to leave a trace up the one side. Doesn't matter for the time being as I drained, replaced filter and replaced with 0W20 via an accurate measuring jug according to the specifications. Anyone else have this problem?