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  1. When you say one do you mean you lol I've only ever heard the queen say it like that
  2. It's very possible you don't need one
  3. Just noticed that was sopose to say diafram
  4. You don't remove it as it will remove it's self when engine is running and if you blank the egr you will need to get an egr delete As they electronic rather than diafram but can be done . Happy tinkering
  5. What did he say is wrong with the turbo also what are the symptoms?
  6. If it is the vanes sticking clogging then I'm not sure why you would have to buy a new turbo you can free then. The easiest way I think is to undo the cat from the turbo then I know this sounds daft but spray Mr muscle oven cleaner must be the orange one because of aningredient it has . In to the turbo and fill it don't worry about using to much then put cat back on and leave it for 30 to 60 mins the longer the better then off you go sorted if that's what it is . Have you given your egr a good clean ?because that would be my first port of call .This is probably nonsense if you don't really mess with cars but if you know anyone who does then this should help but remember I haven't seen the car and I'm not a mechanic .just trying to help
  7. Yes I will post later when I get home but there is a few people on this forum that know a lot more than me maybe one or two of them would like to step in and help?
  8. This is the same with any car the discs are steel obviously can't be coated so will rust. What would you like from warranty?
  9. Reminds me of an old ford lol this won't be a problem if you replace your car's regular. Time will tell but doesn't look very good I would underseal it tbh before it rots because toyota don't seem to rust proof them very well
  10. Definitely have a good poke around underneath as a lot of toyotas suffer from rust I hate to say as I like them they look great on the top toyota managed to make a solid she'll on top but a lot of them underneath are like they were in the 70s -80s