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  1. People are trying it on with prices. I wouldn't expect to get £1500 for my 2009 with only 40k and 2 owners on it! Don't buy work, good ones are out there at the right price 🙂
  2. Mine ticks a bit from cold but goes away as it warms up. Nowhere near as loud as the one in the video, though.
  3. For £1400 you should be able find a good example with a lot less mileage. Don't forget to check the boot for wet carpets. Leaks are common on the Aygo. Good luck and hope you find a good one. Great little cars. 🙂
  4. RIP Florian Schneider. Sad news. Settle back, close your eyes and enjoy the trip.
  5. Flipping through my pile of old vinyl, for something to do, I came across this. Totally brilliant. Then I realised it came out in 1977. I'm so old! 🙂
  6. An old trick to try. If the blade is smearing on the return stroke grip the wiper arm and twist it the opposite way. This has worked for me in the past 🙂
  7. Billyboy81

    Moving Off

    It took me some getting used to after driving diesels that could pull away on tick over. You get used to it, after a while, and can pull away with a lot fewer revs than when you first got the aygo.🙂
  8. Try changing the cabin/pollen filter. Only a few pounds and will prevent airflow if blocked. Worth eliminating before embarking on expensive repairs. 🙂
  9. Oddball indeed. On mine I can turn the key back and take it out after unlocking. I can lock it by just turning it until it clicks, key not needed. 🙂
  10. That's good. I'm no fan of electric cars but it's obvious that an electric Aygo will be a massive success and I'm surprised Toyota have taken so long getting one out.
  11. I would go for the high level brake light first, either new unit or with sealant, as that is usually the cause. If that doesn't cure it then work your way round the other known problem areas.Rear light cluster seals, hatch bump stops etc. 🙂
  12. I had exactly the same on my aygo. As you can't get the seal on it's own I bought a new high level brake light unit with a, supposedly, improved gasket for £30 as I didn't want to mess around with sealants. Worked perfectly and I now have a quantity of spare bulbs. 🙂
  13. Try changing the cabin\pollen filter.
  14. I had the problem of the boot carpet getting wet after rain. This turned out to be coming from the high level rear brake light. People suggest using silicon sealant. You can't get the seal on it's own so I bought the complete unit for £30 with, supposedly, an updated seal. This worked perfectly and the boot is now dry. Neater and quicker than messing around with sealant.🙂