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  1. Take the seal off and clean off all the moss and crud that builds up before spending on a new seal. Worked for me. I had water drops running down the inside of the window.
  2. Could it be you have a faulty coil pack or HT lead that's breaking down when hot causing the rough running?
  3. Alternator belt needs adjusting.
  4. What was the warning light? Sounds like the dealer is trying to mug you. Take the car to another garage for a second opinion.
  5. The only thing that 'speaks to me' when I start my 2009 Aygo is the telephone bluetooth thing when it connects to my phone. It says 'connected'. Could your voices be something to do with this?
  6. Sounds like the timing chain is slapping against its cover. Not saying it is but it sounds like it.
  7. Bit of a cliche but 'they all do that' to some extent. Ok once the oil gets around.
  8. I also have a 2009 Blue with only 40k miles on it. Hasn't needed anything except oil and filter changes in the 4 years I've had it. I got the MOT done at the correct time in June with no issues. A great little car.🙂
  9. Move the back of the seat one notch either way. Worked for me 😉
  10. You'll get used to it. I was the same when I changed to my Aygo from a diesel car. Had to rev hard to not stall it when pulling away. You get the 'feel' eventually. I now pull away ok without having to rev the nuts off it and it feels more relaxed. I've been driving since the '70s and driven all types of cars and never had any problems like this before. Toyota should 'soften' the clutch a bit with better damping.
  11. If your car is a 5 door then it could be the rear side window hinges failing. There is a recall. If that hasn't been done then get it sorted ASAP.
  12. Probably the A/C compressor kicking in. You tend to 'feel' it rather than hear it. Like a metallic clunk.
  13. Do you know that you can take the key out before removing the cap? Just turn to unlock as normal then turn it back again and the key comes out and the cap can be removed. No key needed to lock the cap. Just turn until it clicks.
  14. A 2006 car without any corrosion on the bits underneath would be a rare beast. Go somewhere else when you decide to get the MOT done. Probably won't even mention it. 🙂
  15. People are trying it on with prices. I wouldn't expect to get £1500 for my 2009 with only 40k and 2 owners on it! Don't buy work, good ones are out there at the right price 🙂
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