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  1. I had the problem of the boot carpet getting wet after rain. This turned out to be coming from the high level rear brake light. People suggest using silicon sealant. You can't get the seal on it's own so I bought the complete unit for £30 with, supposedly, an updated seal. This worked perfectly and the boot is now dry. Neater and quicker than messing around with sealant.🙂
  2. Shouldn't think so. Just make sure some metal to metal contact is maintained.
  3. I used a tiny drop of super glue. Works fine.
  4. I don't know if your model Aygo has it but it might be the "change gear indicator" beeping as you are over revving?
  5. Could be a fuse (don't ask which one 🙂 ) or you haven't connected something back up? Sorry not much help but hope you get it sorted.
  6. So a mechanical clunk can be cured by high octane fuel? How's that work, then
  7. I've always kept a piece of marine ply under the boot carpet on all my cars, and an old blanket. You'll understand why next time you try to change a wheel on a grassy verge 😃
  8. Go for it 😃 The aygo is a lot more capable than a lot of people think. As already said give it a good going over before you go and keep an eye on the oil. Good luck
  9. Check the boot carpet is dry as they are prone to leaks. Other than that they are great little cars with great handling and quite nippy. 👍
  10. It will be the high level brake light seal. I had a wet boot on mine and I didn't fancy messing around with sealant,so I bought a complete unit with a, supposedly, upgraded seal as you can't get the seal on its own. No more wet boot 😀Also try putting a bit of sealant around the 2 little stops at the corners of the boot as they can, sometimes, be the culprits.
  11. Exactly how I feel about my little Aygo 😃👍
  12. Works fine, I've done a couple of cars with this method. Be sure to mask off the surrounding paintwork in case you slip 🙂
  13. Have you checked the oil level? 🙂
  14. That all looks a bit tired! Not too difficult, or expensive, to replace the springs and drums yourself if you have the tools and inclination. If not, a decent mobile mechanic should sort it ok. 🙂
  15. I thought Stephen was trying to have a sensible conversation from a different viewpoint. Hydrogen fuel cell is the future and, once the infrastructure is in place, hybrids and EVs will be forgotten about. Just my opinion, not trolling 😀