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  1. Get an ELM327 OBD2 adapter and the free version of the Torque app. You can then use your phone to provide rev counter, temp gauge, voltage and speedo in analogue or digital. All for about a fiver. Warning, don't leave the OBD2 plugged in if the car is unused for any length of time. It will flatten your battery. You can also read and clear fault codes with this.
  2. It should just slide into place and the little retainer peg clicks home.
  3. Just lift the clutch and try again. Gently. Don't force it or you will get the crunch.
  4. I've never used products on any car I've owned. 2 buckets of warm water and a sponge followed by a chamois off and buff up with an old towel does it for me. There's usually enough shine in the standard lacquer.
  5. Reseal the high level brake light.
  6. Buy an ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 adapter for less than a fiver on ebay and get the free version of the Torque app on your phone. You will then be able to do basic code readings (among other things).
  7. I've just replaced the 35ah FIAMM battery in my 2009 Aygo. It was the original from new date stamped 14/04/09 so no concerns about longevity. I've never had a problem with it. Replaced it because it was starting to struggle a bit on cold mornings. I replaced it with a Varta 063 for £53.00 delivered. It now feels like the engine is trying to jump out the bonnet even on the coldest mornings 🙂
  8. Changed the battery today for a Varta one. The old battery is the original one from 2009 dated 14/4/09! Incredible it's lasted so long. It was starting to struggle on these cold mornings so I decided to retire it.
  9. Another example of the unnecessary junk they stuff cars with these days. 🙄
  10. The bluetooth doesn't go off straight away. It sort of fades. Have you got anything plugged in the OBD2 port?
  11. I've just replaced the original exhaust back box on my 2009. It's only done 40k miles, though. I've done the seal on the high brake light which solved the wet boot. The clutch is original.
  12. The Aygo clutch is like an off\on switch with very little damping. You will get used to it. I've been driving for 45 years and never had any problems stalling a car before the Aygo. Just raise the clutch until you feel it biting the give it some revs as you let it go.
  13. I had the rattling seat problem. I just moved the back of the seat to a different position and it was fine.
  14. No point trying to increase power in an Aygo, too expensive. Anyway, floor an Aygo in 2nd or 3rd. The performance is there you just have to look for it. Why pay out to improve the handling on an Aygo? They handle like go-karts anyway.
  15. I don't think I've heard of anyone dumping a car just because the battery is flat. Just buy a cheap charger, charge it up and all will be good. I've charged my car from flat several times through not being used much during lockdown without problems.
  16. I had a car broken into for an empty cigarette packet that was on the dash. Some desperate, petty minded scum around these days.
  17. I filled my 2009 mk1 up with E10 from empty and have driven it a bit and seems fine. I might be imagining things but it seemed to run smoother and quieter.
  18. Probably high revving on choke on a cold start?
  19. I get a droning noise at exactly 65 mph on the motorway. Anything less or more it goes away. It's still there after having the rear box replaced recently. I think what you are hearing is resonance at a particular rpm. Nothing to worry about.
  20. You can do that with a long screwdriver pressed to your ear.
  21. You could probably get away with the old packing tape (or coat hanger) trick. Slide the tape between the window and frame and hook the button and pull it up.
  22. I get that "clunk" too. It used to bug me but I've got used to it. 🙂
  23. Check the wheel nuts have been tightened properly.
  24. She seemed a really lovely, naturally easy going and funny girl. I really enjoyed her appearances on Top Gear. Such a shame. RIP 😥
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