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  1. Check the connectors on the back window. You'll probably find there has been a bodge 'repair' that doesn't work.
  2. Wipe the stick clean and dip it again. Should be a bit clearer then.
  3. Try turning the key until the dash lights come on. Wait a couple of seconds for those that go out to do so (gives the fuel pump a chance to build pressure and 'warms' up the ignition) and push the clutch pedal down (easier on the battery) then try to start.
  4. Mine cools fine. Try changing the cabin filter. This made a big difference to the throughput on mine. It was absolutely filthy even though the service history said it had been changed regularly.
  5. Replace the seal in the high level brake light which is the usual suspect. Will take about 10 minutes and will probably solve the problem. https://www.x8r.co.uk/ buy new seal from here or use sealant,
  6. That's right. It was updated to the stronger Yaris clutch because of premature wear.
  7. If you still have the problem after that is done try replacing the cam position sensor which seems to be the only thing you haven't changed. "A failing camshaft position sensor begins losing its ability to quickly transfer data. Mismatched fuel delivery and ignition timing, even if off by a few milliseconds, will cause your vehicle to sputter, accelerate poorly, lack power, stall or even shut off." More or less your symptoms.
  8. The Aygo high clutch is normal. It can be adjusted. Search youtube for videos showing you how.
  9. New plugs and air filter and an oil and filter change should do it. Also check the tyres are not underinflated.
  10. If you have a second key try that. Have you changed the battery in your key by any chance. If so did you make sure the transponder hadn't fallen out?
  11. Looks like you've tried everything except changing the coil packs.
  12. When I was a young lad in 1977 I saw a Rover P5b coupe in Old English White for sale at a dealers for £1995. It was mint with leather seats. I went home and thought about it all night and decided to buy it. Went to the dealers only to find it had already gone. Regretted it ever since.
  13. Have you got anything plugged in to the OBD port?
  14. Have you checked that the nut holding the arm on is tight? Might just be something stupid like that 🙂
  15. Check the spark plugs. Fit Uridium TTs if they look off.
  16. Check the connections under the passenger seat before doing anything more complex\expensive.
  17. All used Aygos are overpriced at the moment. Shortage of microchips causing long waits for new cars so people are wanting good used cars hence dealers taking advantage and hiking prices to stupid levels. Even affects the cheap end. I bought my 2009 Blue (one owner, low mileage, full history) 5 years ago for £3000. Looking on Autotrader it would now cost £4000. First car I've had that's been an investment.
  18. Do you have 2 keys? One basic key without buttons and the central locking key with buttons. If you don't have the central locking key then that could be what you need. Expensive from a dealer.
  19. If it's lack of output change the cabin filter. You will find it is blocked as they don't get changed and get missed at servicing.
  20. Have you checked the chip is still inside the key?
  21. Don't rely on the last two bars being accurate. Regardless of the mileage you've done never leave it more than a few miles before filling up once you hit 2 bars. That's good practice, anyway.
  22. Probably the new thermal shield hasn't been fixed properly and is vibrating.
  23. That sounds ok. The full beam and flash are the same bulb.
  24. The front seats seem a bit firm at first but, after a long run, they are fine not causing me any aches and pains or dead leg or numb bum.
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