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  1. my car arrived last week so that's 6 weeks I had to wait, well worth it.
  2. I ordered mine on the 24th March, took ages for a defo date then got told 12th July. out of the blue the car arrived last week, so that's 6 weeks I waited. I have to say the dealers order it but have no control, Toyota just make them and ship them out hoping for the best for the customer. it's really is worth the wait, no wonder the waiting list now is October.
  3. Hi All, I've finally been given a date for my car, ordered FWD design on 24th March and date I've been given is 12th July. So that's 3 1/2 months, I can't wait but why so long. I've found out that if you order one now then it will be October, that is long. I'm sure people will buy something else if they hear that.
  4. no sighting in Manchester or Stockport yet, only seen 2 rav4's at dealers. I hope these come soon
  5. Still no eta on my rav4 yet, the guy at the dealer did mention July which is another 4 weeks. I've gone for the design FWD btw.
  6. Hello, I am or gonna be a new Toyota owner when my new 2019 Rav4 gets delivered, never owned a Toyota before so it's going to be a new experience for me. But saying that I have to wait 12 weeks for my Rav4, is there anyone else having to wait this long which I think is extreme. Thanks in advance