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  1. Got card £20 and chocs......oh boy are they yummy!!!!!!
  2. Well, as Les has already said : IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!! Thanks goes to Les who I know worked so tirelessy to arrange everything for this meeting and for carrying on right through the whole weekend organising and running around endlessly. My gratitude to Ian and Michelle (and Nic too) for giving us the opportunity to use their fabulous home, it has been the best CAE ever!!! Also it was so nice to meet all the old familiar faces and to get tk know so many new people.
  3. Devil-ish


    hmmmmm will let you know!!!!!
  4. We thought we'd give all those coming to CAE a heads up on the final itinerary with useful info for the weekend. About the venue The venue (Michelle & Ian's) is in a rural setting of nearly 4 acres with plenty of camping & parking close to the house. Dogs and Alpacas live there, so we ask that you please take care and drive slowly around the property at all times. Local Shops Tesco Extra Superstore Serpentine Green Shopping Centre Hampton Peterborough PE7 8BD Tesco Express Whittlesey Road Stanground Peterborough PE2 8RJ Co-operative Food 763 Blunts Lane Whittlesey PE7 1AW Nisa (Convenience Store) 58 Victory Avenue Whittlesey PE7 1XU Proposed Itinerary Friday Gates open for arrival from 10am Please check in with Les, Michelle or Ian at the house on arrival. For those arriving early in the day there is a BBQ available for use if you wish to bring your own food for Friday lunch. Approx 8pm Takeaways will be arriving. 9pm (ish) Brief meeting regarding Saturdays Treasure Hunt. Socialising....Bedtime Saturday Wake Up Tea/Coffee available in the house. To maximise best use of the day it has been decided to start the T Hunt at what was originally to be the finish point, therefore we will now be having Breakfast at the start venue and lunch will be back at the house when everyone has finished the T Hunt. We will all be leaving for the start venue in convoy at 8.45am PROMPT! Arrive at start venue approx 9.15am for Full English Breakfast inc Toast Tea/Coffee or Fruit Juice (Extra breakfasts can still be booked and then paid for on the day) Treasure Hunt starts at 10.15am At finish - Photo Shoot in field Lunch - BBQ at Poolside Relax & Socialise 8.30/9pm Evening Meal Treasure Hunt Presentation PARRRRRTY! Sunday Wake up (with a headacre... ) Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juice & Full English Breakfast in the house Relaxing - Depart at your leisure Things to Bring Swimming Costume - For Pool/Hot Tub Towels - For Swimming/Showering Shower Gel, Shampoo etc Your own food for Friday Lunch (if required) Alcohol & Soft Drinks Facilities Toilet available in camping field for night use. Toilets & Showers available in the house. Swimming Pool Changing Room - with Shower, Toilet, Wash Basin, Hairdryer. Fridge space/Ice buckets available for your drinks. Plenty of indoor/undercover areas, in case of inclement weather. What's Provided/Included for the Weekend Paper Plates Napkins Plastic Cutlery Paper Cups Tea & Coffee Condiments Anyone still interested in joining us for any part of the weekend is still welcome to do so and just needs to confirm with Les
  5. Devil-ish


    Its booked in for July 26th.....4 hours job they say :ffs: - must admit I am a tad peeved at how many faults have appeared on my brand new car!
  6. Picking it up tomorrow...........watch this page.....................
  7. Taken IQ2 in today. Unsatisfactory paint respray to rectify, rear door off centre, damn rattle at back which wasnt there before they did last repair. Wait n see eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Got it back yesterday. Back door looks fine and side looks good! However can still see on the back bumper where its been 'repaired' - there is a crease left over so its going back, I didnt pay £240 for a flash over :censor:
  9. Right car has gone in for the back door apparently being stripped and repainted! Also Mr T has rung us and quoted a very fair price for doing a re paint on a scrape on the back wing and a dint and scratch on the back bumper so they are doing that too at the same time. So when it comes home it will be as good as new again
  10. They did say it was something they hadnt come by before.....maybes they will have all the 'big boys' inspecting it!!!!
  11. Its a shame my ickle bump is JUST below the door then! 4 days seems a long time for replacing a tailgate???
  12. I know I have posted this somewhere........... but cant find it! So here goes - I took car in because of the rust showing under the rear door locking unit, having seen posts about it on here. They said they had to refer the job to Toyota HQ before repairs were made. Got phone call and its booked in on Monday for a 4 days job :o . Hmmm wonder what it will entail, obviously a big job!!! Getting a courtesy car of course for which I have to pay £10 extra on their insurance in case of accident......... :censor: I totally think its wrong that I should have to pay this and have told them so but its made no difference. After all its their fault the car needs to go in :ffs:
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! to my darling hubby : 60 years young today .............now go get your bus pass n B&Q discount card
  14. Dont know where the thread about this is so making new one Car went in for various little faults yesterday, all sorted now . Only thing undone is this problem with the rear locking unit. I read about the rusting on here somewhere so I looked on mine and sure enough there was signs of rust under the unit so asked them to look at it. Apparently there is significant rusting under this unit when they took it off :o . They havent done anything yet because they have had to report it to higher authority who will come down to inspect it and then do something about it I hope . So check your back units!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Have had 4 adults + dog in ours.....it can be done!!! Welcome btw
  16. Received £20 vouchers for M&S today! Nice.............just gotta wait for them to put the steering wheel back straight now!!
  17. Not filled in any forms? Not got any vouchers! Steering wheel off centre.......hmmmmm me thinks our Mr T doesnt do anything special
  18. Mine is off too!!! Going to ring next week n complain................
  19. Devil-ish


    Really feel for you - the same thing happened to mine when some kind person drove right down the side. It was repaired under my insurance and cost us the excess....whole charge for respray n small dint straightening was just over £700 :censor: It did look as good as new though, which was important to me
  20. I'm glad the work on your steering seems to have been done OK. Re. the rusty bit in the rear door handle, did they take it apart to find out which part needs replaced or have they come across this before and know which bit to order? Dont think they took it apart as it still has the same rust around it! So I think they must have had complaints before?????
  21. Well after 2.5hour wait car has been 'done'. Seems ok. They did not say anything when I complained about the £10 extra fee for courtesy car having been waived at other dealerships....said sorry not their responsibility. HUH They have ordered new locking bit for rusty back door lock and new part for fuel gauge which we have complained about - 100 miles on one bar and 100 miles on 5 bars????? seems wrong!!!!! So now its booked in for MORE work hey ho.....but they are picking it up this time
  22. Do see a little stain on mine.....so will mention it to them when goes in for work on Thursday
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