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  1. Replaced SCVs on Saturday, taken on two long drives and driving like a dream. Planning to stop using supermarket fuel if posts on this site are true. Fingers crossed this has fixed it, will let you know if not. Thanks all!
  2. Latest update: engine light came on today, got it diagnosed and code P0627 (fuel pump a circuit open) came up. Called the Toyota specialist near me and he said its the SCVs. Ordered the parts and going to replace tomorrow morning. Will let you know how it goes! p.s. Added the Wynns diesel turbo cleaner and saw no noticeable improvement, which might suggest it isn't the turbo and replacing the SCVs is a good move. Who knows!
  3. Thank you both for the replies so far, agree it is probably wise to avoid buying more parts for the sake of it. I will check the EGR valve this weekend and on my way to Halfords now to try wynns diesel turbo cleaner. Some additive you put into your fuel which may help with sticking turbo vanes Aside from this, I guess I should start driving it Again to try and force an engine management code. At this point I can get someone to plug it in and diagnose it. Ant rav Did you ever fix yours, or just get rid of it?
  4. Thanks Longcock Mr Muscle?! How do you get it back out of the turbo? My dad is good with cars, so will get him round to help. not sure if I should change SCVs for the sake of it. Haven’t even had the turbo diagnosed, just what the Toyota specialist I called suggested.
  5. Did you ever find one? Believe you can get the reconditioned on eBay? I am in a similar situation after my 2004 Rav4 2.0 D4D has completely lost ability to accelerate, mechanic 'thinks' it is the turbo. Was yours the same issue?
  6. Replaced the turbo boost you predicted still no acceleration 😞 Don't want to waste further money replacing parts it could be, might have to take it to Toyota/garage for a proper diagnosis as would rather fix the problem directly then keep guess. Longcock, did you ever fix this? I called an idependent toyota specialist and he said without looking at my car and from his experience it is often a new turbo that is required due to sticking vanes. Foreign language to me, but sounds expensive.
  7. Will let you know how it goes, planning to fit tomorrow. If not I'll move onto EGR valve clean and SCVs...issue is I don't know anything about cars, where the SCVs or EGR is or have a socket set. Lot's of youtube videos ahead of me I think...
  8. Thank you both, I ended up ordering one on eBay in the end which arrived today, so will fit it and see what happens. If it doesn't work what do you suggest next? SCVs seems to be the most common answer? Can't help but feel this is an issue with no known fix, just trial and error till you replace the right part
  9. Hi All, First post on this site, but have been trawling through it over the last few months as have an acceleration/power problem and this has been really useful for help and research! Initially, I would lose acceleration intermittently or on hills, but more recently it has turned into a permanent loss of power where I struggle to accelerate all the time which made my motorway journey at 60mph (couldn't go any faster) quite fun. An engine light finally came on after struggling up a hill in second gear and the mechanic said I need to replace my turbo vacuum boost valve (VSV or part number 25819 27040). I am looking on ebay and saw there are two options: Option 1: Option 2: Questions: Option 1 is 90 pounds and option 2 is 170 pounds. Assume option 2 is more expensive because it is apparently OEM, can anyone advise if I would be ok purchasing the cheaper option as it's a saving of 80 pounds. Is the OEM version going to be better? I notice the cheaper one is missing the black cap thing that option 2 has on top of the unit. Is this a critical element of the valve? Is it removable and therefore I might be able to recycle the original one? If so, would there be an issue reusing this cap? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!