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  1. Hello folks. I have had this bus for four years, previously sons for two years.Only problem it's ever had was Engine M light on for those years.MOT 2018, it failed emissions. New Cat and two new Lambda sensors fitted by garage (because I was working) that did MOT, cost £700. Passed MOT despite EML still being on. This year as usual I checked all bulbs by turning on all lights (block of wood brake pedal to seat) to check for any earth problems, with engine running and off, everything OK. Then someone turned up, and I had to go out.The next day, I realised the ignition and lights had been on until the Battery went flat. So after charging the battery, I turned the key, the only lights that came on were on the column ABS EML and Handbreak. Speedo Cluster was dead Inc fuel and temp.Indicators and Main Beam work.Turn the Key and nothing, not even a click.Battery showing 12.9 Volts. I have checked all fuses (replaced 7.5 under left dash), left dash right dash and under bonnet and big ones with windows, borrowed a Relay tester checked under left dash board and under bonnet all OK.Does anyone know if there is a Voltage Regulator on the Speedo board that might make a difference.I haven't got a wiring diagram either which doesn't help, and all exterior lights are still working. So before I call in a vehicle electrician, I would appreciate any suggestions from the forum.
  2. Hello Adrian, did you get your problems resolved??
  3. Hello Michael, l am glad to hear your current nightmare has ceased.Who would have thought that presumably (if the wishbone was for an Avensis) the Designers/ Manufacturers would have different sizes that are interchangeable on the same Chassis without making some obvious difference to highlight it.Imagine the production costs and confusion on assembly lines. Sadly, from years of experiencing my own and other people's interactions with large and small corporations, I don't hold out much hope for your chances of a satisfactory financial solution to this particular tale of woe.I hope I'm wrong, but one of my mates used to call me Grey Cloud....until he was the light. These Forums can be a goldmine for people at the mercy of garages, if they are aware of them.You need to spread the word, obviously there are forums for virtually anything but they all have the same ingredients.People with professional experience, and keen experienced DIYers who are willing to help other people, and good advice about keeping costs down, common problems and solutions.It is crucial to include all information and good photos, even seemingly insignificant details because someone out there could have a lightbulb moment as a result. I hope you post the results of your efforts 're the Wishbones supplier, as all info is useful and conclusions especially, even old posts are useful to someone in the future. Best of luck M
  4. Fingers crossed then.The Laws protecting Consumers of all products, services and anything else in this country are so poor, and after the last three years, I think people will be realising exactly why that is.It's just a Diabolical Disgrace. Really hope it works out for you.Goodnight
  5. Thank you Tony My Stepson had it for three years, we've had it for two.Ticks over like a sewing machine but only does a consistent 22 miles to the gallon.60 miles on the Orange light till it stops (emptying the tank of petrol diesel mix prior to new catconverter and 2 new sensors) I would be interested to hear what yours does, ours is a 2.4 Auto, Box is smooth and quiet too (some box problems on any Autos are caused by dirty oil and filter) costs about £100 pounds to flush box only on Estima DIG because of the amount of oil apparently. Catch up with you on the forum I expect goodnight Tony. Mart
  6. Hello Jeff. I'm jumping up and down!! There is one person who will solve this for you : the previous owner of the car who probably traded this lemon in to the dealer. You need to do some detective work.If you still have the "Log Book" The red front page of it should have the previous owners name and address at the bottom of it, if hasn't changed since I bought my Previa in 2016 Try Face Book search first, then for UK people adress/ telephone search, then if still no joy Contact the DVLA. The .gov check a cars MOT history which has the MOT station reference numbers which are lkely to be in that area ish could help.I once bought a car from a Dealer aquaintence who got it for me from an auction with no service history.Using the original number plates from new, (always a good sign of no front of rear end damage) I contacted the fleet company (pre internet), and they were happy to send me all the service history. Check the first 2 letters of the Registration for the first place it was registered.That can give you an Idea of its movements too. When I came to Wales my wife's best friend since infant school, 40 odd years, had a cousin who owned a local garage, and when a friend in England wanted a van I said I would get one down here as prices are slightly lower and bring it up.So I got Sian to arrange it picked it up in the dark, new MOT.didn't bother to look too closely because of their connection, and set off, started off and the temperature was up after a few miles so went home.Next day, I inspected it and found it was a Death trap, I couldnt believe my eyes underneath was virtually gone and welding and spraying when I was younger I had seen a few sights.When I took it back to him he refused to take it back and told me I had an attitude problem! the Obvious solution to that, would have seen me behind bars, so I drove it to the MOT place and they gave me the money back plus costs. So I sincerely hope your continuing Saga ends soon.I only came on here to see if someone has a readable Wiring Diagram for a 2003 Estima!! Best of luck.
  7. Most garages that undertake work like that, reasonably everyday stuff, are equipped to align the suspension one way or another. I would have thought it unusual on modern cars to have corrosion serious enough to warrant replacement of one, let alone two W/B unless the previous owners had been in the habit of parking it in a lake. That would explain why or if the tracking was so far out, the minimum they could have done was measure the centre's of the back tyres then set the fronts the same.Until you got to the "professionals". I notice the Disc looked new, hopefully the other side also and accompanied by new Pads.Were the wishbones new or did they source s/h at reduced cost, and if you needed a shaft on the other side why didn't they fail that, or tell you there was wear and give you the option to replace at the same time? As you can probably tell, one of my real hates is people being ripped off.Put some sharp photos of all the bits I've mentioned and the tyres, and especially that chunk of steel, can't see it looking like that after just 40 miles without a good reason that was possibly noticeable i.e tear in the gaiter.
  8. Good Morning all.First of all prepare yourself for some sharp hand held photography of high quality! I would like a bit more info on how long you've had it etc.But this is starting to look familiar, when I first saw the picture of the partial bearing I thought it looked like a piece of old aluminium bracket.If it's been in your driveshaft gaiter until ejection just before you stopped,it should look reasonably shiny as per the eBay photos of new ones, and have some traces of black grease even if most of its been spun out. I'm struggling with predictive text so I will send this and poor on with the rest!
  9. Tracking way out of line will cause serious tyre wear and noise but 40 miles isn't much and shouldn't wreck bearings like that. What is the background to the whole story.When I chipped in about the oil change and new seal, I tend to overservice than under, especially if it's in an awkward place.In this case 50% less chance of a leak, and gears going round in clean good quality oil. So it's a bit of a mystery on the surface, only you will have an idea of what's gone on before, there maybe something underlying.???
  10. As the Shaft is coming out again consider changing g/Box oil and new seal?
  11. Hello Adi I just joined about an hour ago.Sounds like this is likely to be an inherited problem rather than a coincidence. last time I had a gearstick doing that was a synchronise ring failed after my mate missed third wearing platform shoes in the seventies. slim chance it might be outside the box and somethings popped out of line and interfering with the selector. Turbo problems are often oil related, dirty or starved of. Check any service history concerning both issues, and check the MOT history of your car at the .gov check address, it's handy for sussing out all manner of things that you could be encountering soon.Loads of dodgy "people" giving out certificates for sheds.not saying yours is, but good for getting a feel for the way it's been cared for. You Tube is handy for getting an Idea about problem solving Keep us posted, I will do a bit of research.