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  1. Look on Prius chat forum in Gen 3 Prius, it seems to be a common problem related to egr cooler blocking causing mayhem. Needs proper diagnosis
  2. No, it's a completely separate system
  3. It's possible the battery is tired, 4 years old isa bit of a short life. The hybrid system only trickle charges the battery and would take a long time to recharge a low battery. Best put a charger on for a day, suitable for Agm battery. If you have a multimeter, measure voltage at the jump point I think it should be something like 12.8 when car shut down preferably have the battery properly load tested
  4. Is this a hybrid? If so the inverter cooling system is totally separate from the engine cooling system so that would cause check hybrid messages. Coolant needs to be there and circulating properly
  5. I've never had to regas aircon. Last car was Vauxhall astra, 14 years old, aircon was fine. I've always been religious about running it at least a few minutes a week all year round. Keeps the oil circulated and seals wet
  6. I believe you should connect charger to jump point under the bonnet so no need to get to the battery. Lift bonnet, lift fusebox lid on right, lift red cover to reveal jump connector which takes positive lead, find earth point on the body. You should trickle charge with the correct type of charger at least monthly probably best fortnightly. The main traction battery is ok for several months but top it up as above, running the system for at least 30 minutes. Check with Toyota website or owners handbook as I'm writing this from memory. Personally I'll be making sure I do 20 plus mile trips to get the engine fully warmed, batteries maintained. I can't infect anyone if I don't get out of the car!
  7. Ah very interesting. I didn't know about a gel inside as I understood that the HV to 12v converter was replaceable separately if that's the only faulty part. I'm only asking out of interest btw! I did read that on Gen 3 Prius which is same system, there was a problem with inverters in earlier models and there was a recall so perhaps this one was one of that dodgy earlier version
  8. Does anybody know whether the inverter converter is plug and play or does it have to be coded to the car?
  9. The rear one looks quite iffy, video moved through too quick to see front properly, can you not jack car up and take a view yourself? Best play safe though and replace anyway as the man sounds sensible
  10. If you look on YouTube for Weber Auto videos the prof there explains HSD in greatest detail and demonstrates with cut away transmissions. The engine spins continuously over a certain road speed to do prevent over revving mg1. It may or may not be providing power, that's decided by the computer
  11. Dinitrol products highly regarded, way better than Hammerite. A little more expensive but worth it. Another less well known one is Probably on a par quality wise
  12. The whirring when opening the driver's door is the brake pump building pressure in the accumulator. It will do it as needed while driving. The braking system makes more whirs and clunks than the rest of the car! Odd random beeps might be speed camera warnings, it works from the satnav and gives advance warning. It can't be totally relied on nor can the speed sign recognition or emergency brake warning
  13. I think that's a quirk of the hybrid system, Auris makes some funny lurches against the parking pawl in the transmission. I love black as I had an astra for 10 years and you could touch up minor damage with any old paint and it hardly showed! It would be my first choice of colour. Would be interested to know brinm to brim economy and see how that compares with 1.8
  14. Saxmaniac


    I love mine, I can see how some might not, lack of steering feel, throttle response etc, but if you don't want to tear around with the BMW loonies it's fine. I'm seeing best economy on motorway 60 to 70, loses a bit over that. Best tankfull did 67mpg, worst, 54mpg, depends on temperature and average length of journey. Your comment on the bonnet catch was interesting as it's the first thing I noticed, being the most appalling designed piece of floppy tat. It helps to get loads of grease round the slidy bits. The main dealer has ignored this and many other details including wheel nut torque so dealer service counts for nowt, you need to be proactive!
  15. If you look at Prius gen 3 on Prius chat, there's lots of knowledgeable people on there. It's mainly American based and if you read the posts about pre 2015 with over 100000miles you might be scared off! However, you don't hear of problems over here. I'd be inclined to change all fluids and filters, batt fan clean, strip manifold and egr system and clean out, strip and lubricate brakes to head off problems. Try to find if it consumes oil before buying. See how old the 12v battery is. I'm not an expert but did a load of research before buying mine. Hv battery should be good for a long time