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  1. Yes the display is within 1 or 2 mpg. Local low speed driving over say 15 miles shows over 70mpg
  2. 61.6 mpg for mixed local and motorway use measured brim to brim. Also shows display is accurate. I'm pretty chuffed with that!
  3. Saxmaniac


    Brilliant replies. I am going to get busy on it around August when I have a chance to stick it on axle stands for as long as I want. Re the exhaust bracket I'm going to dose that with ACF 50 which is well known in the motorcycle world and I've got experience of how good that is. I asked the company if it's safe round an exhaust and he assured me that if it gets very hot, I will fet a oink smell but no flames! Dinitrol, copaslip, stonechip round wheel arches etc etc
  4. There's an American forum called Prius Chat that might be helpful though Gerg above has given good advice
  5. Saxmaniac


    A mate of mine worked at an automotive oem supplier to various makes including Toyota and he said that while other manufacturers took an off the shelf unit and had it branded/ programmed whatever that was fine for them but Toyota would want a load of further reliability testing before approval
  6. Saxmaniac


    I'll take my chances with the anti perforation warranty as I'm sure they'd use any excuse to crawl out of it. Meanwhile I don't want the underside to be a mass of rust.
  7. Saxmaniac


    Thanks for those tips. I'm going to do go all over it with Dinitrol products. Do you happen to know if the factory wax inject the sills?
  8. Saxmaniac


    I moved away from Vauxhall as I didn't think the build quality is how it used to be and PSA can only make it worse! I have been spoilt by the quality of Astras in the first half of the 2000s. Galvanized bodies and lots of wax and thick underseal. I'll be applying stone chip and chassis wax all over this one!
  9. Saxmaniac


    I love this car as it suits the laid back way I drive (like your granny!) but I've found a few stone chips in the paint on rear wheel arches and treating these I realise the quality and thickness of the paint and rustproofing underneath is appalling for a supposedly quality car. My 13 year old Vauxhall astra is vastly better in this respect, thicker paint, thick rubberized underseal and loads of wax injection in all cavities. I dread to think how this will fare unless I get busy with the Dinitrol!
  10. Thanks for all those speedy replies! I'll certainly see how car behaves when it's hot weather and ac on while stationary
  11. Hi all I'm 2 days into owning a nearly new Auris Hsd estate and loving it so far. I quite often sit in a car stationary for perhaps an hour with the radio or cd playing. I'd heard this can flatten the 12v battery quite quickly unless the system is enabled to charge it from the traction battery. Does this mean that the correct setting is to be in ready mode and neutral or park? Or ia there another way of doing it and preserve the 12v battery? Geoff
  12. Hi everyone Just dented the wallet and bought a 1 year old Auris Hybrid Estate, hope to keep it for as long as possible!