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  1. Might be worth prying at all the suspension ball joints and bushes just in case something is sloppy. I know it's not logical to your symptoms but sometimes these things aren't logical
  2. Such is the nanny state we live in
  3. Not a prius but an auris. Overall including more motorway than local driving sensibly, actual measured several tanks 59 - 60. Display showing average 65. Local 10-15 mile runs display shows around 75, so short of manufacturers claims but still very good
  4. Have you looked at pattern sensors? They are available apparently for most makes but no idea whether Toyota can be programmed to recognise them. EBay has them listed from £50 for a set of 4 or Schrader branded for £36 each oem quality. However, when the time comes I will certainly try to do a repair so please keep us updated how you get on!
  5. If I remember right, B mod caused engine to provide braking, but after a short while I'm guessing that the battery didn't want any more charge and the electronics stopped any more charging and made the engine spin much higher to produce braking effect. I really didn't like it screaming away like that!
  6. I had all bars full going down hill in the Cotswolds (Frosty will know the one from the Air Balloon!). Put it into B mode and although I know software probably protects engine, the revs rose that high that I'm more inclined to use friction brakes in future. I don't suppose the pads and discs will lose much life as a result
  7. Count yourself lucky, my previous Astra had a sport button on the dash that lit a red Led but did absolutely nothing else! Perhaps there should be a list of the most pointless buttons cluttering up our contraptions!
  8. I understood B mode is to help prevent overcharging battery on long downhills by allowing the engine to spin to absorb energy instead of generating unwanted power. This seems to be the opposite previous posts. Did I misunderstand?
  9. Just out of interest, with refrigeration systems I have always had the opinion if it ain't broke don't fix it. My previous Vauxhall astra never had the aircon touched in 14 years and 170k. I just made sure to use it regularly all year round. Any time a system is opened it is contaminated so I would only do it for a specific reason, certainly never regas as a routine service procedure
  10. It's not the gas that's different but the compressor oil that goes round with the gas. The compressor windings are saturated in the oil so it has to be correct ir burnout will happen.
  11. Yes the display is within 1 or 2 mpg. Local low speed driving over say 15 miles shows over 70mpg
  12. 61.6 mpg for mixed local and motorway use measured brim to brim. Also shows display is accurate. I'm pretty chuffed with that!
  13. Saxmaniac


    Brilliant replies. I am going to get busy on it around August when I have a chance to stick it on axle stands for as long as I want. Re the exhaust bracket I'm going to dose that with ACF 50 which is well known in the motorcycle world and I've got experience of how good that is. I asked the company if it's safe round an exhaust and he assured me that if it gets very hot, I will fet a oink smell but no flames! Dinitrol, copaslip, stonechip round wheel arches etc etc
  14. There's an American forum called Prius Chat that might be helpful though Gerg above has given good advice
  15. Saxmaniac


    A mate of mine worked at an automotive oem supplier to various makes including Toyota and he said that while other manufacturers took an off the shelf unit and had it branded/ programmed whatever that was fine for them but Toyota would want a load of further reliability testing before approval