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  1. The whirring when opening the driver's door is the brake pump building pressure in the accumulator. It will do it as needed while driving. The braking system makes more whirs and clunks than the rest of the car! Odd random beeps might be speed camera warnings, it works from the satnav and gives advance warning. It can't be totally relied on nor can the speed sign recognition or emergency brake warning
  2. I think that's a quirk of the hybrid system, Auris makes some funny lurches against the parking pawl in the transmission. I love black as I had an astra for 10 years and you could touch up minor damage with any old paint and it hardly showed! It would be my first choice of colour. Would be interested to know brinm to brim economy and see how that compares with 1.8
  3. Saxmaniac


    I love mine, I can see how some might not, lack of steering feel, throttle response etc, but if you don't want to tear around with the BMW loonies it's fine. I'm seeing best economy on motorway 60 to 70, loses a bit over that. Best tankfull did 67mpg, worst, 54mpg, depends on temperature and average length of journey. Your comment on the bonnet catch was interesting as it's the first thing I noticed, being the most appalling designed piece of floppy tat. It helps to get loads of grease round the slidy bits. The main dealer has ignored this and many other details including wheel nut torque so dealer service counts for nowt, you need to be proactive!
  4. If you look at Prius gen 3 on Prius chat, there's lots of knowledgeable people on there. It's mainly American based and if you read the posts about pre 2015 with over 100000miles you might be scared off! However, you don't hear of problems over here. I'd be inclined to change all fluids and filters, batt fan clean, strip manifold and egr system and clean out, strip and lubricate brakes to head off problems. Try to find if it consumes oil before buying. See how old the 12v battery is. I'm not an expert but did a load of research before buying mine. Hv battery should be good for a long time
  5. Look at Prius Chat forum it's packed full of posts from US owners who diagnose and repair their own. Auris is similar to 3rd Gen Prius, you can post questions and there's very knowledgeable people over there to help. I've haunted it for some time before buying as I wanted to understand how it works
  6. I agree with the comments on the display over reading mpg by 4 or 5 mpg. Display averaging low 60s today with 209 miles mainly motorway, 60 to 70 mph and about 7 deg outside. Must stop obsessing!
  7. It runs at a low level most of the time but is controlled so it can increase speed if the battery gets hot. I've never heard mine running but can detect a small air flow
  8. Saxmaniac


    It was simply pushed in but not twisted. I bought off a national group main dealer and it was supplied freshly serviced like that, and when reporting it on the next service they obviously didn't attempt to cure it. The same dealer scammed me for £20 for petrol when I bought the thing. (I will simply never buy from them again and do all my own servicing when the guarantee is up). When I say the lights are ok now, they are working correctly but that doesn't mean good! Sounds like I'm moaning a lot but main dealer apart the car's great with the minor niggles you get with anything Btw I'm quite willing to name and shame the dealer but not sure about forum rules
  9. Check the inverter coolant tank for movement of the coolant to prove that the inverter pump is working, there should be gentle turbulence when car is in ready mode
  10. Saxmaniac


    The outcome of this for me was that the main dealer was incapable of diagnosing an ill fitting bulb. Once I decided to look at it myself I found and rectified it within 30 seconds. I suspect that the dealer didn't even switch the lights on let alone try to correct it. The lights are now as they should be which is just about adequate but as above, the lack of illumination at the sides is scary on dark country lanes. The episode has certainly reinforced everything I thought about main dealers and Toyota's are as bad as anyone else's.
  11. Re using AC, unlike a normal car I don't find AC makes a noticeable difference in mpg, electric variable speed compressor uses minimal power. My Auris does a lot of M ways and it's fine as long as you don't drive it like the BMW lunatics. 60 to 70 mph and gentle acceleration. I had 4 up in a hurry coming back at night in the good weather and doing 85 ish display still managed 58, 66 driven gently, but as others have said, cold weather seems to knock 10mpg off roughly
  12. Even at 45mpg for the size of car it's still pretty good, perhaps some newer diesels might do better but you've got all the problems with Dpfs and the like
  13. Just interested in other people's experience now the cold has arrived. I've just measured brim to brim 48mpg which is a huge drop from a few months ago where I was comfortably averaging over 60 (real mpg, not display.)
  14. This appears to be normal behaviour anyway and nothing to worry about
  15. The engine can sometimes run purely to give heat to the cabin and if the engine is past it's initial warmup but not far into the journey, the engine can be running at say traffic lights purely to warm the cabin. If you turn off the heater under these conditions the engine can be made to stop. You will of course freeze! I am doing this till the car is moving again to at least stop sitting stationary with a running engine. When I'm moving then the engine is providing motion and I allow myself some heat. This probably saves about £1 of fuel every year or two!