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  1. Just in case anyone else needs an Aygo Alternator, I got this for £80: installed and works a treat. 😀
  2. Update: I’ve got the bad boy out (obvs the Mrs is out, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the kitchen table 😁) There’s a couple on eBay for around £80 but they mostly seem to be 80A, whereas mine is only 70A. The site says that this is ok Anyone know if this true?
  3. Hi all, my 56 plate Aygo alternator requires replacing. The battery is new, and I have the battery warning light on the dash. I’ve metered out the battery with the engine running and there is no rise in voltage when the engine runs. It stays just over 12v. Sooo.. 2 questions: Could somebody kindly point to an alternator I should buy? And, am I right in assuming the best route is to remove the front bumper? many thanks in advance to all advice. Regards Marsh