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  1. New genuine filter fitted this morning but still not starting it was worth a try.
  2. Hi Mike I did prime it till the button went hard & even tried pumping the button whilst turning the engine but still no luck not even a splutter but a small squirt of easy start & it started this afternoon straight away and was taking throttle ok ....... left it ticking over for half an hour switched it off & it would not start again. I will try a genuine filter but wonder if the timing chain could have jumped a tooth or two ? just cant understand why it would stop dead after running so well & why it starts with easy start! . Thanks for your help I will try a new filter & let you know if its a success, will take a few days as I shall send off for one. Jim
  3. Hi Mike The filter that's in the car now is the Halfords one i am not sure of the make of the old one. It has the rubber primer button on top of the filter housing then I presume the injector pump. just the usual Tesco diesel as that's the nearest pump available here. Jim
  4. Hi I changed the filter as it had been in since i got the car & had noticed a bit of water when i opened the drain on it, not a lot but just enough to make me think it would be a good idea to change it as everything else had been done / oil /air filter. it was running great up until the point it cut out at about 50 mph just as if someone had flicked a switch! I have had a few diesels but this has me stumped! the guy at the garage said it might be the pump but that's an expensive "might"! so much electronics to go wrong these days as well. it was a Halfords filter the old one was binned but seems strange the engine had not missed a beat for 2 weeks until that point.
  5. Hi mike I have tried bleeding of at the injectors seems to be plenty fuel & no air bubbles still not starting not even a splutter suggesting it might, maybe I have not done it right as its different to other diesels I have bled off & a bit wary of high pressure.
  6. Hi Mike thanks for your reply I shall try that tomorrow I have tried operating the priming pump whilst turning over the engine but as you say air could be getting in beyond that so its a possibility I did take it to a local garage to check fault codes but they said they did not have the software for Toyota & that I would have to take it to a Toyota specialist but that's miles away from here. Strange it starts with easy start but does not even offer to without it, thanks again I will let you know how it goes after bleeding at the injectors.
  7. Hi Mike it was changed about 2 weeks before it cut out, I have checked to see if its been taking in air somewhere but it seems ok & plenty fuel getting there. it just cut out with no warning & was running smoothly up until that point.
  8. Hello can anyone out there help me ? I have an 05 Yaris 1.4 D4D I was driving to work the other day and my engine cut out for no apparent reason, I've tried bump starting & jump starting it but with no luck, in desperation i tried a squirt of easy start with which the engine started.... it will idle for hours after starting with this method with no knocks or rattles & ticking over smoothly but if you switch it off it will turn over but not start again..... not even offer too unless I use easy start with which it starts & ticks over normally, it will drive for 3 or 4 miles then cut out & not start again. Anyone else had this problem or know the cause ?