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  1. I've changed my settings so that rather than having to just unlock the car and have the car in my pocket/in the car it has to physically be used on the stop/start button. Not sure if true but boosting the signal to unlock the car would also allow them to drive away if you have the car set so that it just needs to be in the car, since they can perhaps boost the presence/range of the key.
  2. Could "Service" be referring to GPS/back end data services from Toyota as opposed to literal servicing? Seems to be on too many cars for it to be a missed reset surely? P.S I do not have the message.
  3. Take a look at this...
  4. I've been waiting to hear anything about this. I had my service a couple of weeks ago and the person on the service desk was brainless. I asked about the upgrade and got told its best to have "Satnav updates 6 weeks after the start of the tax year" (I kid you not, this was the response to my question about Android Auto and them having had a chance to look into it)
  5. Chattacks

    MyT app

    I notice that if I just focus on driving the best way I can (not worrying about how the MyT will judge me for acceleration) I get higher mpg and a higher score on the app. If I drive thinking I'll get told off for accelerating too quickly etc and try and drive in a way that the app will be happy about I get lower mpg. I would love to know the logic the app uses for acceleration based judgement...
  6. I'm glad people were able to dispel the myth and help you. Toyota has a reputation for reliability and have been doing hybrids for a very long time so you can be rest assured you will be ok. All wheel drive its only really worth it if you will be off roading or driving in inclement conditions...All wheel drive also affects fuel economy negatively. Your choice ultimately 🙂
  7. Please dont see my comments as having a go at you but... If Toyota recommend such a service item surely it would have been included/been part of the pricing. So a Toyota service would cost £220 and not £190? From Toyota's side if it affected warranty/reliability I would assume it was mandatory. It sounds similar to the scam in the US/Canada where people seem to do oil and oil filter changes every 6 months because the dealership(franchised manufacturer) recommend it. I do agree at 5 years old or something its fine but at service 1 trying to sneak it in without explanation was very underhanded...
  8. The thing to keep in mind with mpg its a guidance not a given. There is no way people can expect to drive as they always have and get the quoted figures. People who drive particularly poorly and drive with brains disengaged will struggle to get the mpg but also think driving slightly differently from their usual bad manner will give them the figure. High MPG driving takes anticipation and planning ahead. Trying to keep rolling at lights, avoiding harsh acceleration and braking and general avoidance of the traffic light grand prix, tailgaiting and trying to go round a roundabout full throttle. Far too many on the roads these days drive like nut jobs literally racing up to a light thats red (even though they are going to be sat at it!?)etc Basically it is you who will have to make big changes to your driving if you actually want the mpg...
  9. Surely then the Rav4 is a target as well as Lexus's? Most manufacturers will have/already have started to add mild hybrid options to their car models. This means that no one is safe?
  10. Just a warning to all (I'm sure most do) but make sure you have checked online at what Toyota servicing costs should be. I know this and have checked this before... so today was a failed attempt and trying to rip someone off. Not by Toyota but by Listers dealerships. I enquire about a service and get told its £30 more than it should be. When I enquire as to why its more than the cost of Toyota UK's website first there were denials about what website and it must be wrong. In the end after finding out they are trying to charge for a engine/injector clean as part of the service they decide to honor Toyota UK's price. If someone doesnt know any better they'll try and rip you off. I doubt anything will happen but I will be passing a complaint to Toyota GB about this incident.
  11. Surely you saw/test drove the car before buying it? Whilst not perfect (especially the infotainment system) on the whole its a great car. I came from a BMW F30 in Luxury spec and the Corolla to me is a nice place to be in and has a better dashboard/layout than what I came from. Regarding the cruise control etc its worth reading the manual to see what it actually does. More features means more complexity so takes some time to get used to...
  12. Personal privacy is a concern for everyone (all jokes aside) but in this day and age you have to give it up for lots of stuff. Think of your smartphone what you give to various apps? Gmail can read all your emails and passes info back to Google etc. Privacy is dead in this day and age unless you unplug everything I'm afraid...
  13. Disregarding miles what is the leeway with servicing? for example my car will be 12 months in early march but I am away from start of march for 3 weeks. If the car is serviced in week 3 or 4 of March does my warranty become invalid?
  14. Fully agree about cars who have such functionality on the screen! As such is should be banned at government level to stop them developing it and selling it in the first place (at least in certain markets!). Having physical knobs is fine as are radio controls etc on the wheel, in fact it means you dont have to take your eyes of the road.
  15. Sorry, not Auris feedback but the lights on the Corolla are far better than they were on my previous BMW. Though its LED vs Halogen, I used to be in fear of dark driving before but now the Corolla gives me great visibility at night!