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  1. Wow thats great news! so if they retrofit/update in the UK then 500PLN = about £100? seems like a bargain to bring the car into the 21st century
  2. I'm in the same boat. I love the car but shocked beyond belief at the lack of smartphone integration (android for me). I hope they do add it and allow it to be retrospectively added to Corollas. I intended to keep the car 7-10 years ,so that long without smartphone integration is crazy and certainly would make me look elsewhere in future (as much as I like the car!)
  3. I turned the keyless off quite soon after getting the car. Its a great feature that is very convenient to have but I'd rather not risk the scum of the earth trying their chance with a relay attack to take the car.
  4. Thats really unfortunate and must be so frustrating! Do you know what the name of the Bridgestone is? In the past I used sites such as BlackCircles and TyresOntheDrive, you can input your tyre size and select the brand. In the case of Black circles you can choose where it gets fitted and Tyresonthedrive will come and fit the tyre at home//work for you.
  5. A bit late to this thread but it was warm a few days back and I thought as I walk up to the car I would open the windows by keeping unlock held down (worked on my other cars) and nothing its a no. I have the hybrid hatchback.
  6. So from my understanding it is used when you are swapping to another set of wheels which have tmps codes, for example a winter set...
  7. wow some great mpg there, I wonder what message it gives once the eco score reaches 100 🤣
  8. Chattacks

    3 Beeps

    its not the speed limit/lane keep beeps is it?
  9. Congratulations and welcome! I really like your dashboard display, I think its exclusive to the top specification cars ?
  10. I cant speak from Auris vs Corolla but I had a F30 BMW 320D auto before this and when driving the Corolla on the motorway I dont get any rev jumps or loud revving. In fact after owning this car I feel every journalist who complains about the CVT being bad or poor is either being paid to say that, doesnt do their own reviews or is a complete idiot. Coming from a BWM the Corolla (mines on 16 inch wheels) is a very nice place to be whether its city or motorway driving. Nice and refined. If there was any complaint it would be that the side windows were thicker/acoustic. I can hear more of other cars and traffic than my own engine or tyres!
  11. Thanks for the replies. Best to not use EV mode at all then I guess (I've only every used it to impress passengers anyway). Since you are all more experienced hybrid drivers than me (this is my first)...Is it best to try and keep the acceleration so it doesnt go into the "power" part of the bar or best to just get up to speed more normally/briskly (not full throttle). Fuel economy I haven't calculated manually but I did a 88 mile trip to Wales having set of early and got 82mpg on the cars trip computer for the journey (I left with plenty of time to spare and drove very sensibly) on the way back driving a bit more normally and keeping up with traffic still a respectable 72mpg again based on trip computer. I also recently ran the car until the fuel light was on and it said 6 miles left in the tank and I filled it up with 37.13L but managed to squeeze in 38L before I decided I didnt want to overfill too much. Considering it has a 43L? fuel tank thats quite a bit left in reserve when indicating maybe even when empty probably 50 miles of fuel left?(mpg dependant of course)
  12. Not to hijack the thread but whats the difference then between driving around normally or pressing EV Mode? does it just force more of the battery to discharge and thats it?
  13. I have tried mirror link but as soon as you begin to drive it disables it saying the car is in motion. So its either disabled to stop people using their phones while driving (watching videos etc) or looking at it like a cynic stop use of the navigation etc on phones. Again another really bizarre thing why have the option of mirror link only when the car is stationary...pretty useless in my opinion! There's lots I love about my new Toyota but then things like the above not so much 😕 I did actually provide this feedback in the survey I got from Toyota after buying the car and I hope they take notice of these sorts of things so at least future owners or owners of other models in their range get some sensible features and benefits.
  14. Thats a real shame if due to different systems the UK doesnt get android auto. Even though the car comes with navigation I have no interest in using it, i prefer Waze as my app of choice. Its not the end of the world I suppose as I just have to keep looking down now and again near the gear shift lever where I keep my phone. Whilst Toyota make great cars that are economic and reliable (hence my purchase!) its a bit of a let down they are behind the curve with in car entertainment systems.
  15. To follow up my initial comment regarding android auto...