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  1. Thats a real shame if due to different systems the UK doesnt get android auto. Even though the car comes with navigation I have no interest in using it, i prefer Waze as my app of choice. Its not the end of the world I suppose as I just have to keep looking down now and again near the gear shift lever where I keep my phone. Whilst Toyota make great cars that are economic and reliable (hence my purchase!) its a bit of a let down they are behind the curve with in car entertainment systems.
  2. To follow up my initial comment regarding android auto...
  3. On MyToyota the pictures didnt match up to what it looks like in car but after your comment I found this: and its Touch2 with Go, so thanks 🙂
  4. It will be interesting to see when the so called update that a lot of motoring journalists have been talked about for Toyota happens. There has been talk of android auto coming to cars via a software update in 2019. I will be following this closely. That being said the fact that I cannot even select the Corolla's system from MyToyota to register it so I can download eApps says alot....
  5. This prompted my to chase my dealer and they have received theirs too today. It's too bulky to post they say, so I assume it will be the big book and look forward to getting mine finally!
  6. Ahh I see. Its my first Toyota so assumed it would be the full version of the pdf. Either way I expect the dealer to give me something (not least the service book!). My previous car, a BMW had the handbook electronically in the iDrive.
  7. Hi, I'm glad this wasnt just me! I got my Corolla Hybrid 9th March and came with no handbook/service book. Dealer is chasing (still) and will let me know when it arrives. The online pdf is 100's of pages long and I expect the physical handbook to be the same.