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  1. I think as a whole be thankful that its standard in future Toyota vehicles. Its become a standard feature so theres no other choice. Regarding the update sure some of us have done it and others are frustrated waiting for it but if you werent able to/cant update it yourself you will have to just be patient for the official channels. Also sorry for this slightly off topic bit mods but I wanted to say my piece: What many of you must consider is that the Toyota dealership is as far removed from Toyota. The problem in the UK (not sure of US/EU) is that its "some idiots ltd" trading as a f
  2. Having done it, and done it successfully some of the issues you read about are people messing it up most likely.... Its very clear when doing it the car says to you not to turn it off, or unplug the USB it will brick. Until its finished and tells you its finished you wait. Its very easy I guess for the inpatients to think nothing is happening or its frozen and turn off the power/engine or unplug it. Some will chance it (I did) others will be cautious and thats understandable too.
  3. I am very happy to report back it worked!!! Firstly a million thanks for sharing the files on here with the instructions, really grateful. Saved time and money wasted at a dealership. Mines a March 2019 Corolla, with navigation was very easy to do (all you need is the patience!) - First USB files prep the system - Second USB files update the audio/system software to where it can be updated to - Third USB is the one that installs AA for USB 2 and 3 you need to put the contents of the extracted folders onto the root of the USB. For the first one just the folder that
  4. So this is something as simple as unzipping to USBs and connecting to the USB slot in the car and can be done by us without needing to go to/paying the dealership? Also reboot between USB - means power the car off and then back on again? Thanks for the help! 🙂
  5. The logic I believe is for people who either want to feel like they are driving something "sporty" and for those not used to the CVT being just one gear and not having what normal upshifts are in other auto cars.
  6. Maybe and maybe not. The problem is such updates (if they exist) are dependent on the dealership staff having some level of intelligence. Best thing to do is to try and contact Toyota EU/Denmark and see if they can give you a direct yes/no answer and then getting back in touch with dealership. My dealership experience last year was them trying to charge more than service price listed on Toyota UK site and also not even knowing what android auto was and telling me to do map updates in september....
  7. I fully expect that as well. A lot of people going about as if its all over now but potentially worse than March is to come. Wait and see I guess is the way forwards...!
  8. Its unlikely I would be getting it now before my service early next year now. I dont plan to visit the delearship just for this (due to covid). My hope is when booking the service online it can be added to the service. That being said last year when I asked about it the lady on the service desk started talking about the satnav update (I didnt waste breath trying to explain just said ahh great)
  9. Good to see it on there...really looking forward to it!
  10. I will have to check mine now...Anyway I was never a fan of this piano black scratch magnet piece of trim. Another potential "look we've improved in face lift so please buy" type thing no doubt.
  11. I agree on the point of having it installed rather than using older hardware. Thats what I was trying to say. They've rectified it for 2020 and beyond but for year 1 of a new model sort of screwed the owners. Yes we knew what we were getting but weird decision on their part for year 1 vs going forward. Being cynical it might be so people stay on PCP get a newer model with it in....I plan on keeping the car at least 9 more years (or as long as I can before electrification is mainstream) So missing this function is particularly painful....
  12. Best to keep your expectations in check. It will probably either never come or be out in a few years. You need to consider that the fact they failed to have it as standard at the launch of a 2019 car model a good indicator of their in car entertainment priority and planning. At the end of the 2010's they have a model with early to mid 2010's in car entertainment system. Lack of USB ports and no USB Type C again demonstrates them being stuck in the past. Great car let down by poor software and technology planning inside!
  13. I think to be able to express some unhappiness between owners is fine though. Nothing wrong with a bit of moan. I've sent negative feedback in the survey I got after getting there car when they asked about certain features etc. I think a lot of people are unhappy because this feature standard on many manufacturers is years late with Toyota. They launched a new model(s) and missed the boat by not having it at the start. Yes theres COVID but even without the roll out of a feature (not even free!) is poorly communicated to customers and dealers alike. Yes we love our cars for the reliab
  14. Mine was also extended 3 months, which coinsides with being locked down at home...
  15. I've changed my settings so that rather than having to just unlock the car and have the car in my pocket/in the car it has to physically be used on the stop/start button. Not sure if true but boosting the signal to unlock the car would also allow them to drive away if you have the car set so that it just needs to be in the car, since they can perhaps boost the presence/range of the key.
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