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  1. Ta @mrfixer will go for some of them
  2. Thanks, guess I'll take a look whats in there currently but probably go OEM iridium
  3. Hi All, Hoping I can resurrect this thread for an update for 2019? Looking to replace spark plugs in a 3SGE Gen 6 Celica GT (as OP), but a bit unsure of what the best options are. Ideally I just want something I can nip down to the local store for, e.g. a set of Bosch plugs, but different websites seem to come up with completely different recommendations.. I don't do much mileage so probably just looking for copper plugs. Using the Halfords online search tool to look for compatible products brings up 'Bosch 509 Super 4' plugs, any thoughts on those?
  4. Thanks Mike, A quick follow up for anyone searching this in the future - I went to do as you suggested above, started with disconnecting the battery again (had already tried this a couple of times and left overnight) and removed/checked all fuses. Lo and behold, suddenly returned to life! I can only assume that initial guesses were right and it was related to the immobiliser, removing the fuses maybe gave the ECM the reboot it needed. It did struggle a bit starting up first time but seems ok since. So if anyone else experiences this problem - I recommend persevering with disconnecting battery and remove/check/replace fuses. Still a bit of a mystery exactly what happened, but glad its sorted.. Thanks for everyone's advice. A
  5. Thanks Mike - Tried disconnecting the battery for a while last night - didn't fix the problem unfortunately (vid below). I'll try once more when I get in, can't hurt. Vid link (youtube): Is this an issue which sounds familiar? Hope I'm not barking up the wrong tree. But timing seems too much of a coincidence to be unrelated to ECM somehow..
  6. Hi All, I'm having a 'mare with my 1997 (gen 6) celica at the moment, and wondering if anyone can help.. The battery died a while back, got around to replacing it and started up first time fine. However I then left a few days and tried to start up again to actually drive it, wouldn't start.. Battery is definitely ok, engine seems to turn over fine, just won't start. So I'm guessing this is the immobiliser kicking in; Could the transponder in the master key somehow have become unlinked to the ECM? If so, what is the process to get the key linked up again?? Really appreciate any advice anybody can give! Thanks, A