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  1. This new Camry was launched in Thailand late last year. Its always been the best selling large saloon (they are locally built). Lots on the roads now and I've had a drive in one (a 2.5 non-hybrid). Very nice car and looks very stylish from the sides and back - not so sure about the front. They have three models available (2.0, 2.5 and 2.5 Hybrid). The general feeling is that post-2015 generation was not as robust and reliable as previous Camry models. Hopefully this new model will restore the reputation. I am currently saving up the pennies to buy a 2012-15 model.
  2. The problem is really only noticeable on the motorway and I don't think the previous owner used it on the motorway much (he was very elderly and only used the car for local journeys). The alignment was done when new tyres were purchased. I'm going to examine the steering this weekend.
  3. Its for gear detent. Ball would go in first, then spring, then plug.
  4. Thank you for all the comments. The car is in great shape and accident free. It had a set of new tyres and a full four-wheel alignment about 1500 miles ago, just before the last MoT. The suspension angles are all to factory spec. It tracks beautifully at high speed and there is plenty of assistance at low speed. Its just the 'stickiness' around the centre position that's the problem. I don't have much experience of Avensis but I have driven plenty of post-2010 Toyotas fitted with EPAS (Yaris, Vios, Altis) and not noticed this characteristic. I suspect something is 'tight' in the steering. Going to start with the column UJ's and then TRE's and upper strut mounts and balljoints.
  5. Ok. So I called Adrian Flux TOC insurance this morning. They did indeed deliver a lower quote than my present insurer and all of the comparison sites. Cancelling with my current insurer and going with Flux's....
  6. The interior is leather and was retrimmed about a year ago, so looks as good as new. Everything works perfectly apart from the passenger side door locking motor, which sometimes fails to lock. I split my time between the UK and Thailand and the car is in Thailand. It was assembled at the Toyota Thailand factory.
  7. Yes, but it is more expensive than an ST3 for ALL insurance companies quoting on gocompare and compare the market. I've tried changing postcode, occupation etc and the premiums remain high. Anyway, I'll call Flux's tomorrow and see what they come up with.
  8. The £75 is the increase in premium for the remaining 8 months of the policy. There is a separate £25 admin fee for change of vehicle. Whilst you are correct about many factors making up the premium, if I request quotes from comparison websites for the Fiesta ST3 and the Avensis 1.8 then the quotes for the Avensis come back about 30% higher. The only variable is the vehicle - all other details the same. Obviously they consider the Avensis a high-risk vehicle. FYI the ST3 was costing about £450. The Avensis is coming in at about £600. Very expensive for a retired, claim-free policy holder in a relatively crime-free area.
  9. Due to taking early retirement I am selling my 2017 Ford Fiesta ST3 (200bhp turbo) and replacing it with a 2008 Avensis 1.8 auto. The Ford is listed as a Group 30 car and the Avensis as a Group 16. The Fiesta ST is very popular with car thieves..... Imagine my surprise when my insurers demanded £75 to switch to the Avensis (I was expecting a refund!). Running quotes on comparison sites has the Avensis coming up with premiums about 20-30% higher than the Fiesta ST3. I am astonished! Why is the Avensis so expensive to insure? FYI I am retired and will drive no more than 4000 miles a year - social use only. No claims for many many years. Car kept in a secure car park with electronic security gates and CCTV.
  10. Thought I post a few pictures of my 1999 Camry 2.2. It has covered 400 000km on the original engine and automatic transmission. I drove about 4000km during January and February and it didn't use a drop of oil or water. Amazing! Recent maintenance includes a new radiator, engine mounts and rear drop links and ARB bushes. Starts and runs beautifully.
  11. Its an electric power steering system (torque sensor and electric motor integrated into the column). I don't think there is anything wrong with the power assistance because the steering is light at low speeds. Its the stiffness and lack of self-centering close to the straight ahead position that is the concern. I think I will have to disconnect the TRE's to isolate any partially seized components.
  12. I have just purchased a 2008 1.8 automatic. The car is one owner, 30k miles and has a full dealer history - looks and feels like new. One problem though, when driving on motorway/dual carriageway the steering feels very 'sticky' around the straight ahead position. It takes a bit of effort to move the wheel and if I move it by, say, 10 degrees, it doesn't self-centre. Around town the steering is light and normal. No warning lights or fault codes. No knocks, rattles or other noises from the suspension or steering. The previous owner had four new tyres and a four wheel alignment done late last year (I have print out and its spot on). I am thinking partially-siezed track rod ends or strut top mounts? Any of you had this kind of problem.