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  1. the car was certainly 100% 'accelerating' with feet off the pedals I'm told ... it felt like it was on cruise ....
  2. the brake pedal was going down, but it wasn't braking .... didn't feel like a brick under it I'm now told
  3. wifes yaris today (1.3 auto) somehow developed a mind of its own and wouldn't stop. She said the brake pedal went down but the car just carried on. She yanked it into 1st (from auto) and somehow then got it to stop (says she selected reverse and hit the stop button. She says if she took her foot off the brake the car acelerated by itself. < The AA guy came out and then can't find any faults, but we've dropped it off at a garage to be looked at Tuesday. Nothing fouling under the pedals and she assures me it was as if it had selected cruise control (that it doesn't have .... ) and that the brakes were not working (though I wasn't in the car at the time), so, Q: anyone know of any known issues that would cause this? I'm not engineer but all I could imagine is if the accelerator works on a potentiometer and has had a meltdown, doesn't explain the fact the brake went stiff / didn't work though. Scary stuff. cheers Karl
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