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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your help and for explaning options to me. So far I've looked through Ebay, Gum Tree, Exchange & Mart & Shpock. Direct Line said they'd use three similar spec comparables but definitely only 1.3L on 2014's, I've not found 3 so I'm a bit dubious about that. You are right about main dealers as the most similar is with a dealer at £8999 and appears to have been for sale since October 2019 so overpriced. Pehaps there is a sold price register that underwriters can refer to, I don't know.

    My car has no modifications, she took 6 months to find, I love her to bits and she's the best car I've ever seen or owned. Does everything I need with no AG / ear ache!

    I doubt I can go down the Agreed Value basis but I'm going to try and get something in writing from DL. It looks like I'm going to have to take more care of her as I intend to keep her going for at least another 10 years!

  2. Hi, I've done a shop around for insurance as I'm not happy with the market value that some insurers are using: I can't replace my car for anywhere near what CarCare are saying the value is. CarCare is a car valuing resource that GoCompare use in case, like me, you've not heard of them.

    I don't expect to be in an indentical position if my car was written off but I do want at least half of what it will cost me to replace her should something awful happen. So far DirecLine are saing this: 'our underwriters would use the average of 3 as near identical FOR SALE IQ's as possible at the time of claim' but we can't provide you with an identical car as we don't know if we'll find one.' That in itself felt strange, I thought car insurers paid out and the owner finds a new car?

    I've looked at what it would cost to replace mine and it looks to be about 7K, a lot of waiting/sourcing and a bucket load of luck. Has anybody got an insurer that will insure for higher amounts please, I'm happy to pay for it?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. I started with a 2009 IQ1 with 65K and bought a 2014 IQ3 with 37K in July last year. The turning circle on the IQ1 is far better than the IQ3. I don't get any vibration / shudders in the IQ3 and they aren't bad in the IQ1. I haven't noticed much difference in speed at top end, acceleration is nifty on both, I rarely use second gear and don't bother with 5th in new one as go straight to 6th. I find the IQ1 gets the shudder in second gear only.

    I love these cars, you get a lot of fun for little cost and they are one of the few cars where high mileage wouldn't put me off. I'm looking at a 3rd, it has issues, an entire clutch with slave cylinder fitted at £420 inc VAT is surprisingly cheap.

    I've never driven an automatic car that doesn't have the lag @Sally190 mentions that has an engine smaller than 2L.

    Insurance is amazing, DIrect Line charged me £6.00 for adding the second one!

  4. Thank you @Kansai-R

    Everybody laughs at my little IQ here until they see what she costs and what she delivers. They also claim no good for golfing, I've had a wheelie bin in my old IQ and I've never seen a golf bag bigger than those!

  5. Hi, is it easy to get a garage to fit tyres that I provide myself please? I asked around the office and all 5 guys looked at me with raised eyebrows and said "you planning on fitting them yourself dear?"

    When I said no they said they didn't think a garage would put them on? I think they're wrong. Well I hope so because I've just bought 8.

    Thanks for the link and posts on these, I'm very glad this forum exists.


  6. Hello and thanks for that info. I’m really surprised, it took a lot of legwork to find and it had been described as in perfect condition. She was covered in that brush on paint that looks like nail varnish but fortunately no dents.

    i dropped her off at the body shop and returned the next day to collect her. The sprayer was extremely stressed out and said he had something awful to tell me. I thought I’d bought a stolen car or that the engine had blown. He explained that his paint machine had broken and he’d called support to get the correct paint mix. It was the wrong colour!!!! A brownish grey! I was so relieved and burst out laughing! I felt so sorry for the sprayer, he looked ten years older!

    She’s going back in next Wednesday for the correct colour spray. So I’ll put pics on tomorrow but please excuse the odd doors!

    I love the IQ, they are so much fun!


  7. Hi, I can tomorrow. it’s getting dark here now and I don’t have any pictures. Mine is grey, I think it’s called Decaro Grey but I may not have the correct spelling. 

    I upgraded from an IQ1 1 litre which I sold today. I did notice that the turning circle was not as tight in the IQ3, not sure if that’s because it has 16 inch alloys opposed to 15?

    i still have upgrades to do, biggest being the interior lights.


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  8. Hi, good luck to opening poster. It took me 6 months of searching the UK to find a   2014 IQ3 but it paid off last month!

    She has low mileage and Toyota FSH but was heavily chipped on both doors and 3 of the strange boomerang (can’t think of correct name) shaped pieces on the sides of bumpers, so I took her straight to a body shop for a respray. She’s looking lovely now.

    About 9 months ago there were 4 or 5 14 plates on EBay at £9,995. When I started looking in October there were none!

    I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it took me!



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