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  1. Im bamboozled guys. I read an old review of the verso-s and it mentions the sport button?? can anyone clarify which models have it? my 1.33 manual t spirit doesnt have it. I'm assuming it's the diesel model. is the diesel actually turbo? like the 1.4 punto turbo with sport button etc. Aaaah ***** on a bike I'm away with more questions now.
  2. as it's been blanked the word sounds like tank 👍
  3. ah I hadn't realised that frostyballs. kudos on the name 😂. not sure where your located but I'm in the UK. the verso-s didn't have much luck here as far as I understand it. I switched from a Chrysler 300c to the verso-s and I actually love it. it's as slow as a **** in the bath compared to the 300c and has nothing like the interior but it's pretty good fun to drive. reasonably nippy for a 1.33 and once I got used to the body roll its actually like a go kart. I am definately going to drop it 25 to 30mm. help the handling and help the appearance a smidge. what do you guys drive?
  4. thanks for the replys chaps. yeah the more I look at it I'm prob going to drop the suspension 25mm with 17 inch wheels or 35mm with the standard 16s. the 17s would look much better tho. looks like the verso-s isnt too popular across the globe. I struggle to find forums or as sad as I am owner clubs. cant beat an owners club for parts etc 😂
  5. guys, I have a 2012 verso-s t spirit 1.33 Car has 16 inch standard alloys but I want to put 17s on it to help with the handling/body roll. would anyone happen to know if 17s would actually fit and with what tyre size?
  6. good question mate. I would like to know the answer to that too.