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  1. The fuse for the windscreen wipers blew in my car so I used the fuse for the left electric window to replace the blown fuse. However, the electric window still works? Can anyone explain why?
  2. Cheers for all your input today Catlover. I mistrust them because of the current state of the car which I talked about in the other thread.
  3. Hi Bathtub it's central Germany but I don't know what happened to the car before I purchased it.
  4. Cheers Catlover! Wanted to check the dealer was being honest with me!
  5. I bought my Yaris two months ago and decided to swap the tires over today. I noticed that both front springs are missing a bottom rung, maybe they've snapped off? Both rear brakes appear incredibly rusty. I don't know much about cars so I am unsure how serious this all is, any thoughts?