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  1. For the purposes of updating this posting, the problem was resolved after cleaning the throttle body.
  2. Hi I recently changed the clutch myself on my partners 2009 1.3 Urban Cruiser. After reinstalling the battery I noticed apon pressing the start button that the car doesn't do it usual rev itself up to 2000rpm and drop to a smooth idle. Instead the car turns over, fires up and idles very low approx 400/500 rpm hunts around for a few seconds then the idle steadily picks up and idles as normal. It seems obvious to me that its something in that initial phase of the starting procedure isn't correct. I have read on some Yaris forums that the ECU after changing the battery can take some time to relearn TPS values, IAC etc but the cars been back together and running a few weeks perfectly otherwise. Anybody experienced anything similar after changing their battery?? Any help appreciated.. The clutch change incidentally went well, I done some real pigs in the past but the Urban Cruiser isn't too bad to do..