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  1. Just bumping this up to see if anyone has heard anything about UK release and prices. The reviews from the US are looking good and showing actual performance matching the spec, on BHP and EV. But the reviews are almost equally matched with news about the low quantity of vehicles available in the first two years, less than 1 per dealer in the first year. So assuming UK is going to have similar or worst problem wondering how dealers are going to allocate.
  2. Unfortunately don’t get as far as entering the code, the authentication message appears within a few seconds. If it’s something to do with how my account is linked no idea how to test it
  3. Anyone else had this problem updating their maps - after plugging in the USB I just get the message “authentication could not be completed” Car is registered with My Toyota, multimedia devices is showing as registered in My Toyota and car seems connected to Internet (can download POIs and settings via the MyToyota app). Purchased and downloaded the map zip file and extracted it directly to the USB stick. Checked it contains FMU folder with ISO files inside it . The unit must know the stick contains a map upgrade because if I move or rename the folder it doesn’t display this mes
  4. Had this set by my dealer before I picked mine up. They had to go away and research before confirming they could do it.
  5. I’ve also got a similar noise coming from the passenger side. Had wife and children trying to find it and at one point narrowed it down to seatbelt area or the clip for the rear seats. Can’t trace it or stop it, so let me know if you do manage it
  6. I’ve linked my Sat Nav to my phone via wireless hotspot and my Toyota to get live traffic updates. Works ok but does occasionally leave a road closure in place after it has been lifted, results in a 10 minute diversion locally for me if I follow directions. One thing I am intrigued with is when I click on the traffic alerts I get “trafic ralenti” as the reason. A quick google seems to show this as the french for slow traffic. Is it in French because of the sat nav, the online traffic alerts or am I missing a setting somewhere?
  7. I’m using an iPhone 6 as a wireless hotspot for live traffic and connect via USB and Bluetooth (depending on which source I remember to hook up to). No problems with calls
  8. Real world off road test of the Hybrid AWD. As reviewer said, not really the terrain the RAV4 is built for, but good to see how it coped.
  9. Thanks for the extra photos PeteB, definitely help. Looks like a weekend job of carefully removing the 3M sticky mount and reinstalling
  10. I had the new Nextbase 422 dashcam fitted by my dealer about a week after getting my new RAV4. I got the optional rear facing camera with it, so it works much like the Nextbase Duo. Dealer fitted the camera to the passenger side, apparently because of lack of space anywhere else and having to keep to the rules about the dashcam not sitting more than 40mm into the windscreen wiper area. I now have two problems, one it sits above the windscreen wiper area (passenger side doesn’t clear the whole windscreen) so rain hides the road and if the passenger puts their visor down it blocks the
  11. I had lots of questions on tyres before I bought my AWD Dynamic, even asked some of them on the Toyota blog. Fed back to dealer it was a shame that the AWD versions didn’t come with all season tyres, I will probably get them swapped at some point. Any thoughts on the recommend tyre rotation frequency for AWD from the owners manual? AWD models: To equalize tire wear and help extend tire life, Toyota recommends that tire rotation is carried out approximately every 5000 km (3000 miles). For me that’s about every 3 months. Was intending to do a season swap for now.
  12. Found a YouTube site that uses roller plates to test AWD vehicles in different combinations of wheel slipping and modes. They’ve just uploaded videos for the new RAV4 including both hybrid and petrol models (which are available across parts of Europe and other countries) This link is to the hybrid vs petrol comparison. https://youtu.be/cJeFOLc_0Sw
  13. I’ve got a Dynamic AWD in obsidian blue, no AWD badge but the 4 in rav4 is in black
  14. Having the same problem with estore, can't get any other apps loaded. I can get fuel prices and weather via voice commands though 🤷‍♂️
  15. Screenshot from my RAV4 Dynamic delivered 10th May. Not done any updates myself so assuming it came delivered with these versions
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