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  1. Have also noticed an uptick in social media again on the BZ4X so maybe Toyota are asking people to get content out. Hopefully another good sign.
  2. Frosty, at least you didn’t rename the topic to “BZ4X/Solterra line shut downs July to TBC” 😂😂😉
  3. I think that’s what frustrates me the most on this Ernie. It’s not Toyota's first recall, the process is known and understood but it’s total radio silence from Toyota. If they’d explained it just as you have above and perhaps given an indicator of which stage they are in then I’d have more confidence in getting the car. At the moment I could be getting my car next week (doubtful), this month, next month, this year or next year and I have no idea which. I’m currently without a car (agreement ran out on old one) and will have to sort out a short term rental, but if I sign up now and I get the BZ4X this month I will have overpaid on the rental. This is the company that developed the Toyota Production System, revolutionised car manufacturing globally and made car production predictable but they don’t seem to be able to talk to their customers about a recall.
  4. Just in case you’re not following the updates from USA owners elsewhere, they got letters from Toyota offering additional compensation. No details of timelines for a fix and no details on the recall. Still leaves us in the UK and lots of other Americans in the dark over when we’ll get our cars. I phoned Toyota UK today, they confirmed my car was still showing mid August delivery to dealer but also confirmed no fix for the recall issue. Finally got the person on the phone to admit it was likely they’ll be giving me a new date soon but they didn’t know when or what that new date will be.
  5. Since it’s based on the same etnga platform it’s possible it has the same wheel problem, but Lexus won’t have to reveal that if Toyota get a fix out. Might delay manufacturing though.
  6. Good timing from CarWOW? Release a comparison video in the middle of a global release of one of the models, or just coincidence?
  7. Am beginning to believe the social media hype about Toyota not wanting to manufacture a full EV. But maybe it is good news on the recall
  8. Should read cannot be fixed at this time. There’s a lot of social media press click baiting off that article. The detail behind it is the same as the original recall notice. Toyota found a problem, took the BZ4X off the road and funded a loan vehicle to existing customers while they investigate the issue and find a fix. Toyota haven’t made any further announcements since that recall, which is frustrating on it’s own but not the same as the cars being unfixable.
  9. Are Toyota selling the Premier again? It’s been taken off the model list and I thought that was because it was a limited edition and they’d sold them all. That is just me assuming though.
  10. I was told by Toyota Online on Wednesday the date is mid August subject to the recall being sorted. I suspect there are quite a few people in the UK who like me are considering asking them to move delivery to 1st September so we get a 72 rather than 22 plate on the car (helps depreciation apparently), so that might be why some people are saying September. Also my mid August date is to the dealer, who then has to do all their pre delivery checks before handing over to me.
  11. It’s been legal since 2018, unless there is something different about the Toyota implementation. “From June 2018 drivers will be able to use remote control parking on British roads.” https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-laws-pave-way-for-remote-control-parking-in-the-uk
  12. Ernie, I actually googled it to get the terminology right but gave up when I found out they also call it Intelligent Parking Assist on some models 🥺
  13. Got Toyota to confirm exact details: Hi Paul, We apologise for our previous replies and for any confusion caused. The Advanced Parking Assist (APA) is available on all bZ4X grades. However, Remote Controlled APA is not available on any grade. We hope this helps to clarify, please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks.
  14. Us poor BZ4X “recall wait” people can’t see the functionality in the app as we don’t officially have a charge point capable car yet 😉
  15. Frosty yep saw that but then later replies refer to Advanced Parking Assist not being available. I do think they’ve just got confused so have asked for clarification. Extract from reply to my question 28th June 11:13 “Advanced Parking Assist is no longer available on bZ4X”
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