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  1. it sounds like the seal in the master or slave cylinder might have failed and not held pressure. you can try testing it - with it parked up somewhere, start the car and just rest your foot really gently on the peddle. Does it slowly drop? If it really gradually drops then it could be the slave cylinder needs replacing. Try then giving it some quick sharp pumps and see if it then feels solid.
  2. Hi peeps, I'm interested to gauge what people think the value is on an original Yaris T-sport? My mum has had a t-sport from new and for a 54 Reg it has only covered 13,000 miles, which is crazy low. I keep seeing used cars being advertised for surprising amounts of money these days, which makes me wonder, with such low millage it must be worth a bit more than the average £1500 that you can find them for these days. It's always been serviced and kept in a garage... all the positive things you might look for. The used market feels a bit weird to me at the moment so i wanted to guage overall opinion if some of you feel better informed. (sadly, long gone are the days where i bought my twin turbo supra for £2500 🙁 )
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