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  1. Hi everyone. I have a 1991 hilux surf 2.4td auto. I've recently replaced the thermostat due to fan kicking in real soon and no hot air coming out of the blowers. Since then shes trying to overheat after minutes of driving everytime. Before changing the thermostat the temp gauge would sit half way and never go higher but now it shoots right up to the red. Tried to bleed the system but I cant seem to find either a bleed valve/nipple. I've done a bit of searching online and cant find any definitive answer of a way to do it. I've tried running it with the header tank cap off, taking off the pipe that goes to the thermostat (no coolant getting to it at all) taking the heater pipes off the matrix but no good. All while facing the truck uphill. Driving me mad now! I'm by no means a mechanic but i am pretty mechanically able. I've got a mate who is a mechanic coming over at the weekend to give me a hand but hes not experienced in hilux's so any advice/tips on things to try would be massively appreciated! Thanks, Sam.