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  1. Roofbox.co.uk also do Cruz Optiplus specifically for the Rav-4 2019. That is what I have fitted on mine. One problem I had was that my Thule roofbox was too small to fit on the roof bars as they are a fixed position apart and there wasn't enough adjustment on the roofbox fixings.
  2. I was an automotive test engineer in another life.😊
  3. There is one easy way to test the pouches. Just put the key into one and try to get into your own car. When the car fails to open, take the key out of the pouch and open the car as normal. That is what I did and it worked perfectly. I'm satisfied they do what they say they do. I bought a pair from Amazon for a fiver. Just checked the reviews first to make sure they were OK. On one pouch with some negative reviews it was because that particular pouch had two pockets inside, one protected and the other not. Some people were using the wrong bit.
  4. After reading up on how these smart entry systems are being easily fooled, I've become a little concerned about the security of my vehicle. The manual seems to imply that the Smart entry system can only be switched off by a dealer (Option C in the Vehicle customisation options). So I purchased a Faraday cage pouch, thinking that was the only way to protect the vehicle. I have now gone into the Vehicle customisation options in the car and found 'Disable Smart Entry' as the last entry in the set of vehicle options. So it can be switched off. Once the system is disabled the 'unlock' button on the remote has to be pressed to gain entry into the car. No big deal. Unfortunately, it also means that 'push Start button and drive away' is also disabled. The manual does describe what now needs to be done (you are also given the same information on the car screen after Smart entry is disabled), but it is hidden away in a section labelled 'What to do if your key doesn't work'. It turns out that to start the car you have to physically touch the start button with the key while pressing the brake pedal. It then carries on as normal. Stopping it is the same as ever, with a button press. If I find this becomes a chore, I suppose I've always got the pouch to use.
  5. Just been to the Silverstone Classic. Drove all the way there without seeing a single RAV4 let alone a 2019 model. Pulled up in the camping field to be directed to the tent pitch and drove up behind not only a 2019 RAV-4, but identical spec. and colour to mine! Never saw another one for the rest of the weekend.
  6. @PeteB I am in exactly the same boat. I am registered. I have successfully updated the maps. I can send routes to the car. Listed in the apps I already apparently own are Google street view, Google Maps and Cyclops which appeared on the 'already purchased' screen when I registered and did the map update. However eStore is the only app to appear on the car screen. Trying to activate it using home wifi, or phone internet results in a message that it is loading and 30s later nothing. I can download and upload vehicle settings using either connection, so the link is valid, just no apps.
  7. First trip in the car was part motorway (70 mph) and cross country 200 mile to Shropshire. Indicated 62 mpg and brim to brim came to 61 mpg, so pretty accurate. Just come back from a 300 mile round trip to Belgium and back. Mostly 50 mph on the roadwork, laughingly called the M20 and stop start for 10 miles on the bit called the Dartford crossing and 80 mph on the motorways on the French side. I now have an indicated 56 mpg, so I'm happy. Had lots of opportunity to test the intelligent cruise control on the 25 miles plus of nose to tail M20 traffic in the UK. One other tip. The channel tunnel is a tunnel not rail as far as the sat nav is concerned. Designed the route on PC, checked it, sent it to the car, only to find it had changed the route to Dover. Had to go into settings and set 'avoid Trains/Ferries'.
  8. Just fitted roof bars to mine on the basis I would need it to fit all of my camping gear into the car. Turns out the car was so large it swallowed everything! Not sure if I'm allowed to say where I got them from but the site had roof and boxes in the name, they had the 2019 toyota rav-4 in their lookup tables. Chose Cruz Optiplus steel bar variant. Not the prettiest fitting, but fitted well and perfect for the aluminium tray that I purchased for it from ebay. The main problem for me was the fixed bar position, which meant my existing foldable roof box couldn't be fitted. (Bars too far apart)
  9. I'm assuming that you have gone into the navigation settings and selected '2d direction of travel'. If not then it is Setup > Navigation > Map > Map Layout. As has been mentioned here, that only seems to work correctly occasionally. The only other way, if it is being awkward, is to press the map direction button on the nav screen until it is correct. What I would say is that the info on navigation in the printed manual is woefully inadequate. To get an understanding of how it really works, the separate ICE electronic download manual is the only way to get to grips with it. It contains nearly five times as many pages as the supplied printed manual. This might help save the planet, but for me it just meant printing it out separately, especially as there are a lot of cross-references.
  10. Just an update on my map upgrade. Did another short journey which took the mileage from 136 to 145. Checked the map key code and it had changed. Successfully downloaded map and now upgraded to 2019v1. Maybe the FUD check is set on start up and so this journey was the first time it read over 120 miles. Now all I have to do is work out how to get the other apps, which are listed as available, up and running. e-store still keeps saying loading and then nothing.
  11. Thanks. The trouble is right at the start. To get to the free map upgrade you have to type in a Request code, which is found in the car setup. I assume it links with the database to ensure it is only being used for that car. The Request Code keeps getting rejected, so I never get to the download page.
  12. Thanks for that info. I've also been trying to work out whether my new RAV-4 needed its map upgrading. It was delivered this month , so I wasn't expecting it to be necessarily up-to-date. What I've found out with your info is that I'm on an older 1512 software version, but the map version is 943 , this time last year's map! It obviously wasn't updated on PDI. My biggest frustration is I'm finding it impossible to upgrade anything myself. The car and multimedia device are registered with MyToyota. I've done 136 miles, so more than the required 120 miles for allowing First Use Date to be set. I connect to the internet with my phone, while the vehicle is in drive mode. Select e-store app and get a whirling loading message for about 30s and then nothing. The on-line connection is working, because if I don't set it up right I get a message saying the connection is missing. I have also tried to download the map onto USB using the Request Code, that I eventually found in setup, despite the instructions from e-Store being completely wrong. If I type the 22 character code into the box in e-store I get a 'please enter a valid request code' error message come back. I guess a visit to a dealer is the next step.
  13. Just collected my Design AWD. Tyres are Bridgestone Dueller H/L33.
  14. This is what I was worried about. Having done a test drive and not being able to tell at the start that I had switched the vehicle on, apart from the display showing up. I thought 'there is no engine running, what is going to defrost everything'? It sounds like the defogger starts the engine to get some heat and electricity. I normally tend to leave the ac on and in auto anyway, so this sounds like a good setting, especially in winter. So 'F' and 'G' buttons should be enough, hopefully, to get me going in the winter mornings. Really looking forward to picking the car up. Ordered 22nd April. Just been informed handover on 14th May.
  15. Soon to be the owner of a Design AWD, so I've been looking at the owner's manual to get a feel for the car's operation. I don't fully understand what needs to be done for defogging/icing before driving away and demisting while in traffic. I have only possessed Fords and Volvos up to now and have therefore had front heated windscreens. I realise that I'm not getting that on the new car. What I have had in the past and still have on my current Fiesta is a single demist/de-ice button. It switches on all of the electric window heaters, turns up the fan to max, selects max. temperature, switches the airflow to the windscreen and turns on the ac. When all is done another push of the button reverts everything back to as it was. I can't find anything like that on the new car. Will I have to press/set all of the buttons individually and then push/reset them all afterwards? I'm also confused as to what the windscreen defogging button actually does, as the manual tells you to press it and then 'turn up the airflow and temperature'. So does it just divert airflow to the windscreen? The other question is stop/start driving in the winter, say in traffic. I assume the car will be in EV mode when stopped or very slow. Does demist still work if the engine isn't running? If I start to fog up in traffic what is the procedure to follow?