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  1. Ah alright then, yeah it reads out the live data alright its just that whenever attempting to bleed the ABS module it's having none of it. Will check the sensor and give it a good clean if necessary ^^
  2. Hey guys As posted in my introduction thread I have purchased / picked up my 2005 yaris VVT I two weeks ago and all is running well however, there seems to be air in the ABS module. When braking the brakes work as they should however at times when coming to a stop I can hear the module starting to work with quite some vibration / judder through the pedal, hooked up the diagnostics tool that I have and no faults came up which is good though when I attempted to bleed the ABS module via the tool I got a "This is unavailable" message or something along them lines. What I am wondering is, would that be something to do with the diagnostics tool or from the ABS module itself? and if I am unable to bleed the ABS from the tool, is it possible to do that without it?
  3. New here so thought I'd drop a post here before going on to post anywhere else. Picked up my 2005 yaris VVT I about two weeks ago and so far loving it, first car mind you as I am normally going around on two wheels instead of four.