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  1. Heh, I don't mind revving the engine. I've been driving CVT equipped cars for a long time now (my first was a Honda Jazz Sport) and I took the view that Honda make damn' good engines and the ECU won't let me do anything bad. If I want to shift I just jam the pedal to the floor (past the 'detent' point) and hang on :) But you can easily lose traction turning onto that stretch. And in any case that part of the roundabout is just badly designed and poorly driven. It's difficult to stay in your lane simply because of the path they take so you have to watch out for people in lane one cutting across the line into lane two and the worst offenders who use lane 3 then cut into 2 either because they don't care or because they aren't paying attention. I don't know if you've heard but the truck stop between the Daventry road and the M40 has been given the go-ahead. So now we're going to have to watch out for HGVs coming down the Daventry road. I hope they put traffic lights on that entrance to the roundabout because as it stands I can see HGVs just pulling out and blocking the roundabout while they wait for the existing lights.
  2. Ah, thanks. This cold snap has wrecked my fuel consumption again. I almost got the dash to show 60 mpg the week before but now it's down to 55. If it gets much colder I might turn in my first ever sub-50 pump to pump figure :(
  3. It might also depend where the 'umph' is. I think the 1.8's is fairly low down (which tbh is where you want it). I say that because off the mark - or at least when pulling away at low speed - there is a definite kick up the bum if you push the accelerator all the way down. However there's a long hill (dual carriageway) I drive on my commute away from the M40 and if I feel like being stupid and floor the accelerator my Corolla will get to just over 90 mph by the top. My Honda Jazz (1.3 CVT, 105 bhp I think) could get to 95 mph by the time it was half way up. But the Jazz definitely doesn't feel as powerful at lower speed. Actually at really low speed if you don't kick the Jazz out of Atkinson mode it feels atrocious but that's another story. I got adept at giving it a mini-kick down to get it into Otto cycle before in advance :) I have wondered in the past why Totoya didn't go with a 'dual-mode' engine.
  4. I had a few issues playing from USB when I tried it. These days I use my Apple iPod Touch (the only Apple device I'm prepared to buy) which works flawlessly. Ah, here's my experience of USB: and
  5. AndrueC

    Clown Horn

    I agree. I think I once mentioned that it sounds like an aggressive donkey.
  6. I will be querying this when I get my car serviced for sure. I've tried again to use it recently bearing in mind with lighter evenings and mornings (yay!) there's going to be less need for lights and I've given up again. The system is really is quite poor. Honda's is much better. I was in a friend's Honda the other day (part of the reason for trying out the Corolla's again) and one thing I noticed is that whilst Honda's system will delay dropping the lights until a vehicle is actually in front of you (ie; not to the side) it will not raise the lights until there are no vehicles anywhere ahead. This avoids flashing the lights on bendy roads with sporadic traffic. Also Honda's system will dip the lights immediately a car appears in front of you - Toyota's waits until an approaching vehicle is close which seems highly questionable.
  7. Looks like the information is missing from your app then. Odd. Perhaps only available in the UK.
  8. I just click on the Hybrid Driving Score. That takes you to a map which shows the EV bits in blue along with 'score comments'. If you zoom in and click on the comments it tells you what it thinks you did right or wrong. If I scroll the page up you can see statistics about the journey. It dinged me braking at one roundabout this morning so I think I know what's triggering that. The roundabout is at the top of a rise and I always approach it on EV and lift off well before. It's perfectly placed to roll up to in order to maximise the limited availability on approach. However sometimes because of the limited availability and the tight layout you have to brake at the last minute. I was only doing about 15mph and it wasn't a sudden stop but I probably went straight to disc brake and I reckon that's what annoyed it.
  9. The braking I'm fine with. In fact I hardly ever use the brakes at all and when I do I can do most of it on recharge. But it has some odd notions about acceleration that I've mentioned before and that sometimes seem to fly in the face of what I understand about ICE efficiency. Accelerating like a granny is only the most efficient way to drive in stop/start traffic. With the open road in front of you brisk acceleration is the most efficient. With HSD it's just before where the battery steps in (the PWR part of the gauge) and on conventional ICE it's usually around 3k to 4k rpm.
  10. Finally got My T working. The dealer needed to register it then I needed to connect the car. First journey it claimed to have a problem - it knew where the car was but thought it was still moving. Tonight though it seems to have done everything it should. It knows the car is at home and is showing information about the last journey home. Interestingly it reckons 44% on EV (for an 11 mile journey - Banbury to Brackley). It also doesn't like the way I accelerate - well, sorreeee but I'm not pulling away from the traffic lights at the penultimate roundabout before the M40 during rush hour on electric only. I also don't understand why the third category 'constant cruise speed' is shown as 'not applicable for this journey'. Oh well, I'll see how it goes.
  11. Also the cruise control. Many times I've pressed what I thought was Resume and nothing has happened. Either it just ignores me or somehow the CC ends up in a cancelled state, I've never worked out which. They both need a tactile 'click' and a raised bump to make it clear where you should be pressing. And while we're on the subject rear window wash would be better on the rotary control along with rear wipers. Rotate it in the opposite direction against a spring to get a wash/wipe.
  12. Wow it sounds like I was lucky! At the time I thought my wait was frustrating (especially not knowing the date) but it looks like I got off lightly. Hang in there, folks - it's a great car.
  13. I leave the climate control on all the time as well. A large part of why I was prepared to pay £30k for a car was for the automation. I'll use the seat heaters if my bum gets cold (probably never as the seats aren't leather) but climate control is set up the way i want and left to do its thing.
  14. You're lucky you even got a date. Back when I ordered mine last February the dealer said the factory wouldn't give a date. It eventually turned up unannounced nearly a month later.
  15. Huh, a slight rise in temperatures (commuting in double digits) and I get a 2 mpg economy improvement. Another couple of months and I'll be back to 60 mpg.