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  1. That seems a bit harsh. It's one of the better ones I've seen. What are you trying to do that it doesn't support?
  2. 411 miles, 30 litres. 62.2 mpg. Car claimed 64.3. The long trip never happened but that's very nice for a tank of commuting.
  3. Slightly longer than a month. It's interesting to hear that some dealers have delivery date information. Mine claimed not to. They claimed that all their systems showed was that the order had been put in the production queue. They said they probably wouldn't know until they received notification of the delivery the day before it was dropped off.
  4. In hindsight, yes, although it felt like a long time. Mine was red. I think I must've been spoilt by Honda because the five times I bought new cars from them it arrived within a couple of weeks. Not only that but I was given a collection date when I placed the order and paid a deposit. When I ordered my Corolla the dealer (Northampton) just said 'hopefully within a month' but had no idea when. They called me out of the blue eventually and said 'It's finally turned up'.
  5. I ordered my Excel 1.8 hybrid in mid-February and it arrived end of March.
  6. Three words: Continuously Variable Transmission :) I think Audi used to sell a 2 litre car with a CVT. I always wondered what that was like off the spot.
  7. I didn't have any problems registering mine back in March but I struggled to find anyone to insure it. I eventually gave up and extended the Toyota insurance (probably paying a premium for the privilege). I was checking out tyre prices a couple of weeks ago and none of the usual sites accepted my registration. Nor does Amazon to set my default vehicle. Hopefully by next March the insurers will have up to date records to make it easier to shop around.
  8. Fuel isn't burnt over time. Fuel is burnt over distance travelled and you've given us no information about how far you drove before you needed to fill up. £30 would be enough for 25 litres which ought to be enough for at least 200 miles of driving. So if you are driving 60 miles a day it would be reasonable for you to need to fill up again after 'a few days'. However if you're only driving 10 miles a day it implies something wrong.
  9. Probably not much I'd have thought. Weight is generally only a factor when accelerating. There will also be a slight increase in rolling resistance. But compared to the weight of a car and its occupants it seems unlikely it would have much impact at any time. We're talking about another - perhaps - 20kg? So that's ~1.4% of the vehicle weight. So is presumably responsible for an additional 1.4% of emissions or fuel consumption, at most. The idea that removing the spare wheel saves fuel or reduces emissions has never made much sense to me. I think it's more about reducing the manufacturing costs. Penny pinching basically. It's just that my personal experience means that I don't care much either way. In fact it's better because now I only have to maintain four tyres instead of having to muck about emptying my boot to check a fifth that I never use.
  10. All car speedos read fast. It's the result of legislation that requires speedometers to never under read. To avoid falling foul of the law manufacturers make them over read.
  11. Seems like a lot of fuss over very little. In thirty years of driving I've never needed a spare wheel once. And it is common knowledge that new cars often don't come with a spare wheel. It's been that way for several years now.
  12. Mine (Excel) will show the current limit on the speedometer and it turns red when you're driving above it.
  13. It's pretty endemic. My dealer told me the car didn't have LED lights. He extolled the virtues of keyless entry despite me pointing out that I already had it on my Jazz. Best thing with salespeople is to ignore them.
  14. It's powered by the battery. There's nothing particularly clever about that. Most A/C systems around the world are powered by electricity. The only reason most vehicles drive via a belt from the engine is because it's cheaper as there's no need for a dedicated electric pump and since the engine is always running it might as well do a bit more work, especially true at idle.
  15. I favour an electric hum, with an overlay of 'turbo howl' when you accelerate. Make it sound more aggressive than a milk float though 😕 Whatever is chosen it shouldn't be some stupid beeping or verbal warning. That would be horrible. Although now I think about it Tie Fighter would be cool 🙂