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  1. Thanks to Covid ending my commute (yay!) my car has only done 14K miles since I bought it over two years ago. I'm currently doing less than 60miles a week (visits to local golf courses). That's probably why I keep forgetting to check the fuel gauge. I can drive for nearly two months between fills.
  2. If it's invisibly marked I doubt it'll be much of a deterrent. Seems like a visible mark would be better.
  3. Lol. I think you misunderstood (or I wasn't clear). I don't have a spare wheel and am quite happy about it. The boot is only just big enough to hold all my golf gear as it is.
  4. In over thirty years of driving a car I've never had a puncture. I perhaps came a bit close a couple of months ago but so far my record is clean. Therefore I sit firmly with the 'a spare tyre is dead weight and I'd rather have the additional storage' camp 😉
  5. I realise it's not the question being asked but why would you do that? If your car has climate control then just set the temperature where you like it and leave it alone. That's the whole point of climate control (and indeed any heating/cooling system with a thermostat). You set the temperature where you want it and the system will do what is needed to reach and maintain that temperature. The only valid reason to set your aircon to 16 degrees would be because you like sitting in a cabin at that temperature, which seems unlikely.
  6. Yes. I do it all the time after playing a round of golf. Walk up to rear of car, open tailgate, pack my kit into the boot then drive off.
  7. I'd also like the unit to tell me the next road it's going to be taking me on.
  8. That'd be nice. I'd like to start on the audio screen.
  9. It sounds a bit raucous but isn't mechanical so I suppose it must be AVAS.
  10. No-one is going to bother tracking you or checking where you've been. None of us are that important in the grand scheme of things and no-one in authority gives a damn about us as individuals. As others have posted you can already be tracked using existing means such as credit cards, mobile phones and internet connections. I would imagine that if you do manage to disable this functionality it will void your warranty and that could end up costing you a lot of money. But whatever you do to hide you can rest assured that if the government want to pick you up they'll just smash your front
  11. That's interesting. There's a speed camera in a village near me that triggers a double beep but only in one direction. It does it when entering the village near where the camera is and doesn't trigger one when you're passing the camera on the way out. Mind you I've disabled speed camera warnings anyway so it shouldn't be beeping at all.
  12. All it needs is instructions on the essentials: Locking/unlocking. Start/stop. Lights. Wipers. The rest is either standard across all vehicles and should be known by all valid license holders or else is optional like the infotainment system. For cars with sat nav a simple guide on how to specify a destination might be a good idea.
  13. Coronavirus meant far fewer trips?
  14. Yes, it's part of the sat nav functionality. There is a setting that enables or disables it but in my experience it can't be completely disabled. It's a fairly high pitched and quiet double beep.
  15. You could be right. Unfortunately (if that's the right word) I have my own music server and thousands of albums so I've never made the move over to a streaming service.
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