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  1. It's a quality website, that one. Where 'rubbish and confusing' is a description of quality :)
  2. Just go back to the estore and view your purchases. It'll be under 'Active'.
  3. One thing I wish they'd done is to have the 'range remaining' visible on both fuel management screens - or just have it as a permanent part of the display.
  4. Well I've extended the 30 mph zone and converted a short section of Tramway Road to a pedestrian zone. Not the easiest software to use but I worked it out.
  5. Mistakes on the map. It doesn't know that the 30 mph zone here was extended to cover new housing over two years ago. More unacceptable it doesn't know that this road was blocked off to vehicular traffic over ten years ago. Tramway road appears to be it's preferred way of getting from North Banbury to South Banbury (which itself is pretty questionable) and anyone following their sat nav will be left high and dry at that point and if coming from the north looking at a pretty painful way back out to the A4260 which is where they should have been directed.
  6. It's not very impressive either. It still has both the mistakes that I'm aware of locally. Considering how much it costs when out of the initial free period I'd expect a far higher quality of information.
  7. I'm sure they do something. They send you information about their latest models 😉
  8. General advice for all modern cars is not to worry about it. As long as you don't thrash them or lug them for the first couple of thousand miles they'll be fine.
  9. Ah. Then yes it probably is an attempt to shift stock. Sounds like an opportunity to grab it while you can 🙂
  10. Maybe but I bought my Corolla in March on 0% finance.
  11. Yup. And I noticed that when keying in the license code for the sat-nav update we get a keyboard that has digits along the top. Why can't we also have that keyboard when entering destinations? It'd make entering postcodes a whole lot easier.
  12. Last night was odd as well. A truly rare event in that I was able to drive from my office to the other side of the M40 without stopping and mostly at 'full speed' (between 40 and 50 mph). Consequently the battery hardly did anything for the first two miles. When I got home the car was showing a dismal 55.4 mpg if that equates to an actual 50 mpg that's horrible. It was nice to get home in a record 19 minutes but intriguing if not having the battery helping out 'costs' me extra fuel. I suppose the higher speed could be the reason.
  13. Yeah it's pretty silly but we have to disable DST ourselves. My Honda Jazz was even more annoyingly daft. One of its clock settings was the timezone (I set mine to GMT/WET) and it was running Android (albeit an ancient version). So it had all the information it needed to sort DST itself. Setting the time off GPS is fine if you only operate in UTC (which I'm sure the head unit does much as all computers do) but both units could also have just used DAB. All it would take is a quick DAB check when the car is first started. The car is one of the few timepieces I own that requires DST adjustments and in the 21st century there's no reason why any electronic timepiece should need to be changed other than penny pinching by the designers. The 'Gracenote Database' attempts to find album artwork for music being played from a portable source (ie;not the radio). It does a pretty good job I find but hardly seems worth whatever license fee we're all paying for it. If you're playing from a portable source you can include your own artwork anyway. All my ripped tracks do. Edit: Apparently Gracenote can do more than just serve up artwork but I've not seen any reference to the extra functionality in the Corolla. Supposedly it can categorise the music and create playlists automatically.
  14. Hmm. 56 mpg it turns out.
  15. I'm well aware of what Android Auto is. I've developed applications with it in mind. Those without Sat nav have value in being able to project navigation software onto the screen but given that this thread is for those of us that have built-in sat nav I fail to see any added value in it and am wondering what benefit people are expecting to get from Android Auto.