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  1. Yes, I think the Jazz has two spark plugs per cylinder plus can operate in either Atkinson or Otto modes depending what you ask of it. If you get your foot down it will move surprisingly well. My biggest gripe with my version was that it was a bit 'lumpy' around the 2k rpm point when it was switching modes. I did once drive the next iteration and it seemed like Honda had sorted that out but they'd also introduced an emulation of discrete gears at the top end for CVT. It seemed to give more power but I thought it was dishonest. Drivers should learn to embrace CVT not pretend it's something else.
  2. Yeah, I could've done 70/80 if I wanted but it would probably only reduce my journey time by a couple of minutes if that. What's the point? I'd had a day of golf (slightly poor score but it's them damn' greens at Hinksey) so I don't care. I only got a bit sporty at M40 J11 because I dislike ditherers. The speed limit is 50mph at the other side anyway.
  3. Only time I've really felt the lack of the 1.8 is pulling away from M40 J11 up to Middle Cheney. In my Jazz if I floored the accelerator I could be doing 100 mph at the three quarter point. The car would have an eager 'yeah! Let's do it!' feel belying its popular image as a lumbering old-fogey's car. The 1.8 starts to run out of steam and seems to top out at 90 mph. All the way up the hill it feels like it's out matched and it just unable to do what the driver wants. But hey - I don't often do that. Especially since working from home became permanent. If all you want is to get up to 60 (or even 70) on the dual carriageway it can do that well enough. But it's interesting how the the Jazz 1.3 can clearly wipe the floor with the Corolla's 1.8.
  4. Yeah, I'd forgotten how much push the battery can give. Also that rather nice whine you get as the motor spins up. I mean it's not the roar of a turbo but it's a nice 'Okay, I'm getting serious now' sound effect 😄
  5. It's definitely good to have a choice and Toyota offer the right one I feel. However you will never convince me that the 1.8 is 'underpowered' or noisy. I've just driven back home from Hinksey Golf course which entails a stint on the A34 then the M40 on a late Sunday afternoon and the car kept up perfectly well. Okay so I spent most of the time in lane one doing 60 but I moved out at a couple of junctions and always had ample power to accelerate up to lane two speeds. And at M40 J10 I was able to pass several slower vehicles and get onto the A43 with no stress. That was the only time I pushed the car into the PWR section of the eco gauge and even then only just. As usual the other drivers were fannying around trying to work out which lane to use and where they were - I just sailed through and past them because I knew what I was doing. Obviously the 1.8 is not 'as powerful' as the 2.0 but to suggest that the 1.8 is underpowered is silly. It has more power than a sensible driver normally needs and is more than adequate for British roads.
  6. Many of us have found out that dealers either don't check or don't understand the correct pressures. A lot of people who complain about road noise after purchasing a new vehicle discover that are over inflated.
  7. Why is it slower? My 1.8 can still reach the legal speed limits. And it only gets (slightly) noisy if the nut behind the wheel floors the accelerator - something which is rarely ever needed. The impact on most journey times of more power is minimal to non-existent. Who cares if you save one minute off a typical commute? And in rush hour you'd probably struggle to do that consistently due to the vagaries of congestion at one or both ends. You can make better progress through skill and finesse. Understanding how the traffic is flowing around you and timing your approaches to junctions. In my experience those are skills that the 'power users' tend to lack. Probably because the extra power on tap makes them lazy. But to fair 68.9mpg from a 2.0 version is very, very good. I'd be intrigued to know how you've managed that given that it would be uncommonly high even for a 1.8. The only time I've seen that or better was on very long journeys at a steady 60mph. Still - however you did achieve it we can be pretty certain that if you'd driven a 1.8 the same way on the same journey it would likely return a figure in the mid 70s 😉
  8. Maybe this article will help. In my limited experience wireless charging 'just works'. I have an S10 with a rubber cover and it has always charged when I put it on a wireless charger. That's actually how I've always charged it - I now regard inserting a cable as too much faff 🙂
  9. I have no complaints about the interior of my Corolla for sure. Nor the exterior actually but since I'm the driver I don't really care what outside looks like anyway. Apparently this confused the last salesman I spoke to as he couldn't understand why I didn't want to buy a C-HR because of the analogue dash. I tried pointing out to him that the dash was the part of the car I looked at the most but apparently he felt that I should be more concerned with the exterior look.
  10. Same with my Excel. The display I have is on the dash and shows three sets of concentric bars drawn around the front and rear sides of the vehicle that indicate proximity.
  11. They also neglected to provide my car with a non-return valve for the rear washer. It always takes a couple of seconds before the water reaches the screen 😞
  12. Yup, two of my Nissans had a low washer fluid light but nothing recent has.
  13. Yup. It shares a screen with the instantaneous fuel consumption page. One of my minor gripes about that is the 'miles left in tank' is only shown on the instantaneous page. When I'm driving I keep the dash showing the Eco gauge but if I activate cruise control I switch to instantaneous.
  14. I have a chap who does it. He's based at my local dealer and he does it annually 🙂
  15. I'm very familiar with the Conwy area having lived in Llandudno for several years and had relatives there for a couple of decades. I've just come back from a week spent based in Denbigh, visiting golf courses all over North Wales. I only had to push my 1.8 into the PWR on a few occasions. Mine will climb Rhuallt hill at 60 mph without going into the PWR zone. I've owned a 1.8 Excel for over three years and it's unusual to have to push the car into the PWR zone. Almost the only time it happens is when I have a reason to get a shift on and that just isn't very often. I can keep up with the rest of the traffic without going into PWR. As others say - you just need to moderate your right foot. A heavy right foot consumes fuel but in most cases it doesn't make much difference to the journey time 😉
  16. Honda CVT drives pretty much the same experience as the Toyota. I moved from Jazz CVT to Corolla and it feels the same most of the time. Only difference is the Mk3 Jazz. The earlier versions don't handle the engine transition between Otto and Atkinson cycle particularly well which can lead to a step effect when transitioning from low to high load. But apart from that (which to be fair is pretty minor) it's the same smooth experience. Just don't make the mistake of going for the iShift aberration - that wasn't CVT and Honda sensibly dropped it pretty quickly.
  17. @Cyker has it right. A hybrid ICE is never 'idle'. It's either doing useful work (at whatever RPM is best for efficiency) or it's not running. Thus the original question is meaningless.
  18. It worked well enough for me for three years. Graphics look a bit cartoony but it does what is required. I've now switched to Google Maps because I'm out of the free update window. They both have their good and bad points - Google Maps speed limits are not as accurate.
  19. Lol, no. I ended up going with them for the first year just because they were the only company who knew that the model existed (this was in 2019). My quote for the second year was outrageous at £750. I went with someone else for £280. I'm currently with the AA for £250. 55 year old, single male, low crime area, full NCB.
  20. The 1.8 has ample power for me and I've never felt the need for more. Possibly it takes more skill to make up for the power difference but that doesn't bother me. I also rarely feel the need to drive fast. Most of the time it doesn't significantly affect the journey time anyway. I've just come back from a vacation in North Wales. At no point did I feel a lack of power despite the Welsh hills. Nor did my 1.8 have any problems keeping up with other vehicles in the outside lane of the motorway - you just have to be prepared to actually press the accelerator all the way down - which is after all why Toyota gave us that much pedal travel and allowed the engine to reach those RPM. The 2.0 probably feels more refined at high speeds on the motorway but apart from one brief section where I was trying to get past Birmingham before rush hour I was happy to sit in lane one and bimble along at 60 mph. As for MPG: 190 miles driving up north and another 100 miles driving to various golf courses - 67 mpg according to the dash, 59 mpg pump to pump (but different pumps). 190 miles back down - dash is currently showing 68 mpg.
  21. I'm a relaxed driver who's rarely in any kind of hurry but I found ECO mode to be too much. The car feels dead and I end up flooring the accelerator pedal all the time.
  22. Having used Android Auto in anger for the first time I've found something interesting. The turn-by-turn instructions do appear on the dash. They don't force themselves in front of whatever you're showing but if you 'page right' from the eco/fuel consumption page they are there. However I have yet to work out how to adjust the volume of the voice used by Google maps. It does mean that I can easily hear it BUT SO CAN PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE CAR.
  23. Meh. Just filled up prior to a lengthy trip to Bristol tomorrow and the dash reported 63 but my pump-to-pump fill was 57mpg. I'll have to fill up again tomorrow on the return so we will see.
  24. It's not your fault. It is one of the worst designed and implemented eCommerce sites I know of.
  25. Oh, I didn't realise it had changed. I wonder why they bothered given that most of us will probably switch to Android Auto/Apple Carplay?
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