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  1. There is a button in the ceiling (where sun roof controls would be if you had one). That disables the air pressure sensor.
  2. At least now that we're not in lockdown you can spend the hour driving around. Although if I remember correctly the clock will stop and half way through if you're listening to an external music source it will stop playing.
  3. Yeah it's ridiculous that system. I think if you go to the account page and look under purchases you'll find a link in there.
  4. Just checked my discs and somewhat to my surprise they look fine. No rust, no scratches and no pitting. My car just went over 10,000 miles Friday.
  5. The only issue I have with the brakes is the last few mph when coming to a halt. It is very difficult to achieve a smooth halt. I suspect it's the transition from electric to physical that I'm struggling with. Other than that I haven't found the brakes any different to any other car I've driven.
  6. The discs on all my vehicles looked a bit grotty. It's the price you pay for not using them. There are stories of light brakers having to replace discs because of surface condition rather than because they are worn. Hybrids don't use physical brakes much anyway (or shouldn't be) so I'd expect the surface to look poor basically from disuse. The only time I'd expect my brake pads to make physical contact with the discs would be when stationary. Sadly, I know that once or twice I have had to go beyond electrical braking but that would be a mistake on my part. There should rarely be any need for that much braking force.
  7. 2019 1.8 hybrid hatchback.
  8. I'm not going to bother this time around. It's such a faff and I doubt there have been enough road changes to make it worthwhile for me.
  9. @vonkhaled have you checked your tyre pressures? The stability, harsh ride and road noise issues that others reported always came back to dealers leaving the tyres at too high a pressure. I appear to have the same car as you and have never experienced any instability and consider the road noise to be entirely reasonable for this class of car, ditto the suspension. I'd say the space in the hatchback is fine for the market the car is targeted at (young adults).
  10. Brake hold should stay as you left it. Automatic main beam headlights need attention - a lot of us believe they can't be trusted. Infotainment unit needs a little patience when waiting for attached devices to wake up. Lane assist needs more work. Sat nav could do with a 'your next road is...' function. But it's very close to the perfect car for me.
  11. It's always seemed like a minor thing to me. There seems precious little that it would give users that they didn't already have other than displaying their free sat nav on the in car display. But to kick up a stink over a retrofit feature seems particularly strange. We haven't specifically paid for the feature and I don't think most of us had any reason to expect that we'd be getting it. I'd usually be the first to criticise vehicle manufacturers for poor support but in this case I just don't think it's warranted. Their car works as advertised and as sold so complaining that they are tardy in upgrading it seems unfair.
  12. I have extra chrome on my Excel courtesy of Amazon. I bought a set of adhesive chrome door handles. I'll admit that I haven't notified my insurers however 🙂
  13. I had paddles on all my Honda Jazz (three versions). They were useful for performing a manual kick down (blip up twice to get to the red line, then switch back to CVT mode as you floor the accelerator) and for eliciting engine braking when going downhill. I used that when leaving the office to help warm the engine up (slightly) on the drive down to the gate. The first CVT had a button that gave two modes: CVT or 7-speed (which you could either leave to shift itself or you could do all the work with the paddles). It would always return to CVT mode when stationary but otherwise stayed where you put it. I tried driving it in 7-speed mode a few times but it suffered from poor choices (like changing up half way round a roundabout) so I soon gave it up. The later versions dispensed with the button and only went into 7-speed mode if you used a paddle then would return to CVT mode 'shortly after'. So I don't regret having no paddles on my 1.8.
  14. I've owned three Honda Jazz over the years. The first two were flawless both in design and execution. The third had several minor flaws (never actually broke down but things like door mirrors randomly closing and opening aren't good). The third also didn't feel so well thought out. I never really felt 'at home' in it. The first two were built in Swindon, the third was built in Japan.
  15. I managed an extra bit of charging last night. Got to Tesco, started to queue then realised I'd left my wallet at home. So that was an extra mile of driving :) An added benefit was that I didn't have to queue to get in the second time.
  16. That's nice. I have chrome sills but of course they don't have 'GR' on them 🙂
  17. Did you ever use the ATS garage at the old station (now gone)? I used them once and they managed to knock the tracking off during the process. I took the car to TW to get that fixed since I didn't trust the ATS monkeys after that. The last set I got was from one of those mobile fitters and he swapped them in the office car park which was convenient. But with these wheels having pressure sensors TW is going to be likely preference. I've no idea when they'll be due to be changed. I think it's likely I will continue to work from home until at least next year (and if I can wangle it, for ever). That means the only thing I'll use my car for is visiting local golf courses and the occasional vacation. I think I'm going to be driving less than 3k miles a year! It's going to make quite a change to my normal plans. I normally replace my car when it comes out of warranty but it's beginning to look like it'll only have 20k on the clock by then so replacing it would be silly. I'll probably have to change them because they are old, rather than because they are worn which will be a first.
  18. I only see one - the rear door.
  19. Me too, but I also bought some Chrome door handles ;) They were pretty easy to fit (adhesive) and the only drawback is that to lock the car I have to actually insert my finger tip into a slot they provide rather than just tapping the back of my hand against the handle. My previous car had a small rubber button you had to press so it doesn't bother me. I think they set off the rest of the chrome quite nicely.
  20. Can't say I've noticed anything particularly 'off' about my tyres but then I've been all that attuned to handling. As long as the car goes where I want it to I'm happy. The only time I ever had a problem with tyres was with my first Honda Civic. I forget what make they were (this would be back in the late 1990s) but I soon noticed that they were severely lacking in grip in damp conditions, it didn't take much rain to render negotiating a roundabout scary. One thing I like about the tyres Toyota have put on the Corolla is the 'kerb guard' where it bulges out around the rim. I've not seen that on a tyre before. On the plus side at least I'm back on reasonable sized tyres again. My last few cars have been Honda Jazz and the top range models get a silly 'half narrow' profile tyre. Hard to find and pricey. They were 185/55R15 I think. What made it even more silly was that the narrower profile made the already unforgiving suspension feel even harder.
  21. Check your tyre pressures. There have a couple of reports of noisy cabins and they turned out to be dealers overinflating the tyres (or failing to reduce the pressure before handing the vehicle over).
  22. Same colour as my Excel HB but I bought a set of adhesive chrome door handles. They slightly compromise keyless locking but they make the car look much better.
  23. I bet. I'm almost right next to the western fields so as long as it stays dry that's my preferred option. I walked to St James Lake a couple of times early in the lock down but it was becoming quite busy. I dread to think what it's like now. At least in the fields I only see two or three couples and there's plenty of space to avoid them. I've been driving to Tesco for a weekly shop and taking the long way back (along the A43 then back through the Oak Road estate) as a way to try and keep the batteries charged. The run down Humphries Drive does a reasonably good job of putting charge into the hybrid battery. Mind you it's occurred to me that I'm going to be using my car a lot less even with the lock down removed. I'm currently working from home as are the rest of my team and I think our boss will struggle to justify us going back into the office. We're clearly at least as productive at home and all of us are preferring it. So with any luck that's 100 miles a week that I won't need to do any more. No more Banbury rush hour. Yay! Although I like driving and I do miss the more pleasant parts of that drive.