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  1. I just filled mine. Can't remember the last time I did that. The dash was showing 58 mpg. My calculation from the pump was 57. That's actually the closest I've seen both figures. It's tolerable for winter but given lockdowns and several battery-charging-on-the-drive sessions from before I got my trickle charger I'm not sure that anything can be deduced from it.
  2. Indeed. It's difficult not to be sensitive about driving if you care about it (as we all should) and the fact they cared enough to post a question and accepted the result speaks volumes. I've had very few near misses over the years thankfully. My later driving style probably helps with that but in my younger days I was a bit more of a prat (Llandudno to Berkhamsted in 3.5 hours using the A41 through Shropshire in the mid 90s affirms to that). But throughout my driving career I've applied the same principal as I do to programming. If something goes wrong the first thing to do is work out w
  3. FWIW you should try that scenario on the A55 through Colwyn Bay. Speed limit is 50 mph and people are joining at 50mph. Then there's a few people insistent on doing 60mph or 70mph.
  4. Although even better might have been for said officer to pull the van driver over and give them a fine for not keeping left. I think the most likely scenario for me would have been to move over almost as soon as the Mercedes came into view. It was obviously travelling slowly so I could overtake it without changing speed and the traffic was light so risk from a lane change was low. But it would annoy me. I'm minding my own business in lane one and some numpty requires me to change my lane and maybe my speed.
  5. Lol! Really bad typo. What I meant to post was that I don't speed so I don't care about speed cameras. I always know what the prevailing limit is and would consider myself incompetent if I needed to be reminded or failed to recognise a dangerous stretch of road.
  6. Absolutely you have right of way. I'd have slowed down but I'd have been F'in' and blindin' at the moron in the Merc all the way. This is my pet hate with motorways and DCs. I drive at a steady 60 in the lane one and I'm always encountering idiot motorists that: a) don't understand that vehicles on the main carriageway have right of way. b) are unable to grasp the concept of accelerating into a gap in front of me (as this Merc driver should have done). This kind of thing really grates me gears. I often find that after the idiot driver has joined they will accelerate away and int
  7. I disabled mine but it still beeps occasionally. I dislike it. I speed and I hate being prompted to pay attention to my speed.
  8. Mine was a 69 plate. It was definitely lacking in umph, I found myself flooring the acclerator pedal a lot to compensate. To be fair it moved passably well when you did that (not as good as my Corolla) but was an ugly way to drive. I can only hope/assume that it's more economical around town. As it stands though I can attest that for a 34 mile journey along free flowing dual-carriageway and rural roads I got better fuel consumption from the Corolla and a more relaxed experience. ..and I was only doing 60mph on the dual carriageways.
  9. It could've gone more slowly. I did the update before Christmas from a USB disk drive and it took over four hours. I'm not making that mistake again!
  10. I don't know if it's 21 digits but that certainly sounds like it.
  11. It was also late afternoon, a cloudless day and at that point I was heading south west so the sun was a bit of a nuisance. But most important was simply that while I do like to keep track of and avoid potholes I don't drive around with my eyes glued to the road surface. That's not a very safe way to drive.
  12. Unfortunately the Corolla sat nav has limited options. You can tell it to avoid highways, toll roads, tunnels and ferries. And you can set the default route to be fast, short or eco. Sadly there is no option to avoid Blisworth 🙂
  13. It depends on your perspective. New features don't have to solve a problem to be justified. They just have to improve the owner's experience in some way. And speaking personally I'd never want to go back to owning a car that didn't have it. I love the fact that I don't have to fumble around in my pocket for a key. I love the fact that there is no risk of scratching the paint or the interior finish with a sharp metal object. The issue of theft isn't of concern to me because I keep the car in a locked garage. There are also several solutions to the problem that just require car manufactures
  14. Yeah I saw that report. Might be worth a punt although dealing with NCC can be painful. To be honest what I'd really like to work out is why I can never get back from East Northampton (Riverside Retail Park) without getting lost. It's maddening. I'm generally pretty good at navigating and normally once I've driven somewhere I can find it again or get back without needing any help. But while I can drive to the dealership without using the satnav coming back I always get lost. I think it might be because of the signage. I want the A43 but on a couple of signs they show A45 M1/Oxford (A43) a
  15. I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of mine. 225/40r18 92Y £75 including fitting per corner. Even more surprising the dealer was actually marginally cheaper than my local fitter, albeit only by a couple of quid and they don't do exactly what you ask. And for the record the car's tracking was absolutely fine. Amazing considering how much of a bang it was. My Honda Jazz was worse. The top of the range uses a slightly odd 195/50R16 and they cost over £100 each.
  16. I only did it because it would 'modernise' my car but there is one advantage. My car now waits long enough on start up for my iPod. As a result I no longer have to manually switch to the iPod source. Switch car on..music eventually starts.
  17. The courtesy car was a Yaris. It was okay I suppose but the hybrid system didn't seem very clever. I suppose it has a smaller battery but basically it wouldn't go into EV mode above 30 mph. Driving back from the dealer I managed a trip mpg of 53. By comparison my Corolla managed a trip mpg of 58. That also suggests (quite strongly) that forcing your car into EV mode when practical significantly helps fuel consumption. Still - if I can only get 53 mpg from a small car like a Yaris and 58 mpg from my beloved Corolla there's something strange going on.
  18. Well I've booked a trip into my (and @Timmon's) local Tyre Whareouse tomorrow morning. They would have been my choice for the new tyres anyway but the dealer price was surprisingly competitive. And yes the foam in the boot would not have helped if I'd ripped the side out. Still - my record remains technically unbroken. 34 years without a puncture 🙂
  19. Took the car for its service today. Took 'em best part of a day to do it. Anyway they noticed the front tyres were getting worn (<3mm) and they offered to replace them for £140 which isn't too bad. So I asked them to put the new tyres on the rear because that's what I prefer. Anyway I went to pick the car up and noticed they hadn't done what I asked. But it was too late to complain so I decided I'd live with it. Coming back I got slightly lost (I always do from that side of Northampton) and ended up on the back road that the sat nav prefers. I hit a hellacious pot hole. Or somethi
  20. Or just buy a trickle charger. Chances are that it won't matter after spring anyway.
  21. You'd have fewer swirl marks if you didn't wash it. The only time mine gets washed is when it gets serviced. So if you want to see it looking clean this Friday is your next opportunity 🙂
  22. The best colour I've found for hiding dirt is orange. My Honda Jazz would just be 'a bit less bright' after a year of driving without a clean.
  23. Black is notorious for this kind of problem. It's just about the worst colour you can pick for a car. I watch car restoration/upgrading programmes and they've all at one time or another expressed concern about dealing with black paint jobs. https://www.best-auto-detailing-tips.com/car-paint-colors.html " And by going back, I mean to black. Ask anyone who has ever owned, or currently owns a black car and they will tell you of the frustration a black car represents. So for most people, I recommend you stay away from black despite what your emotions are screaming at you the next ti
  24. Which, given how well documented FATx file systems are is a pretty sad indictment of Macs.
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