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  1. They seem really small, I think they come in 14"-15"-16" and 17" flavors. Alan
  2. AL21784


    They do feel a little "grabby" when you first start driving it, you'll soon get used to how it works. As Martin say's, lift off your throttle earlier and feather your brakes, the lightest touch will start to slow you down. Alan
  3. MPG for that journey, I've got it on my hybrid and it's a nice little feature Alan
  4. I'm not sure if the 1.8 hybrid engine would fit, tbh. in all honesty, I drive through a city 90% of the time, so apart from the odd times 100BHP is perfect. I love it, I really like the black interior, the chrome touches round the vents etc. The handling is brilliant, the ride was very bumpy, however it got delivered with 33psi in each tyre, where it should be 29R and 32F, I've lowered the pressures and it's improved it massively! Definitely glad I went to the GR, I'll be taking it to Japfest at Donnington next summer :) Alan
  5. Hi all, So after ordering this over 6 months ago, my new car was finally delivered on Friday. I love it!!! The seats are so comfy, the CVT is great, I’m already starting to get half decent MPG from it, it’s very nippy round town and perfectly planted on the motorway. With it having sports suspension, I was a little apprehensive on how the ride would be, especially round town. I drove over 130 miles yesterday and it settled down a lot, but it was still a little crashy. I checked the tyre pressures and all 4tyres were 33PSI, It should be 29 at the rear and 32 at the front. Since I’ve adjusted the pressures, It’s a lot smoother ride. There are a few reviews of the GR-Sport online and on YouTube, and after driving one myself, I think they’re all wrong. It’s a brilliant car. Alan 081099B7-B7CD-42D9-AD0E-690831E21419.MOV
  6. Thanks pal, the dealer sent me a photo of the front end on Monday and I got quite excited. I’ll make a new post later today once it’s here with some photos 😀 Alan
  7. I'm not massively keen on it yet tbh, I'm sure It'll grow on me. I do like the fact they've changed the auto gear selector inline with the CH-r and Corolla. It'll be nice to see what the Gr's will look like, although I can't see them releasing them yet as the car isn't due till late 2020. In all fairness, I'm not that fussed about the future one as my current spec GR-Sport gets delivered tomorrow Alan
  8. That's pretty decent MPG. My GR-Sport gets delivered next month, can't wait now!! Alan
  9. AL21784

    USB music

    I've got the Aygo and it does it with me, there are sometimes it continue from the last track, but mainly starts with Nirvana MTV unplugged. . . . Every damn time! Alan
  10. Have you tried using premium fuel? In my Aygo I use Tesco momentum 99ron and I've noticed a big difference in performance and especially when running air con. Alan
  11. Have you looked at the crank position sensor? Alan
  12. We have it on our current aygo and I use it all the time, quite a handy feature where 30 limits and motorway speed restrictions come in to force. Alan
  13. For hydrogen to catch on, there needs to be some massive infrastructural changes to make it even worth considering buying/leasing one. I know it's new technology and the tech is still reasonably new, but 61k for a car that you couldn't realistically own unless you lived in London, it's too much. Having said that, I can see Toyota making smaller, cheaper models in future once the systems have had all the kinks worked out and once they do and the infrastructure is there, you'll see loads of hydrogen powered vehicles. Alan