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  1. For hydrogen to catch on, there needs to be some massive infrastructural changes to make it even worth considering buying/leasing one. I know it's new technology and the tech is still reasonably new, but 61k for a car that you couldn't realistically own unless you lived in London, it's too much. Having said that, I can see Toyota making smaller, cheaper models in future once the systems have had all the kinks worked out and once they do and the infrastructure is there, you'll see loads of hydrogen powered vehicles. Alan
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    Dodgy or not?

    I should probably read things first, in that case Jim is correct, it's still not a hard job as long as you can get under properly to have enough space to get the shaft undone. Alan
  3. AL21784

    Dodgy or not?

    It's not a hard job to do yourself, the longest part will be lifting the car up and taking the wheels off. The only though part may be separating the ball joint from the hub, sometimes a little "Tappy-tap-tap" is needed, but it shouldn't take long to do yourself. Alan
  4. I can’t wait for it to get here now, i’m Currently getting about 43.6 from my Aygo driving 90% city driving. The aygo was always supposed to be the 2nd car, but i scrapped my old vectra and used this as it was a lot cheaper to run. The GR-Sport arrives mid October, when the aygo goes back. I tried getting a test drive in one, but Toyota have told me it’s quite a rare car and thy can’t get hold of one, Alan
  5. I've had a couple of cars with dual zone climate, my old vectra Elite had it but the air con didn't work as there was a 1"x1" hole thought the condenser. we get a GR-Sport in a couple of months and that has it, it'll be my first hybrid. Alan
  6. What are the yaris hybrids like on auto climate? how does it effect the fuel economy running it all the time. Alan
  7. Here you go. Alan
  8. In all fairness, my current Toyota aygo is one I get through works lease scheme, so I don’t even have to change a wiper blade, I take it to my local dealer and they do it all, however if it was my own car I’d be the first to get my hands dirty. I’ve already ordered a Yaris gr-sport and that will be the same. That’s a fair point, I take my garage and tools for granted at times, I’m one for ‘ if I can do it myself, I will’ I’ve currently got a Saab 9-3 2.0 Turbo in my garage waiting to be tinkered with. Alan
  9. I think they are trying to have your pants down are nearly £200, GSF ( ) regularly have sales on and £56 for disks and pads, save £140 by doing it yourself. Alan
  10. Hi mate, The rear camera is powered by the main camera itself, you just plug it in and run the camera cable to the rear of the car, I ran mine under the head liner. You don’t need any additional power, it’s video and power in one cable. Alan
  11. I've got this one in my Aygo, can't fault it tbh Alan
  12. I'm surprised you didn't take the power from the cigarette lighter as that's ignition live. Alan
  13. Cheers, Yeah the extra space space will be a welcome thing. I am looking forward to the hybrid and auto gearbox, I drive in a city and the traffic is mostly terrible. I’ve gone for the white one with the optional GR-Sport visual pack and Nav. Alan
  14. Hi all, I've been driving a Toyota for the past couple of years, I currently have a aygo X-pression X-Wave soft top through my works lease scheme, it;s a nippy little thing, however a little small for us now. The lease is nearly up on the Aygo with just a few months left, So I've actually just ordered one of the Toyota Yaris GR-Sports . Can't wait to get it now Alan
  15. I've actually just ordered one of the GR-Sports through my works lease scheme. Currently got a aygo X-pression X-Wave soft top but that goes back in a few months. Can't wait to get it now Alan