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  1. Thanks for the reply. The details on the link at the bottom say I should contact Toyota? Are there no other options? The only UK website selling has a website that doesn't work. Let me know. Thanks.
  2. @wass I'm a peaceful person. I would be very calm and collected normally. But if I saw the thief in action taking my cat, I would have done serious damage, maybe trying to flatten my car while he was underneath + grab the metal bar his friends hold while he watches out looking like a thug. But that would have been wrong. Instead of them getting damage, I could have endangered my own life. I don't know what the right answer is. Maybe these thieves are brainless morons - slaves to a cruel master? Who know, just making it up. Punishing the foot solidiers doesn't hurt the master behind the whole thing. Things aren't always black and white. EDIT: I'm now looking into making my own protection solution to sell to others. I know I would have really appreciated having. I thought about it many times. I never got off my backside and did anything. I'd seen loads of videos galore of the thieves. My nephew had his stolen in a fairly busy open shopping car park. I never took any positive actions to protect my own cat.
  3. Just wondering... What are the options for protecting catalytic converters? I can only find one single supplier in the UK. In the USA, there is only one as well - they sell the same kit. I have seem 2 posts elsewhere, where they add a grid underneath. Anyone have any experience of this? Thanks.