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  1. Worth asking, I haven't bought any service kit as yet, waiting for the V5 to validate my corolla on the toyota website to be able to retrieve some of the service history and book the recall on the airbag. I noticed today driving it there's some hesitation, thought initially it was due to short drives but after 60 miles roundtrip it didn't improve.
  2. Totally agree with the mot change, I'll book it in for the recall, just getting my head round how professional Toyota are!
  3. it seems to be a 1.4L not a 1.6L, "Made in Japan", I'm also registered on Toyota to have a look on a airbag recall, is it worth doing?
  4. Thanks! That was my first search and kept a copy of the owners manual for future reference.
  5. Thank you! I really like the car, amazing good engine by what I heard and will give it plenty of tlc, a good service (all filters) and oil change asap. The only thing I noticed is a slight vibration on idle, wouldn't say it's a poor idle, maybe change the spark plugs too? On this series I know it has a chain, but what about water pump change?I'm not sure if it requires changing or how often.
  6. I just bought a 2003 T3 VVt-i 1.6 with 120k on the clock, it didn't come with the service book, so I'm looking for your wise advice on what maintenance should I be looking to give to my beloved Corolla? All break pads changed this week because they were clearly worn out.