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  1. Thanks Scarlett!... Having a 'little local difficulty' as site asks for date of birth but automated protocol will ONLY let me enter current year!?!!... Then it tells me it WON'T accept an Application from any person under seventeen years of age!!!... Aaarrgghh!!!... Can I use the same Registration 'handle' for '' as this one? (Same for BOTH?...) Thanks again, Andy
  2. Just a bit of further information:- There are NO metal 'bits and pieces' lurking in the centre console cup holders - and I've attempted the 'Reset' procedures posted elsewhere on this website (indeed I have HAD TO in order to eventually get the car to start...)!?!!... I've also renewed the key transmitter 'coin' cell.... Thanks again!!!...
  3. I have recently had a 2005 (140) 'Red' model on loan with a view to purchase - and I've had LOADS of random 'clickings' with 'security' light flashing, cranking OK but failure to start, batteries going flat on occasion (I say 'batterIES' because I have tried near new substitutes and that has made NO difference!...), car 'locking itself' (fortunately have managed to avoid being 'caught out' and/or 'looking like a Muppet' thus far by NEVER getting out without the key - and IMMEDIATELY winding a window down if/when loading or unloading, refuelling, etc.), interior light 'doing its own thing' etc.!?... The car had spent quite a time 'standing around' prior to my 'borrowing' it - and this does seem to be a 'common thread' amongst others posting about similar issues?!!?... Now that these cars are reaching an age of 15+ years it could well be that various 'buffering' capacitors in the electronics are getting 'tired' - and thus failing to 'suppress' the myriad 'spikes' generated in an hostile automotive environment, particularly when 'boost' charging?!?... It appears that the erratic and intermittent behaviour of the immobilizer and central locking system IS - in 'my' case - almost certain to be a 'bruised' immobilizer ECU component, which has been so rendered unstable!?... Whether such componentry is on a PCB that can be accessed upon prising off a cover or drilling out a few rivets - OR whether it is encapsulated in resin and thus as repairable as a sodium submarine - I have yet to determine?... It DOES appear that Toyota have 'recently discontinued' such spares - BUT the last 'quoted' price was around £460 plus VAT anyway?!??... OUCH!!!... Obviously am seeking a 'workable fix' at 'reasonable' cost before negotiating any further with this purchase - so is there a trusted source of refurbished/exchange Celica electronic modules out there? In the meantime it may be worth keeping any car NOT in regular use on a 'battery management' (trickle charge...) regime - and even wiring in a suitably substantial audio style capacitor across the console fuse-board power supply connections, to hopefully mitigate the consequences of 'tired' electrolytics elsewhere (especially IF not 'individually' accessible, or 'potted' in resin/compound...)?... Many thanks!...