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  1. Yes, everything else is great. Mine has the JBL speakers so wondering if there is any slight variation in the software.
  2. I have a few time driven off only to notice after a few minutes that the infotainment screen Simply displays ‘Starting . . . , ‘ but doesn’t actually start. Anyone else had this problem? Normally after switching ignition on and off it works. Has happened about 4 times in last week. I have a video off it. 00A90CC4-BE42-4511-894F-187ECA315681.MOV
  3. I found this problem also. Under the ... you can click on ‘Pause Guidance’ this is the best i found for now.
  4. You have a point there but they Nextbase cameras are so big and unpleasant looking. And £250.00 is a bit of a rip off regardless of the cost of the car. I guess its tidy fit myself to the PowerSocket in the centre console or pay the £250!!!!
  5. I have a Garmin Dashcam 55 and My dealer is looking £250 to fit it, yes £250! Halfords can fit for 30quid but are unable to find the internal fuse box. Anyone know where it is on my 2019 Rav 4?
  6. Thanks for the reply but the estore says no connection!
  7. Mine was ordered last week of March. 2WD Dynamic in Obsidian Blue with additional JBL Sound System, Moonroof and All Round Parking Cameras. Handed over to me yesterday!
  8. Does anyone know what apps from `Toyota I use with my 2019 Rav please?
  9. The Most fantastic dealer handover experience I have very had. Amazing effort from Shelbourn Motors Portadown. Thanks to Richard & Steven. I’m loving my new Rav 4. Hope you don’t mind the pics.
  10. I’m picking mine up in the morning. My dealer has done some research and orders going in this week will have a delivery date of June 2020. Massive shortage of batteries, raw materials are produced in Congo and Congo are starting to hold car companies to ransom on price and time. Also shortage on moon roof. Mine might actually be only NI car with moonroof for some time. As for braking problem, it didn’t affect every model and any that required repair were done quickly at the ports only delaying deliveries by a week or two.
  11. Have to agree with you, Frosty comments were harsh and rude!
  12. Just to give you an update and give you some hope!!! I got a phone call today from my Dealer, my car has arrived with them and they hope to have it ready to hand over on Thursday. It is Dynamic, with Pano Roof, all round cameras and JBL sound system. He didn’t mention anything about having to check brakes, so I’m hoping I don’t get a surprise call tomorrow and they tell me there is a delay!!
  13. I just got a call from my dealer to say my new Rav was on the boat that had just left the port in England heading for N Ireland, to arrive here next Tuesday. He said there wasn’t any brake issues that needed fixed. My heart nearly stopped as I thought he was going to say it was delayed.
  14. How can their be a shortage of this and that when I actually don’t see any on the roads? Are other countries being provided for first?
  15. Oh no, I'm just waiting on the phone call to say . . . . . you car is here but!!!! lol. I'm very close to saying, 'you know what, keep it, I'm going to look elsewhere' lol