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  1. I didn’t have to ask them to do it. I read on here it was a possibility so I tried it and it worked! Maybe try it before contacting dealer.
  2. Guys, I don’t know about you but I’m really sick getting fobbed off about this whole issue. Are we getting a retro upgrade and if so when? It’s just not good enough for us to be told ‘we are working on it’. The current sat nav is so bad it’s actually dangerous, if I don’t change my settings every time I start the car I’m really not sure what lane to take off at round about etc. I think we all need to bombard Toyota customer services with emails?
  3. One touch to unlock drivers door is configurable by you on the car settings. My fob came already programmed to put windows up and down.
  4. Oops that’s seems a bit silly, lol. Thanks for that update. Im taking it back. Lol.
  5. I had booked car into dealer to have key fob programmed to put all windows/sunroof Down. Guess what, I tired it today and it works! No trip to dealer needed. How to I activate headed steering wheel? Where is my seat memory? I have top spec model. Mm
  6. Mine is Obsidian Blue, with black. The black gloss looks amazing and so easy to clean. Have to say the paint finish is so easily marked and scratched. Want me to post some pics?
  7. I won’t be using my air kit, I destroys the tyres. I will be ringing breakdown recovery, lol.
  8. Adrian Lavery

    Sat nav

    It’s a valid indeed. You have to set it every time you start the vehicle. The sat nav in general is rubbish, too slow for data entry and doesn’t find a lot of locations. Hurry up Apple Cae pkay
  9. Yes, everything else is great. Mine has the JBL speakers so wondering if there is any slight variation in the software.
  10. I have a few time driven off only to notice after a few minutes that the infotainment screen Simply displays ‘Starting . . . , ‘ but doesn’t actually start. Anyone else had this problem? Normally after switching ignition on and off it works. Has happened about 4 times in last week. I have a video off it. 00A90CC4-BE42-4511-894F-187ECA315681.MOV
  11. I found this problem also. Under the ... you can click on ‘Pause Guidance’ this is the best i found for now.
  12. You have a point there but they Nextbase cameras are so big and unpleasant looking. And £250.00 is a bit of a rip off regardless of the cost of the car. I guess its tidy fit myself to the PowerSocket in the centre console or pay the £250!!!!
  13. I have a Garmin Dashcam 55 and My dealer is looking £250 to fit it, yes £250! Halfords can fit for 30quid but are unable to find the internal fuse box. Anyone know where it is on my 2019 Rav 4?
  14. Thanks for the reply but the estore says no connection!