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  1. Ok thanks very much tony
  2. Yeah get where ur coming from.. Ill rephrase.. I was using more of the rev counter when changing gears.. I usually don't go past 2300 rpm but pushed it up to 3300ish just to build enough pressure to push all the crap out.. It must off worked temporally for the engine light didn't come back on as off yet touch wood.. I might just open the egr this weekend and see what it is like.. I also need to check the sensors and wiring.. Thanks..
  3. Hello Tony.. Im in university at the minute and live on campus.. I only use her for getting home on the weekends which is 60 mile home and over half of them miles are motorway miles.. I do drive short ones here and there but i don't think that would make much difference especially after the long runs and also before. The previous owner said they done short miles in it and so once i heard that news i got a carbon clean.. The carbon clean doesn't clean the EGR but i though that it would help her in the long run.. Thanks for the advice on additives. I might look into that.. The car itself isnt down on power but the carbon clean did help the throttle response and the engine oil stayed clean for longer once serviced.. However i have a few mates that have other car brands such as vw and they said that as soon as they git their car they got a egr delete.. I think personally that egr delete is the way to go.. Although may be legal.. Saves hundreds of pounds... Just wondering is there anyone out there that got it done on an auris... Apparently the ecu is hard to remap??
  4. No.. Using reliable source..
  5. Patrick1234

    EGR valve

    I have read many egr valve replacement forums and i have read that people are still having problems worth replacement egr valves.. I have got a a P0400 code and i have mange to clear it and drive her like a maniac.. It hasnt shown up since.. So the plan is to clean it out next time if the same code comes up.. If it comes up after the clean i was thinking about getting an egr delete.. Just wondering has anyone got this done?? Has the code came up since and how much was the egr delete?? 2009 Toyota auris d4d 2l... Thanks.
  6. Ok.. just would be concerned for the mechanical side off thinks.. ie more wear etc..
  7. Basically changing the cars computer to use less fuel for the same output.. more or less.. MPG is improved, more torque and more horse power depending on who does it.. the Eco map adds 20 hp while increase the not of the car.. the factory settings of the car meets environment restrictions etc.. I'm not really sure of the technical bits but interested in it because off its gains.. wondering has anyone had it done.. my car is a 2l d4d model..
  8. Patrick1234

    Eco map

    Hello.. what are peoples thoughs on Eco map.. was thinking off putting one on my auris?? Thanks
  9. Hello.. just wondering if anyone knows off any aftermarket radio preferably touchscreen.. to fit a 2009 Toyota auris?? Thanks
  10. Right so I had a problem with power and idleing issues with my Toyota auris d4d (didn't feel torquey as it should) so I decided to get a carbon clean and diagnostic.. there was an improvement with power but the lumpy idle stayed lumpy.. turns out that the lumpy idle is caused by a map sensor reading 73 atmospheric pressure on manifold input (should be in around 100, don't quote me on that) the fella that diagnosed this carried out a few tests (make sure there was no vacumm in the system) and we swapped map sensors from an avensis of my dad as they look the same.. the sensor of the avensis read 79 on the auris ( bit of an improvement but not convinced).. we then but the original sensors back on each of the cars and tested the avensis and she read 78 on the original map sensor (strange!! both are cars reading low. They could both have faulty sensors?).. so the plan off action is replacing the sensor on auris.. my question is should this fix the lumpy idle and would this further increase the power output(had another forum on this about it btw)? Also if it isn't the sensor what could it be??Thanks
  11. No not yet the oil still didn't come. To busy to sort it out.. should have it in this week tho.. thanks
  12. Once my car is cold and no electrics on in the car the car will have a lumpy idle (which it never had before).. the same when warm..
  13. I still have the ideling issue and I think it could be the egr?? Could this be possible?? When the car is started cold it idles lumpy.. ie it jumps up and down slightly as discussed before..
  14. Patrick1234


    My auris done a single beep with no warning lights on the dashboard. This happened on two occasions on the same journey. There is a problem with the abs sensor but it shows up very rearly and when it does show up there is a single beep followed by the abs warning light. In this case there was no dashboard lights followed by the beep. The passenger seat was empty.. would could this be??