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  1. Thanks OC, your words of encouragement are the best!
  2. Well, I got the car situated and I'm hoping it right, but the clutch feels ultra light, the pedal practically has no resistance to it in the sense like the old one did, and it grabs almost immediately after beginning to let off the clutch from the floor position, and holy smokes is grabs hard lol.
  3. easier said than done, remember im doing this on a transmission jack and I dont have an overhead jack, which if I do end up having to do something like this again, I'll make sure to get a cherry picker type of lift seeing as i can just bolt on a few chains and wiggle it around freely, I think my biggest issue was the fact that transmission jack was actually kinda leaning to one side due to the ackward weight of the gearbox that I had to crank that bish down so it wouldnt fall on concrete and crack itself apart. So I think that was my issue
  4. Yeah, I made sure the clutch fit snuggly onto the shaft and everything matched up just fine, the only thing I can think of is somehow the clutch got out of wack. But Im gonna try one last thing tomorrow and then see what happens from there
  5. I'm so mad right now, no matter what I do I cant get that friggen gearbox onto the spindle the right way, and when it feels like I do, theres a whole gap between the gearbox and where it connects to the transmission. So big infact that I cant get any bolts threaded through to hold the damn thing up and I cant figure out what in the world is keeping in from sliding in and lining up. The clutch is perfectly centered in the pressure plate, so what the heck in the problem?!
  6. Good thing you caught it that soon, I'm pretty sure damage can happen very quickly if theres no oil o.o
  7. So far so good, got flywheel on, bolts in with blue lock tite and torqued to spec, with the extra 90 degree turn. clutch and pressure plate are on, also with locktite and torqued to spec with the clutch centered and spines aligned with the gearbox, via the clutch alignment tool. Gearbox is on my transmission lift and up to the clutch assembly, gonna finish this bad boy up tomorrow 😄
  8. I just rechecked the input shaft and it does not have the nipple at the end of the shaft, so I'm gonna go ahead and say I wont put it in and that it is not shiny because it hasnt been running on a bearing. Time to crank this bad boy back together!
  9. As long as everything would fit fine, do you see a problem with me putting the pilot bearing in anyways as long as it fits correctly? Even though it doesnt require it, I dont see why the extra support to the shaft would be a bad thing.
  10. Thx OC ❤️ The only other thing I have to ask is, is a car able to run without a clutch pilot bearing? Because I do not see one on the flywheel as of right now and I have not done anything to remove one if there was one. I've looked all over the garage floor to see if maybe it fell off somewhere, but I cant find anything, so I think I'm just going to install the new bearing with the new flywheel and call it a day.
  11. roger that, thank you
  12. And in the midst of everything, I just realised, somehow although the speedo clip was the first clip i undid when I started undoing clips, somehow got snagged and pulled the leads out of the clip, here are the pictures, does anybody know where I can find the wiring order for this? one wire is red/white the other is red/black
  13. Im replacing the flywheel because it came with the deal I got on the clutch set. Might as well since I'm already in there. yaknow?
  14. Ugh now I need to go out to the parts store to get a 12 point socket to fit the flywheel bolts, if its not one thing its another lol
  15. I am on central time :P I'm in chicago area, and can I tell you how much I love you? That pdf gave me all the torque specs I was worried about trying to find when I started reassembly lol, you the man!