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  1. Hear you loud and clear. Monthly reminder added to the calendar to check the oil. Thanks for the input guys!
  2. Admittedly when I serviced it August last year. To be fair I don't think I even checked it then. Bad owner
  3. Oil checked on you guessed it, it needed topping up. Took about 1.5l to get to mid point on the dipstick which I guess means it was very low. Next question, where did it all go! Haven't seen any signs of leaks, is it normal to require that much oil? Car's done 77000, hasn't missed a beat in the 3 years I've had it.
  4. Hi guys. Noticed recently then when I go round a left hand bend at speed the stop light on the dash briefly flashes on then off. We're talking less than a second. Read online that this could be due to oil pressure, I'm a bit of a mechanical novice, and assume this is probably due to the oil sloshing about? The light doesn't come on otherwise, just left hand bends at speed. Anything to worry about?
  5. F6 fuse needed replacing. Problem solved.
  6. When dipped beam is turned on, dash is indicating that both dipped beam and full beam are on, even though the stork is in the normal position, however, neither lights on either side are working. Please tell me this is just a blown fuse!
  7. Hi guys, Bridge the connections for the dash tweeters otherwise the door speakers won't work! Finally solved the problem after much head scratching. Drivers side - Red/Blue = Positive, Green/White = Negative Passengers Side - Purple/Brown = Positive, Pink/Black = Negative Couldn't find any hints on this forum (maybe not looking hard enough) so thought I'd leave this here in case anyone needs a steer!
  8. iGooooo

    Dash LED's

    Thanks dude. When you mention soldering work, how much was involved? Also, I don't suppose you have the link you used for the fitting instructions from the 107? Cheers
  9. iGooooo

    Dash LED's

    Hi guys! I'm thinking about changing the colour of the interior dash lighting, and wondered if anyone has had any experience changing these before, AND, what the results were like? I've seen some kits online... any recommendations or advice? Cheers
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