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  1. Already tried that, and yes the vibration seems to go away.
  2. 1. AC works and blows cold air 2. Revs seems to incrase when i turn on the AC or stay the same(not sure) As i said before, the vibration is very minimal, does your yaris vibrate more when AC is on ? Mostly i can feel the vibration on the stering weel, and goes completly when driving.
  3. Only when AC is on. I already checked the radiator fan, doesnt seem to be the problem, im afraid its the compresor or the little vibration is normal(not sure since i have been using the car for about 2 months and i havent needed the ac till now)
  4. Hi guys, today i noticed that my yaris 2008 when AC is on starts to vibrate. The vibration is low but im not sure if its normal, also when i turn off the AC the vibration is gone completly. No lights on the dash.
  5. What about the 5W-40 by shell ? PS: Where i live temps very rarly go under 0.
  6. Im probably going with Shell Helix HX8 ECT 5W-30 Is this ok ?
  7. Hi guys, i jut got a toyota a few days ago and i was looking to change the oil since i dont know when was the least time it was change. The air filter and cabine filters were like new tho. The problem i have is i dont know what oil to use ? Manual says 5W-30, but my mechanic suggests 5W-40 since the car has 200K KM on the clock. What oil are you using for your car with similar KM ?