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  1. Led lights and high beam 20190530_031519.mp4
  2. I'm looking to add some gas bonnet struts to the front bonnet. Anyone know the size of the original and has anyone done this before ?
  3. Place that fitted my sub fitted a bypass in for me In the end 👌 Snapchat-109641600.mp4
  4. Have any photos of this wiring you've done ?
  5. So sub is now fitted new stereo led lights and interior lights with neo chrome gear stick. Also dash cam hard wired up and led footwell lights are next on my to do list Snapchat-109641600.mp4
  6. Just a thought the original stereo had settings you couldn't access while driving am I right to assume this should be the wire for the break switch too or similar ?
  7. Cheers guys. Getting my sub installed in a few days so will ask the tech to sort it out while he has the inside stripped
  8. Apparently the new pioneers have changed this so you need a on off on off cycle or something for it to work otherwise I would of done this
  9. Hows best to get the panels off do they just pull off then ?
  10. Hi I have a pioneer stereo I've got and I need to wire the parking break wire up to enable me to use some features on the stereo. Can anyone tell me if there is a easy way to bypass this or where I'm splicing the cable into location etc of handbreak wire
  11. Sorted 👌 will give it a go in a bit.
  12. Ahhh do you have to squeeze from the inside on those two outer prongs?
  13. Cant seem to get the wires out from the back seem to be solid. Is there a clip you need to press on them before they come out ?
  14. Just another quick question. Interior and boot lights what size is the festoon bulb? Easiest way to get number plate light bulbs out?
  15. I'm looking to use a dash cam to piggy back off the fuse aswell. What's the best fuses to use for ignition on as I want the foot well lights and the dash cam