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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know where I can get a new aux input for my car? The one on my car, near the VSC button, has come apart. When I tried to use a new aux cable recently it completely came apart and I had to take apart the centre console find it.
  2. Hi All, I posted about this some time ago - but I had this exact same issue and I had some work done to my car that 'sort of' remedied the issue. I had to get a new gearbox as the last owner ragged it and was harsh with the clutch and gear changes. The synchromesh in 2nd and 3rd was gone and trying to change gear was a challenge. When I had this replaced I also decided at the time to get a new clutch too. Weirdly after this the vibration had stopped. It's come back since but it's no way near as bad as it used to be. My iQ had done 65,000 miles at the time and mine is an 09 re
  3. Hi Guys, Need to know if anyone has had the work done and can quote me how much they were charged so I can be prepared 🙄 "Nearside Front Lower Suspension arm ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated slight cut (5.3.4 (b) (i))" My last MOT had this on, but being a human being I forgot about this right until the very last second. Does anyone know how much this will cost if it's flagged on my MOT? The car is running fine still so my dad has said they could just flag it again, but with my luck being so dodgy I'm mentally preparing myself for the repair of this.
  4. So I’ve been driving a banger old 206 for the last few days after my poor iQ was in the car hospital getting a new gear box, clutch, and a new section of piping in the engine. Got him back today and he feels like a brand new car! My car was also plagued with the common issue of the viabration between 1800-2200rpm. I think a new clutch has fixed it, the rumble has gone. No noise, no viabration, just smooth quietness. Like I’ve just driven off the forecourt. Think replacing the clutch maybe the root cause of it as it didn’t do it in gear.
  5. Hiya, Been going around google looking for quotes for dents and bodywork repairs - anyone have any experience with this and have an idea of how much it could cost me? Before anyone gets upset at the damage to the iQ, this wasn't me(!) I bought the car with this 🙂
  6. Only just 70,000 miles - I've put 30,000 on since I bought the car. Toyota is famed for it's reliability, but I'm honestly a little shocked the gearbox has just went. He even said he has a hilux that he's now put 300,000 miles on with the same gearbox. I don't especially rag the car either, I love the acceleration in first gear - nobody expects it to be so quick off the mark haha.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm 25 years old and the owner of a funky iQ that I've affectionately called Iggy Peach (Iggy because I bought him when Bowie died, and peach because it's rear end is peachy). I have some questions about the car if anyone can help that would be awesome! 1. Does the car autolock if you don't get in the car after getting in? Mine seems to lock itself if I don't get in the car after 20-30 seconds, but then sometimes it doesn't? 2. Does anyone know the parts/know-how to add a USB port to one of the 4 slots where the VSC button is? I've seen a picture before for
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