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  1. Just to update: I made it work on all phones I use. The Nokia 7.1 wasn't charging properly and I've sent it to service within warranty (quite fast and confortable as DHL came to pick it at my door and brought it back fully repaired). As the phone was factory reset, I've cleared the old AA App and just updated it when requested. Android Auto now works perfectly. I'm using short dedicated data certified USB-C (deleyCON MK2362) and Apple certified Lightning (Syncwire SW-LC053) cables. Sleek and effective. Now it's just a question of taste or necessity (work related contacts vs pers
  2. Update: Apple CarPlay: works flawlessly 99% of the time, the missing 1% is mainly due to rush on the connecting from user, if I do it properly and it works perfectly. Android Auto: I've managed to make it work with an older phone that has a micro-usb plug instead of USB-C. The main advantage was that I had a good quality short cable with that plug (I'm waiting for one short USB-C to test it again). Another important issue: on the Nokia 7.1 I already had Android Auto installed prior to Android 10 update, so it showed up as an idependent app and on the older phone it didn't. I've alrea
  3. It's not easy to reinstall as it is part of the OS now (since Android 10). I've already tried to clean all stored data in both AA and Play Store (and Google) with no success. I think it's a problem deeply hidden in the android code that only Google can solve. Did anybody with an Android 10 phone had success connecting and using it?
  4. My Android phone received a security patch today and so I've spent a few minutes trying to connect it again. I had no luck though. Now it doesn't say "device no response" anymore, stars the bluetooth connection with the car (it did it before, even prior to the car system update, as soon as Android Auto app was running), but no menu for the AA. CarPlay is just plug and play.
  5. That's an expensive piece of gear just to get rid of one cable. And the usb port will be occupied anyway. I'd rather prefer any solution that would enable me to use a pen with my music collection instead of Spotify, but still haven't found a proved solution
  6. Android Auto Will auto start when the phone connects with the car by Bluetooth, even without AA installed in the car.
  7. Couldn't find an answer to the same problem. I'll try again later. Meanwhile I will be using Apple CarPlay
  8. Nokia 7.1 running Android 10 (Q) Keeps saying "device no response"
  9. Got mine done yesterday. Apple car play works perfectly but required an original (or at least good quality) cable. Still couldn't make my android 10 phone work with it.
  10. Received the letter from Toyota Portugal yesterday saying I can book the update service in any official shop. The update takes half a day but it's free of charge 😃 An idea that I had is to buy a wireless ssd/usb drive/hub connecting it with my phone and then I could still use my own music collection (I hate Spotify commercials and the music they choose for me).
  11. Can you play Spotify over Waze like on the phone? And have you tried to use an usb hub or splitter and wire both the phone and a pendrive with music?
  12. DSG or any dual clutch gearbox are adequate for sports cars as their main advantage is shift speed. VAG DSG are poor on downshift time... The poor reliability and high maintenance and repair costs make them a poor choice for everyday cars. Standard automatics or e-cvt (or the latest Toyota CVT with launching gear) are far superior for the majority of the cars.
  13. DSG gearboxes for everyday cars are non-sense. And overall highly overrated, not to mention expensive and more costly to maintain.
  14. I did a comparison between several brands and models is SWs. VAG group cars (VW, Seat, Audi, Skoda) are spacious, some well built but the engines offer is outdated: diesels and tiny turbos. Well, a 2.0 diesel engine with 115hp, slow as a snail and pollutant (even with urea addition) is a triple no go for me. And small turbos? That's 1980's tech! They have power but only are able to get through the wltp tests because the biggest part of the test is at low and moderate speed. That's the problem Ford also has with their Focus 1.0 and 1.5 economist (3 cilinders with deactivation technology, making
  15. I have one of those 2.0 TS. I just love it. After almost 16.000 km I even like it more. What I'd change: the OEM tyres (terrible Falken Ziex) and a thing that you'll have solved: Android auto/car play. I have 17" alloys and I think it's the right size for this car. Have fun.
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