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  1. Hi, did you fit the Conti EcoContact 6 in what size, 225/45R17 or 225/40R18? For that car wouldn't the Premium Contact 6 more adequate?
  2. After a lot of analysis I've decided to go for the Continental Premium Contact 6. A very well balanced tyre. I'm targeting to change after the summer, when this set will be around 20k km.
  3. Wet braking results for 225/45R17 tyres (auto bild 2019): Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 5: 28,8m Falken Azenis FK510: 29,0m Michelin Pilot Sport 4: 29,6m Nokia wetproof: 29,7m Continental Premium Contact: 29,9m Bridgestone Turanza T005: 30,9m Dunlop Sportmax RT2: 31,4m
  4. Well temperatures here in Portugal don't get much colder than 7-10 except on the highest mountains. In Lisbon I might get lower than that 5 to 10 days a year. At the time of the accident was around 15 and the tyres were warm from several km on the highway. I agree with you that tyre tests are almost every time biased, at least because some manufacturer borrowed the test track. On top of that they concentrate too much on handling and cornering when most of us don't take our cars not even close to the limit. On the other hand the wet and dry braking should be the most important characteristic as it is the one we common drivers need in an emergency to avoid an accident. I couldn't have done more than brake (going to my right lane could make me crash with other passing cars), and simply didn't got enough grip. Another thing that we often miss in the tests is the comparison between tyres of different models from the same manufacturer (eg. Goodyear efficient grip performance Vs eagle assym5, Michelin primacy 4 vs Pilot sport 4)
  5. Probably continental premium contact 6 or Goodyear eagle assim 5.
  6. A friend of mine got one TS with 16" and comes with Bridgestone ecopia
  7. So it did happen: when I needed to make an emergency brake (a guy that spun on the wet highway and came to my lane) and all I got was a slip into his fender and front wheel. No grip at all. The Falkens are going to be swapped as soon as I can. This time for real tyres.
  8. Do you really think it's worth it, I mean the money and effort? The 2AD-FHV is a great engine but very complex (and big) engine. I doubt that it fits the Corolla engine bay. The exhaust line is fairly large also, with lots of components. The variable geometry turbo is big. I had the 2AD-FTV for 11 years and, although I hadn't any oil consumption problems, it's not a frugal engine. 2AD-FTV consumption is even higher. The response is great, this engines look like they will keep pushing to the end of times, but that comes at the expense of a higher than average consumption. And you have to compensate the heavier engine with adjustments on suspension, braking system (you're increasing power by a factor of 1.53)... Change the fuel line also... For the value of the car plus an engine (that might be a money pit if you aren't lucky) you might hunt for a 2.0 Hybrid Corolla HB, that will give you the looks and the engine power you wish on a very easier and cheaper way.
  9. I shot this video that confirm what I've said: when I cancel the cruise control downhill, the car shuts the engine down and keeps going at a slightly lower speed and charging the battery until I hit "reset" and the engine kicks in again. It's a 6% steep downhill on the major highway in Portugal. VID_20191121_180404.mp4
  10. Maybe.But I've found that when cruise control is engaged the engine doesn't stop in strong downhills setting the speed near the 110km/h EV mode limit, even if the energy diagram says it's charging; If one cancel the cruise the rpm then goes to zero and the battery keeps changing. I'll try to make a video of this tomorrow. For comfort reasons I tend to use cc most of my motorway driving time.
  11. It's roughly the same. I can do better now because I know the car better and drive in a more eco friendly way. But it really depends on my mood and I lean towards a snapier driving style many times.
  12. 2.0 battery is EV-MNR01 (NiMH) 180 modules, 6.5Ah, 216V or 1.404kWh 1.8 battery is EV-NLR09 (Li-Ion) 56 modules, 3.6Ah, 207V or 0,745kWh A NiMH battery weights 25% more for the same capacity, but the 2.0 has almost twice the 1.8 capacity so it must more than double the weigth (about 60Kg extra). I read an interview from the Hybrid Chief Engineer where he stated that they went for the NiMH for the 2.0 because it can handle the extra weight better (more horse power and torque) and they could not simply source enough batteries for the expected production of both engines... At least at the price they'd probably willing to pay for it. NiMH perform better in the cold weather, which is good news. The 2.0 Dynamic Force is a totaly new engine, very compact and light although very complex. It does have a particulate filter, 8 injectors and 2 fuel lines (high and low pressure), uses more air (larger ducts) and more power and torque means bigger transmition parts. The transaxle itself must be bigger to receive a much more powerfull electric MG (80 vs. 53kW). So, more than the engine itself, the hole bigger power system must weight a little more. But it's well worth it. It drives quite well and fast, delievering a fuel economy that's almost unbelievable. I have about 80%-85% of my 5500km done on highways and my average is 5,8l/100km = 48.7 UK MPG. If I drive faster on the highway (on the 130-150km/h region), it can go to 6.2-6.5l/100km, but that is faster than it should as the limit here is 120km/h.
  13. Is there any Toyota Touch for dummies anywhere? I've lost any hope of puting the system to work with the phone before the update to Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. I've tried so many ways of connecting to the internet. Toyota services were of no help, and told me that I couldn't even register my infotainment system because it doesn't have the Nav System
  14. Hi guys, I've not been successful in registring my infotainment system at MyT app. I have the version without navigation and although Bluetooth works flawlessly, I just can't connect to the internet either via Bluetooth or usb cable or establish the wi-fi connection. On the other hand, I find that: The car heats up very fast, although being the most thermal efficent car I ever drove The car manages the electric power VERY efficiently, namely, using heating time and keeping the engine revs downhill to feed the batteries, using battery stored energy first when accelerating It's pretty much useless to know how much time we ran on EV mode, by the end of the day what really is importante is general average mpg. And that, without making any big effort, it's quite good.
  15. If there's a price increase it will be much less than 20%. Like from Auris to the new Corolla. The TNGA platform means less cost due to standardisation of parts, tools and machines, less time and money to develope the model. Being an almost global model, further reduced the cost. The 1KR-FE is a very popular and cheap engine, with several years in the market. The new M15A engine shares a lot of parts with the M20A, meaning also less cost to design and manufacture. It's meant to be an affordable car.