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  1. Pressure test is £107.94 if that is a pass then they will regas which then the total charge is £130 and they don’t charge for the pressure test
  2. Well the auris passed the leak test and had the air con regarded and is now working perfectly, lovely cold air.
  3. Unfortunately no one else anywhere near would touch it, it’s actually booked in with Toyota Swansea on Monday
  4. Just got around to speaking with Swansea Toyota and they told me the car would need a leak test first and then if that was successful a regas would be from £130. If a leak was detected then I would be charged £110 for the leak test and then any additional costs if I decided to go ahead. is this likely to be the same at all dealers now? If not I’m tempted to travel.
  5. Just wanted to update this in case anyone else has the same questions I did. dash cam easy to install hard wired and no issues with battery drain. the sat nav unit on mine is the B9030 and it does allow for music to be streamed via Bluetooth (iPhone with Spotify) and I can skip tracks. jump pack haven’t tried one yet but answers above are promising. it cost me £41 to fill up with normal unleaded today when I still had approx 38 miles left to use.
  6. Thanks for all the comments guys. Will ring the dealer again and check on price for my car. just for info the car was bought used and it wasn’t working when I had it, so obviously not sure how it’s been used for the previous years. I’ve had regas done on other cars and they have then lasted years with no parts needing changing.
  7. My air con isn’t cold so need to have a regas. I found a good offer for ats 37.99 but unfortunately hybrids are excluded. has anyone used someone other than Toyota for this with success? My local Toyota prices are starting from £130 for a regas or starting from £170 for cleanse and regas.
  8. Just noticied that some of them are the dual system which mine is not so that’s some of them I can’t have. 55900-02351 seems identical though
  9. Hi my 2010 auris hybrid needs a new heater control panel, it has part number 55900-02350. There seems to be lots available used that look identical but have different part numbers (e.g 55900-02311, 55900-02351 etc) although all say the same model years. does anyone know if these will work or should I just stick with the same part number. Reason I ask is the one I need is £40 dearer than some of the others.
  10. Hi picking up my 2010 hybrid auris next weekend and just had a few questions I haven’t found the answers for; dashcam - any issues with this draining batteries? Was going to wire to something that only comes on with ignition, maybe heated seats? Also may add a second camera for the rear. solar trickle charger, was thinking of one of these for when the car is left for periods of time, will any be ok or do I need a specific one? Wouldn’t use all the time as I’m having the windows tinted and don’t want it always left on the dash. It’s got the inbuilt satnav unit, can this stream mu
  11. Going to be picking up my 2010 auris hybridnext weekend to replace a Honda jazz hybrid that was recently written off. Had a C-HR as a hire whilst awaiting the payout and it persuaded us to go for the auris hybrid.
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