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  1. Thank you for all answers to my original query. As mentioned before - I have now two valet keys (one cloned) and no master key. Using manual keys with no remote seems not as bad as I thought it would be i'm getting slowly used to it all. Should the valet key open all the other 4 doors locks (boot included) when inserted (manually) and unlocking the driver's door? - As mine not !- I need to unlock and open the driver's door, following by unlocking (or locking) all the other doors manually with the side panel central lock button placed on the driver's door. IanML could you send a link to the video? Cheers
  2. Many thanks for your advice & information gjnorthall. I had my valet key replicated at Timpsons today. Unfortunately I am unable to programme any key or remote key without the master key- which I don't have. I was quoted £1500 by Toyota to change the entire mechanism... Cheers
  3. Dear members. I am seeking your advice and directions. Unfortunately our Toyota Prius plugin was stolen 1 months ago for the driveway. We purchased Toyota Rav4 2004- manual-petrol 2 weeks ago and discover that we have one key only, which is the valet (grey) key. we do not have any extra key - no master/transponder and no remote (fob) keys. I do understand that I am unable to program any key or fob key with a valet key. (please confirm?!) Speaking to the local Toyota dealer I discover that they can not help me if I do not have a master/transponder key (black cover), unless they replace the entire lock/mechanism at a very high costs. So here are my questions: 1. Can I have a master/transponder key made somewhere else by providing the car VIN number? 2. If/once having the Master/transponder key - will I be able to program a fob/remote key with the master/transponder key?. 3. Can the above be made online or do I need to take the care over? Thank you and looking forward to your response K