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  1. Thanks for your advice and suggestions everyone. I will bleed the system and see what happens, it would be great if it was as easy as that.
  2. Many thanks for the quick reply, I've check the slave cylinder and it's all dry, checked the pedal and it's all nice and dry I can't see any leaks at all. The fluid is at max and hasn't moved in over 400 miles when I first noticed this problem. Today I'm getting a bit of difficulty going into second gear so bad I had to stay in 3rd to keep the car moving. I will try to bleed it and report back any improvement. Is there any point in trying to adjust free play or biting point at the pedal, which looks fun as it's so tight to get your hand in there? Also, I wasn't told when I bought the car about a new clutch so I doubt it is new. Just to be clear it's not everytime the shirt bite point. The next time I drive the car the bite point can be half way off the floor which seems just about right.
  3. Hi, just got a 2002 corolla 1.4 and Iove it. Great smooth car but one problems is annoying me. Sometimes when starting off in first the clutch bites within an inch of lifting the pedal. This doesn't happens always and I can change gear through the rest of the the gears fine and smooth. It has also sometimes stuck in first and I have to pump the pedal to get out of first gear, obviously in heavy traffic this is dangerous and annoying. I haven't had a hydraulic clutch before so I sure what this could be, can it be adjusted at the pedal or bleed at the slave cylinder etc. Any help would be great thanks.