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  1. Cheers Biz, I think the replacment is an import and mine is a UK model. I assume then that the UK strip will fit ok.
  2. There is quite a lot of rust appearing on the base of the drivers door so I wanted to replace the door with one from a similar coloured car from a local scrap yard. Does anyone have a 'how too guide' you can share with me or is it as simple as undoing the hinge bolts and electrical connectors and refitting? Also, the new door has a silver line down the middle of it, does this peice of trim just pop out from the door so I can replace it with the white one from the old door or do I have to get it resprayed? Cheers for any replys.
  3. Hi Guys, I am doing up the Mrs wonderful MR2 to get it back to it's former glory. I have the active speaker system and have installed an aftermarket JVC unit. The speakers make a strange loud hissing noise for about 1 second on shutdown if the ignition is turned off whilst the headunit is on. If the headunit is turned off manually before the ignition is turned off then it is fine which makes me thinks it's something to do with the active amp. Any tips for me to stop the strange noise?
  4. the mr2 has a different stud patturn to the celica mate Thanks for confirming.
  5. I wish to take off alloys from a 96 celica gt (5 stud TSW Pace 17" with 40mm rubber) and put them on my MR2 (94' 5 stud)? Will they fit? Or is the offset or spacing incorrect? Are the tyres ok and correct for the dynamics of the MR2?
  6. Hi all, I belive my girlfriends MR2 has an active speaker system because it has plastic speker pods behind the drivers seats. However, I brought an autoleads lead for the car and it came with 4 component connections for the speakers which I can seem to get to work with my head unit. What am I missing. The device turns on etc... but I don't understand how the speakers connect. Help.
  7. Cheers for the replys. Just got back from holiday so I'm going to try this now. Sounds difficult but not impossible. I am guessing it will be obvious which screws I have to take out when I remove the gear surround, ashtray etc... Are there any guides avalible for this?
  8. Hi all, I am buying a JVC single din unit for the mk2 MR2. It's currently got an old standard UK spec head unit with the radio cassette at the top and the cd player at the bottom of the double din space. My question is: Do I have to buy an adaptor for the new single din unit to fit correctly? Or will the new single din unit just slot in to the space without any type of adaptor? Also I need to get a blanking plate for the empty din slot. What do you guys recommend? Simon.
  9. Hi all, My girlfriend has just brought a great little white MR2 and I'm looking at getting her a new headunit to replace the standard item. Can anyone recommend a unit which provides Bluetooth connectivity, Ipod control & CD playback. I am looking to spend no more than £250. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, I am looking for a good condition MR2 Tbar. All colours considered, especially interested in white or black though. I am based in Reading will travel for the "right" car. £3K max budget but that is for an uber nice one! Please post your pictures on here, PM me, or email me at sysoton@hotmail.com Cheers. Sy.
  11. OK, who wants it? This is the tuneacar.com decat pipe of my old celica. This forum has given me so much in the past I thought i'd post it here first before it goes on ebay. Off my old 96 Celica GT. The best price/performance modification I ever did! Trottle responce is improved greatly and so is the engine note. £25, collection only Reading Berks. Bargin! Contact: 07980301188 sysoton@hotmail.com
  12. got mintex front pads and I can say they are very good. Improved braking power & are quiet in operation. Recommened.
  13. I can also back up the UK model argument. I have a UK GT and it has been the most reliable rlitivly cheap to run car I have had. To b honest It does not really matter if you get an import or not the only reason I brought UK model was for insurance becasue I was under 25 and it narrows down the quotes you can get from insurance companies if you are under 25, if you have a UK model all companies will quote you. Just make sure you get a quote before you buy and look at the quality of the car not where it originated from.
  14. or go for these inflatable roof racks like a hanirack if don't have to carry loads of stuff.
  15. Go to buy www.buypartsby.co.uk and get some KYB excel-g shocks and eibach or spax lowering springs and your sorted. or just get the springs if you are hard up for cash. I have AVO springs but I think they are a little hard for UK roads. I would do a site search for this subject and you'll find loads of useful info.
  16. I have an immaculated interior I could part ex! I still have my old interior in the attic otherwise it consider it. Will post on here when I sell though!
  17. Chr*st! I am getting a company car so will be selling the beast soon, definatly gonna sell the leather seperatly now! That is an insane amount for leather!
  18. That kit is a full TRD body kit. the splitters look like remoldes of an original to me as they are slightly more angular than the regular TRD splitters & sideskirts.
  19. I had this with both windows recently. took off the door pannel and low and behold the power leads had come loose of the switch. Plugged back in again and all was fine. Perhaps try that, should only be a few screws to take it off.
  20. Who would buy a car from someone called Rustyboy! Only joking! Car looks sweet, Uk spec too! Where are you in the UK?
  21. Can`t remember the make now. But you can get some that fit the front and have to be adapted to fit the rears on the gen5 GT4. Think they might be the same on the 182. Depends where your rear ARB drop link attaches. I`ll try and remember who did/does them. The Koni's need adjustment (small amount of welding) to fit correctly I remember as I looked into this a while back. But all KYB's aparently are a stright swap.
  22. Na you didn't offend fella I thought it was the other way round and I had offended you (not my intention, was just giving some honest feedback). :D Yeah I agree it is a rally inspired modification much like the mudguards or light clusters alot of people choose to install on the celica. Not my cup of tea really as I am going for the road racer feel. We will have to agree to disagree on this one I think.... Great colour car by the way, white and black are the only colours to go for with the celica IMHO.
  23. well if you are going to see them I would get the model number and check with KYB to see if they will fit to be sure. Good luck.
  24. Not sure they are adjustable ones. (I am sure I am wrong but I see nothign to indicate they are adjustable KYB's) I don't see the dial which you use to adjust them anywhere and I thought the KYB adjustable ones where red/orange in colour. I hvae KYB struts and they have made the handling nothing short of amazing but the ride quality has suffered. If you want it to abosorb some bumps and want a softer ride just buy the SPAX if you are looking for ultimate performance then go for the full spring/shock setup. Etherway the price is very good so far, on the auction. If they are genuine KYB adjustable shockers for a GT then they are a bargin as you would expect to pay around 400-450 quid for all four shocks & springs brand new. Hope that helps. Nope only 94+
  25. Wohhh you asked for suggestions and comments on your car dude! What, were you just fishing for compliments? OK then, I like the black alloys, they really suit the 5th gen.
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