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  1. i bet its the connector under drivers seat rh side had trouble w this on 2010 t27 brought it to diagnostic tech n he said connector wiring under drivers seat comes loose from sliding drivers seat up n down over time he just soldered the connection so it wouldnt come loose again check that connector first
  2. yeah i have a pair in my shed but im like yourself im wondering has anyone done ut yet on tge avensis do they fit ok
  3. could be a fog light switch some lads dont buy the stock they just slap in a switch a relay n a set of fogs couldve been that at some point in its life
  4. yes good feeling but i dont like waiting in silence for other problems to arrive after replacing the turbo i still got it hard to start the car occasionally usually after it sat dor a while or cold freezing night come out next morning n itd be hard to start would go to 900 rpm n drop back off to 0 eventualky it would fire also was getting uneven idle and engine surging ive now just replaced the scv with a new one and im hoping this will solve my issue so far since i bought this car ive done alternator turbocharger SCV 2 rear calipers discs pads and 4 services 2 full incl brake fluid and power steering fluid change 183000 miles on the clock clutch and flywheel probably at 240000 mile
  5. Hello all finally got around to replacing my turbo car runs lije dream now powers back no whistle siren noise intake fan was chipped on old one if any of you need info on removal reinstall give me a shout i stripped the cat and turbo heatshields the oil feed pipe bolt w washers the 3 nuts holding cat onto turbo took off the fuel filter housing assembly and air box assembly from top then i wemt underneath took exhaust off then cat/dpf off which gave acess to oil return pipe nuts and 3 nuts holding tyrburbo to manifold no need for subframe down engine mounts loose all in all 3 hrs 2 maybe w a lift
  6. its either faulty commonrail sensor sending bad signal back to ecu or else scv i had cold starting issue scv sorted it
  7. did you check your pollen filter to see if its clogged if its a heater coil or something along those lines could be a dash out job
  8. Deffo battery or starter motor solenoid try battery first also be sure to check positive connection on starter for corrosion and all the earths make sure those connections are clean if that isnt the case itll either be battery or starter motor
  9. start with fuse then if not fuse check relay also ensure pollen filter is clean
  10. My t3x 2.0d4d 126hp 181000 miles still going strong going to put new turbo in, in new year and scv valve also a non return valve great car love her so much everything works and not much breaks or goes wrong avensis t25 for the win happy christmas and happy new year to ye all folks 😁😁🤠
  11. That being said replacing the scv is easy its 2 bolts and an ohring onto the high pressure pump but the thing is the coding is something only toyota could do and also if you replace the scv with the same code version of the old one then tjis doesnt really fix the issue as far as i can see folks i remember the old 1cdftv the old 2 litre d4d suffered with scv and clearly so does the newer 1adftv 2 litre 126 well i dont mind replacing the scv
  12. this happened to my parents on motorway at 70mph vsc and trc lights on on dash on my dads 2010 t27 2.0 d4d turned out the rear left caliper was seized and sticking causing the rear left wheel to rotate slower than the ither 3 the abs sensors quickly noticed this and automatically put the car into limpo mode replaced the rear caliper pads and discs deleted the codes car fine now also another possible cause is the airbag wiring harness under drivers seat comes loose triggering the car into thinking theres an ussue w airbag system thus again putting car into limpo mode a friend of ours soldered the connectors together and problem solved problem was caused cuz the c9nnectors under the drivers seat wpuld be shaken come loose etc wgen seat was briskly moved or thugged at
  13. is it overheating or burning oil or coolant if so its the dreaded head gasket issue ?
  14. The egrs give problems on them all i also suffer with egr cloghing every 60000 miles so i clean it regularly for now but i think i will get mine electronically deleted or mapped out and get the car remapped too possibly the 2.0 d4d 126hp the 2.2 150hp and t180 2.2 dcat all the same egr massive issue on them im so sick of mine
  15. I was thinking of removing the SCV and possibly cleaning it see if any dirt comes out if not then ill replace tge SCV with a new one like its as if tge glow plugs and circuitry are not to blame but theres an issue with fuel supply SCV controls or meters the fuel going to commonrail from the high pressure pump i also think maybe my primer unit or fuel filter housing unit w primer could be weak allowing fuel to loose pressure and possibly go backwards towards the tank thats why i purchased 2 non return valves some guys said its the egr as i mentioned but honestly i cant see how an egr can effect starting performance btw forgot to mention specs if my car uts a 1ADFTV 2.0 d4d 2008 126hp avensis saloon also attached are images of the SCV in mine i was told too that it was mainly the older 1CDFTV engine that gave issues with its SCV valves mine is the newer type